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Top 25 Ghosting Memes To Laugh At…Now That I Am In A Healthy Relationship

Top 25 Ghosting Memes To Laugh At…Now That I Am In A Healthy Relationship

Ghosting Memes
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Getting ghosted is perhaps one of the shittiest things out there. But sadly, it happens a lot – I mean, we have all ghosted someone and gotten ghosted by someone. 

Ghosting is a pretty common affair, and getting ghosted on dating apps is pretty normal at this point – isn’t it better to stop talking to someone you are probably never going to meet because you found them boring? 

That does not mean it is easy to handle ghosting, though – getting actually ghosted by someone you actually like or are just vibing with can be actually worse than a breakup. At the very least, when you end things with someone, you know why things did not fall through, AKA closure. 

But when your potential new boo randomly disappears into thin air just when you are getting your hopes up, then confusion can turn out to be agonizing, making ghosting memes absolutely REAL and RELATABLE!

But now that you are possibly in a healthy relationship or just don’t care about the impact of ghosting on your emotional well-being, scroll down and check out some of the best ghosting memes out there. 

Top 25 Ghosting Memes To Laugh At…Now That I Am In A Healthy Relationship!

Sadly, the truth about the modern dating culture is you have to be fine with ghosting and funny ghosting memes – come on, it keeps happening! I have often wondered why can’t these ‘ghosters’ just pony up and send a decent text about ‘how it’s not you, it’s them’ or ‘how it’s not working, but they are still down to hang.’ 

I was actually pretty surprised to come across ‘are you ghosting me memes?’ on Google recently – yep, it’s that common. You can literally ask someone whether they are ghosting you or now with a meme XD

However, to be fair, a majority of daters have actually been on the absolutely other parts of things – when the primary thought of cutting your potential boo loose seems to be daunting. Plus, after some time has actually passed, having a weird breakup conversation might start to feel redundant. 

Fortunately, there are so many relatable memes on the ghosting that these can dry up those tears of rejection real fast. Stay tuned!

Ghosting Memes For The Potential Boo You Ghosted Recently!

Remember that one time you ghosted your potential boo on Tinder simply because they weren’t being able to vibe with you? Come on, as I said in the very beginning – if you have been around the dating circle for some time now, getting ghosted and ghosting are all part of the deal. You just get used to it and learn to laugh at your experiences. 

So without wasting time, let’s check out some of the top ghosting memes that are a reminder of the time you ghosted your potential partner. 

1. Been there done that…

2. When they finally get the message.

3. What if?

4. Why is this so true?

5. When you accidentally meet someone you ghosted!

6. When you have to write a neutral article on ghosting…

7. Right before you ghost someone.

8. When they ask you why did you ghost them!

9. Me to myself before ghosting someone.

10. Mwahahahaha

Ghosting Memes For The Times It Wasn’t You…It Was Them!

Just like normal ghosting memes that remind you when you ghosted someone exists, getting ghosted memes are also very REAL! You definitely remember all the times when someone ghosted you, and at the time, you might have taken the ghosting with a pinch of salt. But looking back, doesn’t it make you laugh, especially if you are in a healthy relationship now? 

Instead of googling ‘being ghosted meme,’ simply scroll down to check out the top ghosting memes that will remind you of the time it wasn’t you…it was them!

1. When ghosters are obsessed with your life.

2. This is for the times when you get ghosted in the festive spirit.

3. Don’t forget the rubber-band ghosts.

4. Why don’t celebrities get ghosted?

5. Pretty much ghosting summed up in 2023.

6. Not all ghosters are ROMANTIC…

7. Sometimes you get way too excited…way too soon.

8. The dating cycle never really ends…

9. Apparently they did not even want to talk?

10. Well, it’s too early to talk about it.

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11. That regret post sending an emo text and getting ghosted.

12. Another festive one!

13. Only this is 2023…

14. Every F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G time!!

15. Gets ghosted and…

Ghosting Quotes Because Why Not? 

Are you already looking up ‘meme ghosting’ or ‘ghosted meme’ on Google? Because you are, we won’t stop you! These memes are killing it on the internet, and these are undoubtedly very funny. But then, while checking out ghosting memes on the internet, I stumbled upon some funny ghosting quotes and couldn’t help but share them with you guys! 

You guys will love these – scroll down and check out the funniest quotes about ghosting on the internet! 

1. Well, it is what it is!

2. You are always worth it.

3. It’s true and you know it.


5. Save your time and words.

6. That’s the stupid problem.

7. Sleep is always a priority.

8. Exactly! What’s wrong with you all?

And It’s A Wrap!

And it’s a wrap on the top ghosting memes on the internet. What are your thoughts on these memes? Do you have more ghosting memes to add to our collection? Then, please do – feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories related to ghosting or memes related to ghosting in the comments below. 

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