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How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You By Arousing Her Very Subtly?

How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You By Arousing Her Very Subtly?

girl for sex
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There’s no point acting shy – you are here because you want to know how to seduce your girl for sex. So let’s just get rid of all the clothes and get down and dirty as soon as possible. 

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that a single woman in possession of a good fortune is not always on the lookout for sex, and that too with a man. But then again, we do enjoy sex, just with the right person. We are a little choosy when it comes to sex, but when it comes to love, we are all blind fools rushing in slow-mo!

So it’s relatively easier to find a girl for love as compared to finding someone for sex! But then again, women love sex too, and if you know how to turn on your dream woman, then trust me, there’s going to be so much more than just a one-night stand. You just need to give it some time and effort. 

Keep reading to find out more!

Asking A Girl For Sex: Arousing Her Subtly 

A Girl For Sex

First things first, you can’t randomly google ‘how to ask a girl for sex,’ but that doesn’t mean it’s not something most men have thought about at least once in their life…well, unless that man was Tom Cruise himself, or Heath Ledger, or Ian Somerhalder…okay I’ll stop. By ‘men,’ I mean 

Ordinary men, of course!

Now, let’s just break it down. There are two ways you can ask a girl for sex – yes, only two! 

For starters, you can consider dating a girl for a change and maybe let things happen naturally. Once you guys have reached that intimacy level and comfort zone where you are open and honest about what you want from each other, you can definitely consider talking directly about lovemaking whenever you are in the mood. 

About that other way…

Yes, haven’t we all been here? You are bored, and she is bored too, so you guys end up hooking up and then never seeing each other again, or you might have kept things F&B only – but whatever it is, asking a girl for sex, even if you have known her for years could swiftly turn into a tricky business. 

So tread carefully – but how do you plan on proceeding? How do you keep it consensual and sexy together? Well, it’s the only road open to you, and we are here to help you walk this tricky a little more confident than you might be feeling at the moment. So scroll down to find out how to arouse a woman subtly! 

1. Show Her Your Good Side – Chivalry Is Still Alive

Chivalry Is Still Alive

Instead of asking how to convince a girl for sex to Google, have you ever thought that certain personality traits like chivalry or a sense of humor could be a turn-on for many women? If you are looking forward to sleeping with a woman, you must be at least good enough to obtain her attention. 

If a woman finds you desirable and basically everything that she seeks in a good guy, most of your work’s actually done already. So the next time you are planning to seduce your girl for sex, you might just have to play your cards in the old-fashioned, chivalrous way.

2. Express Your Interest In Her – As Honest As It Gets

Honest As It Gets

I have seen so many people get nervous when they are interested in a woman and end up either not talking at all or just talking about stupid things. For example, last night, I met a man who kept telling me about not being able to find the perfect sex toy for girl – I mean, what? Then there were men who would just avoid me and then come out clean after several days. 

You have to spend time with this girl you are interested in – let her catch you watching her discreetly, have a few conversations with her, and make sure that she knows you are interested in her. 

3. The Friend Zone Is Scary – Don’t Even Go There

Friend Zone Is Scary

If you are not dating someone, but you eventually want to, then trust me, you don’t want to be in the scary friend zone. Friends don’t actually sleep together, and it’s a tricky thing to be sexually involved with your friends. Yes, so be her friend but let her know you are interested in her sexually.

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There’s no point wasting time searching ‘sex for girl’ on Google – just make it pretty clear to your ‘friend’ that you guys can be a little more than friends. Tell her that she is attractive and you have found her hot from the very beginning. 

4. Spending Time With Her – Trust Me, This One Always Works

Spending Time With Her

Spending time is perhaps more important than anything in this entire list – I mean, think about it. If you want to seduce a girl for sex, then the best thing that you can do in this context is to make sure that you are spending time with her. And by spending time, I mean you gotta be alone with her. 

Instead of wasting time seeking ‘girl sex for money’ on Google, the best thing you can do is make sure that your crush is comfortable enough with all your flirting – but you cannot really do that when all your other friends are around. 

5. Go Out With Her – Alone Time Is Always Critical

Go Out With Her

You do not actually have to ask her out on dates just take her out. Instead, make it really casual, like just having dinner together post work or helping her out with a few errands every now and then. By doing something like that, you are already making an effort toward becoming her boyfriend, at least inside her mind. 

But if you want to keep things casual, then you should also be a little clear about the same from the beginning – because leading someone is not cool. So, in that case, it’s better to just play those games about sexgirls or even the hotter ones with an Indian sexgirl. 

Arousing A Woman: Blending Love And Lust

There’s no right formula when it comes to love or even sex, but what I can definitely tell you is you can’t just seek an answer to stupid questions like how to impress a girl for sex – because the truth is you can’t! You don’t have to impress me to have sex with me. Checklists can go to hell when you bring those burning desires into the picture.

So the next time you have the hots for a woman, just give it a little time – because we women are a little anxious when it comes to sleeping, even casually. So give it time like the wise men and let the fools rush in! Meanwhile, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below – we are also open to experiences and related stories!

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