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Rajani Sarkar is nothing except a mixture of all the characters that she has read from her childhood. Being a hard-core foodie she loves to try different cuisines and explore new places. Gathering information and learning about almost everything and sharing them with others is what she does to live her kind of life.

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sexual romance
Sexual Romance: An Interesting Path To Make Your Partner Happy 

Sexual romance! Sex is an art, and romanticism adds a sensual touch to it.  When…

Madina and Matthew Are Happily Married
Google Translate Is The Reason Why Madina and Matthew Are Happily Married

Medina, a beautiful girl from Kazakhstan, and Matthew, a handsome guy from Australia.  They first…

Who Is A Sigma Male? Personality Traits, Benefits, And Drawbacks Explained

You might have heard about Alpha males, but have you heard of sigma male? Just…

portuguese men
10 Things You Need To Know About Dating Portuguese Men

The culture of our country speaks a lot about our behavior. For example, we often…

15 WARNING Signs Of A Cheating Wife You Shouldn’t Ignore

“I take thee to be my wedded husband from this day forward, for better, for…

alpha male
How To Be An Alpha Male: 10 Habits You Must Develop To Be More Alpha

Are you asking yourself, “How to be an alpha Male?” Do you also want to…

how to break up
“It’s Not Working Anymore.”- How To Break Up With Someone

Between us, it’s not working anymore. It’s not you; it’s me. I think we should…

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