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Green Flags in Men That Say He Is The One For You!

Green Flags in Men That Say He Is The One For You!

Green Flags in Men
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You know the usual signs that a guy might be trouble- he’s flaky, selfish, jealous, or has anger issues. But what about the good signs, the green flags that say this one’s a keeper? You want a guy who makes you feel good about yourself, supports you, makes you laugh, and shares your values.

When you find someone who embodies these positive qualities, hold onto him!  In this article, we will talk about the green flags in men that indicate that he is a keeper. So if you are in the market for a serious relationship, continue reading.

Green Flags in Men To Look Out For

Green Flags in Men To Look Out For

If you’ve found a guy who makes you feel safe, heard, and cared for, chances are you’ve found a keeper. Sure, no one’s perfect, but a healthy relationship with the right person can make you feel like the best version of yourself. So watch out for these green flags-they can lead you to lasting love and happiness.

Here are a few green flags in men you should be keeping an eye out for:

He Is An Active Listener

An active listener is someone who pays close attention to what you’re saying and is genuinely interested in learning more about you. If the man you are currently dating maintains eye contact, asks follow-up questions, and recalls details from previous conversations, showing he was listening.

This empathy and curiosity is a green flag that he cares about understanding you fully. Rather than just waiting for his turn to speak, an active listener will engage with what you’re sharing to build a real connection. If he’s focused on you when you talk and makes an effort to respond thoughtfully, that level of interest and attentiveness says he’s a keeper.

He Respects Boundaries And Gives You Space

When a man asks before assuming anything and when he waits for your consent before he wants to kiss you, hold your hand, or take things further, it may not be romantic, but it is a green flag for sure. This is because any man worth keeping understands that your boundaries are not meant to be pushed.

Giving you space when you want it also falls under the category of green flags in men.  Whether that’s giving you alone time when you need it or not going through your personal belongings without permission, he knows that trust and respect are the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Look For A Guy Who Is Supportive And Cheers You On  

You know he is the one if he asks about your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. He listens with genuine interest when you share your goals and ambitions. Most importantly, he encourages you to pursue them, which is a major green flag!

Moreover, if the guy you are with doesn’t hold you back or make you feel like you have to choose between your goals and him, then that is a sign you have found a good guy. He is your biggest cheerleader, constantly motivating you and cheering you on.

He Includes You In His Future Plans

He talks about the future and includes you in his plans. When a guy continuously brings up things the two of you can do together down the road, that’s a sign he sees you in his future. Maybe he mentions a concert six months away and says you should go together. Or he talks about taking a trip together next summer. If he’s envisioning you doing things together long-term, that means he wants you by his side for the long haul.

You Are Sexually Compatible With Him

When dating, finding a sexually compatible partner is key to a healthy relationship. If the sparks are flying in the bedroom (or wherever you choose!) and both of you can’t keep your hands off each other, that’s a major green flag.

Here are some signs he’s a keeper between the sheets;

  • He focuses on your pleasure as much as his own. A generous lover who makes sure you’re satisfied is a keeper.
  • He’s open to trying new things and exploring women fantasies. An open-minded partner willing to experiment is ideal.
  • You have a similar sex drive. Having comparable libidos means you’re both getting your needs met and prevents resentment in the long run.
  • He makes you feel comfortable and confident in bed. A caring partner who puts you at ease will lead to a fulfilling sex life together.

If you can relate to all the above-mentioned signs, then your sexual chemistry is off the charts. Here’s a little tip: that passion is hard to find and worth holding onto.

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He Communicates His Needs and Feelings

If the guy you have been seeing is an open book, then that’s a green flag. This guy has no problem expressing how he’s feeling or what he needs from you. Whether it’s saying, “I had a bad day and could use some cheering up” or “I’m not comfortable with that, let’s talk about it,” he communicates in a clear, honest, and caring way, which is a sign that the guy has high emotional intelligence.

But it’s not all about him. If all he talks about is himself, then that is a red flag in men, and you should break up as soon as possible.

However, if he frequently checks in to see how you’re feeling and what’s new with you, that’s a green flag. Moreover, if he listens with interest when you share details about your life, work, hobbies, and relationships, it means he cares about you, and your happiness and well-being matter to him.

So look for a man who is compassionate and can communicate his feelings without you having to prompt him. One who makes an effort to understand you and brings out the best in you through meaningful conversations. That kind of open communication and support forms the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Don’t Settle For Less!

So now that you know about the green flags in men, don’t settle for less than you deserve! While all relationships take work, you want a partner who is willing to put in the effort with you. Look for the green flags, trust your gut, and make sure the guy you’re with enhances your happiness and life in meaningful ways.

When you find the right person, it will feel right, and you’ll be glad you didn’t waste time on the wrong ones. The search can be frustrating, but stay true to yourself and keep your eyes open for a great guy. Trust us, he’s out there looking for you too!

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