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“He Hated Vegetarian, I Hated Him:” Food As A Love Language

“He Hated Vegetarian, I Hated Him:” Food As A Love Language

Food As A Love Language
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Has it ever crossed your mind while going on a date, “Would it work out between us? He hates vegetarian food, and I love it.” Well, for me, it has. For me, food plays an important role in my dating life. This is something I personally prefer. As a foodie, I visit a lot of cafes and try out different restaurants. And sharing food is kind of my love language. And when that is something I cannot do, it is like a turn-off for me. But is it fair to judge a person just by their food preference? Or just because it doesn’t match yours? But are there really some parameters to check before going on a date? Or what are the difficulties you face when you are dating someone who does not share the same food preference with you? Have you ever said to someone, “he hated vegetarian, I hated him?

The Biggest Difference-ethics

There are some basic things that need to match while you are on a date, but when the difference is about ethics, that is a big one then. But is it impossible? Well, it might be difficult, but it is possible. After all, we all adjust in a relationship. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is possible.

There are various differences you might have with your partner, after all, you guys are not twin siblings. But the problem arises when it comes to ethics, where one person thinks being a non-vegetarian is cold-blooded murder. I have heard people say, “he hated vegetarian, I hated him.”

I know it is scary to imagine that you are dating someone who thinks you are a murderer, but have you ever given a thought to the fact that why can’t you be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share the same values as you? It might be challenging, but who knows, it could be worth it.

Often people think it is like being in a relationship with someone who is a racist. Or someone whose belief system does not match theirs, like having different political views or seeing life in a totally different way, from a totally different perspective. We have our ways our own parameters while choosing a partner.  We choose them depending on their belief system, their values, what they dislike and what they like, and the common things you both share. So here, it might feel like a deal breaker if the person chooses to eat animals.

You Can Never Share Food

Having different food preferences really sucks. You can’t even try what the other person ordered, you can never share food with one other. Changing your food choices would be personally difficult, so it is best to order for your own as you can’t share.

But as I mentioned earlier, for me, sharing food is like a love language. I personally feel this way you get to know the person better, you get to know their dislikes and likes.

It’s like you have a knack for spicy food, but your partner can’t even tolerate one pepper in their food. There is a lot that you can try when you share the same food, you can try different flavors, and different cuisines, which makes it so much better when you go out together. 

Picking A Restaurant Becomes Difficult

It becomes difficult to pick a suitable option for going out. It is tough to find a place that has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that is equally good. But if you pick a restaurant just serving vegetarian food, that would not work, and picking out a non-vegetarian restaurant would not work as well.

Picking a restaurant becomes difficult

Also, you run out of options fast. It is like there are just a few particular dishes that you can try at every restaurant.

Family Dinners Are Tricky

Family dinners are tricky

It becomes difficult during family dinners as well. When the whole family is vegetarian, it becomes difficult for them to prepare something non-vegetarian. They might not be comfortable with it. And it is the same for both ways. When you go for dinner with your significant other’s family, they might bring something made up of fish or beef and then you have to politely decline. This is why you might recall this dinner and say, “he hated vegetarian, I hated him.”

Walking On Eggshells

Some people have chosen to be vegetarian because of their health, or because of some religious reason, or it simply could be their culture. But apart from that, there are some people who have chosen this lifestyle because of their ethics, which might be related to animal welfare or it could be because of the environment. 

It could be possible that you have never heard any of these before, or you were not exposed to any of them. You might be walking on eggshells around them because you don’t want to say something unknowingly that might offend them.

What About Wine?

I know… I think it’s gross, too.

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Well, now that you have settled the matter of food, comes wine. You might think you can share the same drink with your partner, but no, there are restrictions as well. 

There are a few things that we thought were vegetarian, but actually, they are not. A wine falls in that list. Some wines contain bull blood or yeast in it.

Do You Have To Turn Into A Vegetarian Too?

There is something that you should never do. That is, you should never pressure your partner to become vegetarian as well or become a non-vegetarian.

I am sure there are ways to work things out between the two of you if you really love each other.

Wrapping Up!

Overall, this might be difficult to adjust if you have been in a relationship with that person and they suddenly decide to turn into a vegetarian. It is a lot easier to cope with it when you are just starting to know that person. Then there is a chance to back out immediately, saying, “he hated vegetarian, I hated him.” If the other person is not supportive while you are changing your food preference, it becomes difficult to adjust in that relationship. But a relationship can never be all about food, either. 

Your partner might react to it in a different way, it might seem like they are not supportive of you, but remember, the first reaction is not the only thing that you should be considering. Think how important you are to each other, and things might start getting a lot easier from that point.

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