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Deepanwita Dey

Deepanwita has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual ambles through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. She loves writing in genres like fashion, lifestyle, literature etc.

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wife crazy
Is My Wife Crazy? How To Tell And How To Deal

There are men out there who can feel the ordeal you are going through. You…

red flag
Major Red Flags In A Relationship You Shouldn’t Miss

Red flags in a relationship are not the same as not liking something about your…

Sexy Curvy Women
Why Are Sexy Curvy Women Have An Irresistible Appeal

Fat=Nah!👎 Sexy Curvy Women=Yass!👍 In the era of body positivity, the term ‘fat’ which was…

what does ick mean
What Does Ick Mean? Reasons Why You Can Get The Ick In A Relationship

What does ick mean, you ask? Over the years, you might have heard many cinemas…

dirty never have I ever questions
Best Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions – Spicy Enough For Your Date Night

Hmm! Why are you looking for ‘dirty never have I ever questions.’ First date? ohhhh!…

brat bdsm
Brat BDSM: Everything You Want To Know About Brats

The NSFW concept of brat BDSM, A.K.A, “The bratty sub loves to be punished, but…

making love
Big Differences Between Making Love And Having Sex

Is there really a difference between making love and sex? If you have to ask…

Why Am I So Horny
‘Why Am I So Horny’- Reasons For You Being Turned On All The Time

‘Why am I always horny.’ Now that is a tricky question to answer. First, do you know what kind of horny you are? Read more to find out.

Nuru Massage
What Is A Nuru Massage? Here Are The Facts You Should Know

No, it is not equivalent to health-related message ideas! Yes, there is an erotic idea…

how to get your crush to like you
How To Get Your Crush To Like You: 10 Ways To Make Them Fall Hard

‘You are just too good to be true; I can’t take my eyes off you….’…

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