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subhasree nag

Subhasree is a content writer who is passionate about traveling, writing, and reading books. In her leisure time, she is seen listening to music and watching web series. Writing along with music and dance are ways in which she expresses herself.

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Signs Someone Is Manifesting You
Signs Someone Is Manifesting You: A Step Forward Towards Finding “The One”

Well, there have been phases when I cannot get someone out of my mind. There…

Dirty Lines To Say To Your Boyfriend
Dirty Lines To Say To Your Boyfriend: Unleash Your Wild Side And Make Him Crave More

Flirting is an art and a much-needed art form when you are dating. It is…

Divine Timing
“Go With The Flow”: Believe In Divine Timing, And Everything Will Fall In Place

In the world of personal growth and spirituality, diving timing has great importance. It is…

How To Manifest Love
How To Manifest Love: Attract The Love You Deserve In Just A Few Steps?

Have you ever watched the movie “To All the Boys I Have Loved Before” movie…

How To Manifest Someone? Imagine It, And It’s Already Yours

Is it actually possible to attract anything in your life just with the help of…

Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You
Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You: Know Before You Make Any Decision

There are various signs your ex is manifesting you. Know what those are, but remember that you are in charge of your life and decide what you want.

Only Few Have The Heart To Be Okay With Cuckolding

.When we are dating someone, the thought of our partner being with someone else sends…

role play ideas
Spice It Up With Some Of The Role Play Ideas 

Role play ideas are a fun way to explore your sexual fantasies. Trust me when…

What is Fetlife
What is Fetlife? Explore The World Of BDSM, Kink, And Fetish, All In One Platform 

These days, the community of BDSM, kind, and fetish is growing, and one such platform that allows users to indulge in these activities is Fetlife.

Woman Fantasies
50 Shades Of Woman Fantasies

Being a Woman, I can assure you that women have some explicit sexual fantasies that…

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