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Why Choose Bumble? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

Why Choose Bumble? Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Other Details

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Have you been thinking about falling in love? Don’t shy away from this topic. Have you ever thought about how easier and convenient it would be if only you could meet or connect with new people every time you wanted to?

Well, now it is possible. You can do that through the many dating apps that are available online.

While you must have heard about many of them, I am going to guide you through Bumble in this article. After going through it, it will be your call to choose it or not.

Love in the times of the internet

The Bumble Bee 🐝

Bumble Bee

With more than 100 million users in 2021, Bumble has become one of the best and most popular dating apps online worldwide.

It works very similar to other dating apps like Tinder and Grinder. You also have to swipe right to choose or find a match. All that the users need to do is create a small profile to provide the essential pieces of information.

The only match that matters right now

Who Runs The World: Girls!

The most exciting fact about Bumble is that it lets the girls/women take power in heterosexual matches. 

Unlike other dating apps, this is something unique about Bumble. In this app, the women make the first move and initiate a conversation. If the woman who has matched does not send a single message, the match is lost after 24 hours.

This is done to break the dating conventions and bring more power to the hands of women. However, that is not the sole reason behind this move.

By making the women responsible for making the first move and beginning a conversation, the app also cuts down on or decreases the chances of perverts and creeps (let’s call them nasty bees here) from harassing (or sting) women and accessing the app.

How do bumble bees sting if they are not allowed to!

The Bumble Boost

Bumble Boost

This is when you decide to opt for the premium account or option in the app. In other words, the premium version of Bumble is called the Bumble Boost. The Bumble app promises you a better Bumble experience and extends your matches by 24 hours through this subscription.

You also get unlimited swipes, which you do not get with the basic version of the app. And do you know the best part? You also get to backtrack on the accidental left swipes. In this way, the app allows you to correct your mistakes and reconsider your choice.

This Bumble Boost also gets you more matches. It lets you find quality matches by putting as many as six photos in your information section.

Features of the Boost:

🐝 You will be able to see the profiles that you have liked

🐝 You get more than 24 hours to respond to the matches

🐝 You can rematch with the connections that expired earlier

🐝 SuperSwipe lets your matches know that you are very interested in them

TypeFree dating app
FounderWhitney Wolfe Herd
Year 2014

Features: Why Choose Bumble?

Why Choose Bumble

Do you want to know why you should choose this app over other dating apps? Let me tell you why. Here are some of the unique and special features of this app:

1. The BumbleBizz

This is one of the unique features of this app. Have you ever heard of a dating app that lets the users connect to other people only for professional or business purposes?

This is something that Bumble provides. This is why users consider this dating app to be different from others.

2. SuperSwipe

This dating app feature lets you communicate with the person you think is the most suitable for you. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the premium version, so you have to pay extra to find the perfect one for you.

3. The BeeHive

Through the feature, you will be able to get to know about the latest events, news updates and features, and announcements. And it does not end there. You will also be able to get specific dating tips that will make your profile much more appealing to your matches.

Which Is Better: Bumble Vs. Tinder

Even though Tinder has been hailed as the top dating app in the world for many years, there have been many online changes in the dating world. And one of them is the emergence of other new free dating apps. One such app is Bumble.

The way both the apps work is very similar. However, given the reputation of Tinder, which has changed from being a dating app to a hookup app, many users now prefer to use Bumble over Tinder.

Because of the restrictions and security to the user, protecting the women from Creeps and perverts, women feel safer using Bumble. The users, both male, and female, also find genuine people looking for love, unlike in the case of Tinder.

At the same time, both the apps have resulted in long-term relationships and even marriages. This is one of the reasons why it can be difficult to choose sides unless you have prior experience.

To Bumble Or Not To Bumble

Before deciding to install the app and set forth on your journey to find love, you should be aware of a few pros and cons of Bumble.


🐝 It is free to use

🐝 Women have the power to send the messages first

🐝 Lesser creeps and lesser cases of harassment

🐝 You can make friends and business relationships on the app with the features like BumbleBizz and BumbleBff


🐝 Not a lot of information about the match is provided on the app

🐝 The matches do not stay for a long time unless the woman has started the conversation

🐝 The Bumble Boost can be expensive

Fun Facts About Bumble

If you think that you have heard it all, wait a minute. There are more left. Here are the facts about this dating app:

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🐝  The app is not only for heterosexual couples. You can use this platform or dating app even if you belong to the LGBTQ community. If your preference is not restricted only to the opposite sex, either of you can send the message first and initiate the conversation.

🐝  Many celebrities also use Bumble. For example, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea is now in a relationship with Sophie Habbo. They started dating through Bumble.

🐝  The app has a tool to protect users from unsolicited nudes. So neither can you send explicit images and, thankfully, nor can you receive them? This is because the app uses AI to scan every picture exchanged over the app.

🐝  The app was founded to challenge the conventional rules of dating. This is why women are the ones who have the power to take control of initiating the conversation.

🐝  The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, was also a reason behind the success of Tinder. She is the one who came up with the name and the logo of Tinder. However, she left the company after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2014 against the company.

Bumble Reviews: What Do The Bees Say?

Other Alternatives To Bumble

There are many apps online that promise to find love for you. Some of them you already know, while some are still growing. Here is a list of alternatives to bumble that you may try out if you want:

💖 Tinder

💖 Grinder

💖 Match

💖 OkCupid

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bumble Better Than Tinder?

Both the apps, Tinder and Bumble, work similarly. You have to swipe right to pair with an individual in both apps. However, rates till now have shown that the percentage of successful relationships through Bumble is much more than through Tinder.

2. Is Bumble A Dating Or Hookup App?

The Bumble app is exclusively a dating app. However, whether you can maintain that or not depends on you, the user. 

3. Is Bumble Good For Serious Relationships?

If you are looking for a serious relationship, Bumble is the best place. One of the best things about this app is that it does not tell you much about the person you are meeting.
While this may have a few disadvantages, this also makes getting to know your prospective date a lot better.

Love In The Times Of Bumble

Everybody needs some love to survive. But there are many who do not have the time to search for love. But does that mean that there is no way to find the love of their lives? Absolutely not!

For times like these, you have the online dating apps. One such app is Bumble.

This app was founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd in the hope to break the conventional norms of dating where men take the first step. In the case of this app, the women are the ones who have the power to start a conversation.

If you are someone who is looking for serious relationships, you can check out Bumble.

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