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Foodie Call: When One Person On The Date Is Just There For The Free Food

Foodie Call: When One Person On The Date Is Just There For The Free Food

Foodie Call
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Friends talk about everything. Mostly girls. They share each and everything with their girlfriends. And when it comes to their dating life, I believe their best friends are their masters holding their strings. So last night, when I told my friend that I had a date today, but I was not sure about it, she instantly replied, “Just go, have some good food, and good wine, and be done with the guy.” 

It took me by surprise, and it was like she had a lot of experience doing this. She was so casual about it, so I couldn’t help but ask, “Have you ever done this?” To this, she said, “Of course, a girl’s gotta eat.” That is when it hit me that there must be numerous people who are doing this every day. 

So, I asked about her experience doing this, and she said, “It was two months ago when I matched with this guy on Tinder. I talked to the guy, and he did not match my vibe. But he asked me out on a date, recommended two of my favorite restaurants, and asked me to choose among those. That was the beginning of it.”

Even though I didn’t like him like that, I couldn’t say no because it was my favorite restaurant. So I thought, why not? Maybe while we are at dinner, with some good wine and good food, in that amazing ambiance, having a conversation, we might click. That was the thought behind it. But that did not even happen on the date. So I had the food, came back told the guy that it would not work out between us. After that I never talked to him again. This is what we call a foodie call. When one person on the date is just there for the free food .”

Is Foodie Call Even A Thing?

Have you ever come across the term foodie call? Well, it is a thing. When a person does not like the other person romantically but goes on a date just for free food, it is known as a foodie call. So, after knowing the definition and some experience from other women, we are just left with a few questions now. Those are “Who goes on a foodie call? Is that something that happens often?

Well, remember, we did not conduct some quantitative research before putting this article together. But as discussed with some of my other friends, both male and female. Anybody can go on a date with someone for free food, but there have been some researches that say women are the ones who do this at the most. 

According to an online site, “We found that 33% of women had engaged in a foodie call at least once. About a quarter of these women indicated that they did so occasionally, and about half said they did so only rarely or very rarely.  These women admitted to engaging in an average of about five foodie calls each, although one woman said that she had done it 55 times! Most of the women thought foodie calls were moderately unacceptable, but those who engaged in foodie calls more often thought they were more acceptable.

So, if you are someone on dating apps looking for true love, you might be disappointed reading this article. You might be thinking that you are making a true connection with this person on the date, but you never know; the other person could be on the date just for the free food. At least one-third of a woman have done this at least once in their entire life. They date for food rather than trying to find true love.

Who Are These People? How Can You Identify Them?

I know this might be a little dark, but who are these people? Initially, it was thought that it was a common trait among women. They have a tendency to score high on the constellation of manipulative, self-centered, and antisocial personality traits. These are popularly known as the dark triad, Machiavellianism, subclinical psychopathy, and Narcissism

Who are these people How can you identify them

Narcissists have a tendency to believe they are superior to others and that they are an amazing catch romantically more than any other people. Machiavellians are manipulative and cunning people who have a tendency to exploit and deceive others for their own personal benefit. 

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Subclinical psychopaths are people who lack empathy, do not have feelings of remorse and guilt, and can hurt others. They do not have any guilt about hurting their feelings. They do not care when one person on the date is just there for the free food, and the other person could be genuinely interested.

Wrapping Up!

As we mentioned in the article above, the foodie call is more common in women than in men. And it is more common in those who have a high score in the dark triad. A woman who has shown narcissistic traits in their behavior throughout the date or who thinks that it is justified for the man to pay on the date because they enjoyed their amazing company might be some of those people. 

A woman who has Machiavellianism uses their gender as an advantage. Women who score high in the psychopath area mostly do not even think about how bad the man might feel when they use the guy just for the free meal. And even if they know, they do not care about it.

There is another thing, women who believe in the traditional stereotypical gender roles mostly go on foodie calls. They believe that it is the duty of the man to open the car door for them and pay the bills when they go on a dinner date. They do not care what the other person must be feeling. The other person does not even know when one person on the date is just there for the free food.

But before getting partial, you have to remember men mostly score more in this dark triad than women. They also have a track record of being abusive and manipulative while they are on a date. It is okay if you are not attracted to the man immediately. Take time, think about what personality traits you like, and you never know when you might fall in love. If it is often said, love comes when you are least expecting it. Believe it.


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