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Dating A Married Man: “He Is Never Going To Leave Her For You”

Dating A Married Man: “He Is Never Going To Leave Her For You”

Dating A Married Man
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⁕⁕Disclaimer: This article has been written with sarcasm. Please take it like a joke instead of taking this negatively. I am not married, and I was having a hard day. So, I made this article a little too sarcastic!⁕⁕

Dating a married man is perhaps one of the biggest societal taboos out there. I mean, under no circumstances can you date a married man, especially if he and his partner are monogamous.

Of course, if this married man is in an open marriage with his wife, it doesn’t matter. But if you ask for my personal opinion, I would always say that don’t even get into that boat.

The truth is he will never leave her for you. Look at history: how many married men have left their wives for the other women? I mean, sure, it was fun while it lasted, but did that stop him from leaving in the end? In a whopping majority of cases, men did cheat on their wives, only to go back to the end.

The concept of having a mistress is a tale as old as time. In the past, it was reputable to have a mistress for emperors, dignitaries, and prominent rich men for a long time.

I mean, look at kings, gangsters, or rich men in general – most of them had a wife and a mistress. In the past, the aristocracy demanded men to have an official mistress. So, married men have been falling in and out of love outside their marriage for thousands of years.

As a result, it shouldn’t strike you as a shocking affair to be in love with a married man – in fact, instead of a taboo, it should be accepted, like people did in the past. And I’ll tell you why. You just have to stay tuned for more.

Dating A Married Man: Why You Shouldn’t Consider It As A Taboo?

Why You Shouldn’t Consider It As A Taboo

As I was saying, dating a married man should not be a taboo in society. And I have more than one reason to support my claim.

1. History Has A Tendency To Repeat Itself:

History has a strange tendency to repeat itself – first as a tragedy and then as a farce. Think about the global pandemic. In 1920, right after World War I, the Influenza Epidemic appeared, killing thousands. Exactly a hundred years later, history repeated itself, and the world was hit by COVID-19.

What happened? Again thousands died – and there were so many similarities between the 1919 epidemic and 2019 pandemic.

Similarly, married men have looked for love outside their marriage since the dawn of time. But with time, monogamy emerged, and the rules of love became more stringent. As a result, looking for love outside marriage has become a taboo in society.

But has that stopped people from cheating? Not really – the divorce rates have only gone up in the past few years.

So, why make it a taboo when you can just carry on with it like people did in the past? Because history will repeat itself, not as a tragedy, but as a farce!

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2. It’s Reverse Psychology:

The laws of reverse psychology literally say that the more you ask someone not to do something, the more the chances of them doing that exactly automatically go up. And you can apply this logic everywhere.

The more I worried about my partner cheating on me, the more he looked outside the relationship. So, it’s eventual! Of course, there are cases where women were more secure and felt completely shocked to find that there was someone else for their partners.

In those cases, the only possible explanation is the husband is not suited for the relationship. In fact, the husband in such marriages is most likely to cheat under any circumstances.

But in the most general cases, reverse psychology works wonders! We are all headed towards a world where polyamorous relationships will rule, and everyone will be dating everyone (gender being irrelevant).

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In that case, if you are open with your husband from the beginning – both of you can enjoy the best of both worlds and, at the same time, not end your marriage.

3. Love Is Love:

So, I am not justifying why dating a married man is fine. Understand this – people are already doing it, and that too rampantly. I mean, the workplace is perhaps the most prevalent space that fosters such an equation.

It’s not just men who are married but men who are in a relationship, for that matter. Everyone, irrespective of their marriage or relationship, flirts around with respect for their crush. The thing is, you are in no way disrespecting your relationship or your partner.

Then, it’s better to do it openly and not be a complete hypocrite, looking at it like it’s something wrong. Moreover, the truth of the situation is: Are people more bent towards these relationships because they’re taboo?

Chances are, when it’s not a taboo, the allure of doing something that you are not supposed to do might go away. So, that might make the situation better in terms of drawing clear distinctions between monogamy and polyamory.

See, love is love – why not embrace it if it’s happening organically? But just remember that he is not going to leave her for you. As long as you have figured it out, go ahead with love.

To Love Or Not To Love:

The whole idea of writing about dating a married man was to highlight the sad reality of modern marriages. Currently, marriage is no more than a farcical affair. He will cheat, and so will she – because monogamy has become nothing more than a joke.

So, why can’t we just go back in time and act just like our ancestors? That way, you won’t have to deal with heartbreak – it doesn’t matter whether you are the wife or the other woman. So, keep calm, love, and let’s love!

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