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Date A Chubby girl: 10 Best Things To Know And Why

Date A Chubby girl: 10 Best Things To Know And Why

Chubby girl
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‘Real Men Like Curves, Only Dogs Go For Bones.’

– Michelle Elman.

It has been the slogan of plenty of body positivity campaigns over the decades, and we believe what she is trying to say here is kind of true.

Don’t get us wrong. Just because some women are skinny and some are chubby, we are not saying that makes them more or less attractive.

If you have a chubby girlfriend, we are simply saying that it makes you more likely to notice specific differences in this relationship that you’ve probably not had with those skinny barbies.

So, you don’t have to feel that you are lowering your dating standards, or just because you are dating a thick girl, so your friends will tease you. It’s all about finding love, which does not associate with how a person looks.

So, let’s find out some interesting facts about dating a chubby girl.

Why Should You Be Dating A Chubby Girl?

Before we dive into the list, you must understand that dating a chubby girl is different from dating any other girl. If you are interested in the girl as a person, you have to make as much effort as you would have made with any other girl.

However, if you are still concerned about having a chubby girlfriend, let’s look at the best reasons for dating them, shall we?

1: Trying Different Food Becomes More Fun

Trying Different Food Becomes More Fun

Who doesn’t love trying out different cuisines with their partners while being on a date?

While your skinny, sexy girlfriend may throw a lot of tantrums because she is on her keto diet, your chubby girlfriend won’t shy away from trying different cuisines.

A chubby girl loves to eat, and if you are also a foodie, you two will never have a shortage of places to plan your date nights because you both love eating.

If you love to cook, a chubby girl can also be a great cooking companion in the kitchen. 

She will not restrict you on the oil amount, cheese amount, or anything else that may spoil your dish.

2: Easy Going Is Their Middle Name

Chubby girls are more easy-going than skinny girls because they are not always so conscious about their appearance.

So, you can take them to the most adventurous or messy dates, and they won’t complain a bit.

Dating a bigger girl comes with its perks, and being with a warm, loving, easy-going person is undoubtedly one of them.

So, if you have faced emotional unavailability in your past relationships, dating a chubby girl could make you feel more loved about yourself.

3: Sex Is Going To Be Amazing!!!

Sex Is Going To Be Amazing!!!

If you have checked the chubby girl porn site, you probably know what we are talking about.

Chubby girls have bigger mouths, bigger hands, bigger butts, and bigger breasts, so these ladies indeed know how to please their men.

In fact, they are a whole package. Just imagine your chubby girlfriend is wearing sexy lingerie or a fascinating baby doll and is going down on you.

The very imagery can turn you on badly and make you reach between your thighs. 😉😉😉

4: You Don’t Need A Pillow Anymore

Why should you spend hundreds of bucks on expensive pillows if you have got those beautiful curves right next to you?

Yes!!! A chubby girl can be a fantastic sleeping companion because sleeping on their soft bosoms is fantastic.

Even if you hug them sideways, you will feel as if you are hugging a teddy bear, which can always take you back to those loving childhood memories.

So, curl up with your chubby girl on the bed, and you’ll see what we are talking about.

5: Being Emotionally Strong Is Their Virtue

It’s probably safe to assume that a girl who is chubby has been the subject of ridicule and joke among her friends. 

If she has been through that and is still smiling in front of you, it’s because she is emotionally strong.

And, when you have a girlfriend like that, you can get wholehearted support from her when you need it.

If you are having a rough day and have a chubby teen girlfriend, just hugging her at the end of the day will make your day better.

6: As Funny As A Stand-Up Comedian

If you are dating a larger woman, you’ll see that once she comes out of her shell and faces the fat jokes positively, nobody is funnier than her.

She will probably be the first one cracking a joke on her body, which will make others around her more comfortable communicating with her.

If you love the chubby girl, you may wonder why you did not find such a hilarious person before.

That’s the kind of impact chubby girls leave on men.

7: Happiness Is Sharing Clothes

No, I’m not saying that you share her panties or dresses.

But, if you ever forget to bring an extra pair of cloth to your girlfriend’s place, you can always wear her double XL t-shirt and get cozy.

We bet you could not even think of sharing clothes back when you were dating a slim chick, right?

So you may ask me, ‘do guys like chubby girls?’ Then, my answer will be I love chubby girls, and so should you.

8: The Best Gift You Get Is Their Affection

Big chubby girls are often more affectionate and caring towards their boyfriends than skinny girls because, unlike them, chubby girls are not always concerned about how they look.

A sexy, skinny, beautiful girl knows how to work her looks to get what she wants, so it’s rare when you meet a skinny girl who is too into you.

On the contrary, dating chubby women are fun because you can be around them any way you want.

They will not judge you, and they will care for you no matter what.

9: A Lot Smarter Than Those Bimbos

Scientifically speaking, chubby girls have a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in the development of brain cells.

It means attractive chubby girls are not all about beauty, but they also have brains.

So, you won’t be moving around with a bimbo, and the best part is a chubby girl is never afraid to express her opinions.

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What more could you want in a woman, right?

10: Sexy As Hell

Have you ever walked into a bar where all the crazy, sexy women are partying, and a shy chubby teen is sitting alone in a corner?

Well, it has happened to me before, and I found it incredibly sexy.

Even if that quality does not attract you, there is not a single outfit that won’t accentuate the body of a chubby girl, so you can imagine how sexy they look in those short, tight dresses.

This is a quality you adore, and I’m sure of that, so try dating a chubby girl this time.

What Should You Know About Dating A Chubby Girl?

There’s no exact rule about dating a larger woman, but there are certain do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind if you want a healthy relationship. Let’s take a look at them:

1: Don’t Fetishize Her

Of course, you can complement your chubby teen girlfriend, but you have to be cautious with your choice of words because otherwise, she may feel like you love her body and not her.

For example, you might hug her from behind and say, ‘I love you, my BBW girlfriend.’

Well, there’s nothing practically wrong about it, but she may feel that you are ridiculing her weight in the guise of a compliment, which may be harmful to her self-esteem.

2: Be Serious About Dating Her

Don’t waste her time if you are not serious about dating a plump girlfriend. 

Many men go out with big chubby girls because they think the sex will be unique, but that is just objectifying a woman, and no man should do that.

If you are serious about dating the girl, take her out; else, it will simply be a waste of everyone’s time.

3: Don’t Assume She Has Low Self-Esteem

Just because she is chubby doesn’t mean she will have low self-esteem. So, you can’t make foolish jokes about her thinking she won’t mind.

Always remember she has a heart, and she feels bad about stuff that many other girls do too.

Therefore, please don’t confuse her body image with her emotions and treat her indifferently. Instead, make the same efforts you’d make with any other girl while dating a bigger girl.

4: Be Prepared To Hear Some Negative Compliments

When you go out with a chubby girl, it’s likely your friends will make fun of her, or people around you will pass negative comments on her body.

Be there for her, and if you think she is okay with ignoring these comments, you can always have her back and walk out of there with pride.

However, if you see she is upset about it, you can always be a man and stand up for your girl then and there.

To Conclude…

You don’t have to roam around with a rulebook before you date a chubby girl. Instead, you can follow our advice and your heart to make the relationship work out.

It’s not rocket science, and you love the chubby girl; things will soon fall into place. 

Hence, if you want to know more about it, ping us in the comment box below.

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