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These Are The BEST Beach Date Ideas For Your First Date In 2024!

These Are The BEST Beach Date Ideas For Your First Date In 2024!

BEST Beach Date Ideas
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First things first: Happy New Year! The Dating Dairy wishes you a Happy 2024! Aah, another new year with new possibilities. It’s that time of the year – when everything feels good, just like the start of a new relationship.

To kickstart the year on a positive note, the only things we need at the moment are the Sun, the cool breeze of the ocean, and a hottie to keep company! Yes, we are totally asking people to go on beach dates.

Not feeling good?☹️ Go on a beach date!🏖️

Had a bad breakup? Meet someone new on the beach!💏

Missing an ex? The beach is calling, and so is Bumble!📳

You get the drift, right?

So, once you land on the beach date, what are your plans? It’s not like planning a coffee date! Planning a beach date is so much more difficult, not to mean far more nuanced. But, like always, we have got you covered. Stay tuned for the best beach date ideas to kickstart 2024 on a positive note.

But First, What Do You Need To On A Beach Date?

What Do You Need To On A Beach Date

Before we talk about some fun beach date ideas, here’s a list of beach date essentials you need to carry with you. In case you are wondering how to impress your crush on a beach date, these essentials can literally make or break it for you!

  1. A blanket that’s small enough to keep you guys close but also big enough to cover the two of you. We are aiming for something equally comfy and cozy.
  1. A speaker, for sure! You cannot forget about the ambience – and please find someone a little quiet and free from families with kids.
  1. Also, a cooler stuffed with beverages and snacks. And if the beach permits, you can switch normal beverages with a few pints of beer.
  1. While you are at it, don’t miss out basic essentials like sunscreen, towels, and, in case the weather permits, water floaties.

Best Beach Date Ideas For 2024:  

So, here we are with the best beach ideas to kickstart 2024! The Dating Dairy presents something sunny, something packed with Vitamin C, and something positive for this new year.

Let’s dive right in!

1. A Picnic By The Sea:🌊

If you have canceled dates because your date turned out to be on a diet, then this one is definitely for you! What do you think about having a nice picnic by the sea on the beach?

A relaxing day, fresh air, the salty sea breeze – sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? There’s nothing more romantic than a simple date. On simple dates like this, you can have a great time and really get to know each other. And if you are both familiar with each other, then even better – it can be quite comforting as well.

If you are going during the day, then don’t forget to get something to cover the food, a thick blanket for you guys to sit on, bug spray, and an umbrella or a pair of hats.

Similarly, for a date in the evening, you might need lights. Also, you have to pack meals that are easy to eat and don’t need to be heated or cooled as such.

2. Watch A Sunrise Or A Sunset:  

So, when was the last time you actually stopped for a sunset or a sunrise? It’s been a while, right? Yes, you are not the only one! Then, how about watching a sunset or sunrise for your next date by the beach?

After all, we have this tendency to take the sun for granted. But every time we look at the sun, we can’t help but think about its vastness. It does make everything appear optimistic, and that’s precisely why you landed up on the beach, right?

Moreover, you are standing with someone you really like, looking at the beauty of something as simple as a sunset! And it will be a special moment for the two of you, considering both of you shared a memorable movement with each other.

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Now, if you do visit during the evening, then please do not underestimate the simplicity of gazing at stars on the beach.

Additionally, there are several apps that will help you to find constellations, explaining what these are. As a result, you can actually learn new things together about the Roman or Greek mythology that kind of goes with the stars.

3. Go For A Beach Concert:  

Not all beach date ideas are going to be about looking at stars or having a quiet picnic. Rather, how about going to a beach concert? It’s something fun, something exciting, and definitely something new to try out on a date!

The best part? Concerts can take place during the night or during the day – so why not select the setting? You will find parking by the beach, or you can just take the bus that picks up concert attendees. So, don’t even worry about going back home, especially if you don’t plan on staying sober.

You could also make it a whole day! Just plan your day, check out some shops, drink a few beers before you attend the concert.

So, just find out when a good live band is playing on the beach. And plan a cute date night around attending the concert on the beach. Even if no big band is playing, you can also attend the consent of a local small band for fun. Dance around with your bae and have a great date night by the sea!

Seas The Day, Fellas, Seas The Day!  

Yes, that’s a wrap on the best beach date ideas to kickstart 2024. Now, you might be wondering how it is fair to list only three ideas when blogs on the internet have talked about so many ideas. So, the thing is – we are here to tell you the best. And the ‘Best’ doesn’t feature everything out there.

So, we stuck to three of our all-time favorite beach dates – but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your ideas and experiences with us! What’s stopping you? Tell us all about your favorite beach dates in the comments below!

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