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Exploring ‘Body Art’: How To Give A Hickey?

Exploring ‘Body Art’: How To Give A Hickey?

how to give a hickey
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Planning date night but don’t know how to give a hickey? Gone are the days of dismissing hickeys as something teenagers love. Instead, we have traveled to the age of exploring love and all its complex intricacies. Hickeys are very much in demand, and knowing how to give a good hickey is a form of art!

But before we talk about how to give a hickey, you should know what a hickey is in the first place. Hickeys are a form of a bruise brought on by breaking blood vessels. Yes. That doesn’t sound sexy at all, but experience tells me it can be fun if done right!

Planting that perfect love bite might be harder than it sounds, especially if it’s your very first time…Ahem. So let’s find out how!

Giving A Hickey! But When?

Assuming you are not planning on finding out how to give yourself a hickey – that does sound weird – you can start by kissing your partner like you usually do. Then, once things start getting a little cozy, let the moment build up. Do you know the moment when you reach for your man’s neck? Yes, that’s your hickey time!

The area might just look a little read initially, but hopefully, your partner will be pretty impressed to find the perfect lovebite on his neck! My apologies for breaking your bubble, but this will work only if you know how to give a hickey. Yes, like every other thing giving hickey is science too, and who science and sex can’t get along?

If you are single and just experimenting, learning how to give someone a hickey will probably prove to be an exciting experience! Scroll down to learn how to give a hickey!

As Blunt As It Gets: How To Give A Hickey?

Lovers may come and go, but lovebites are forever. Right? Follow the tips mentioned below and learn how to give a hickey. 

Focus On The Neck

Focus On The Neck

We were pretty shocked to find out that people have been looking for ‘how to give yourself a hickey on your neck.’ Because that is not a possibility unless you are flexible and have some weird fetish we have no idea about. 

However, the next time you are alone with your partner or hooking up with someone random, make sure you get the timing correct. Our necks are sensitive spots and can turn on pretty much anybody. So while making out, simply focus on the neck and be gentle, for god’s sake. You don’t want to hurt someone.

If you are anything but conventional, you can plant your love mark anywhere on the body where the skin is soft, like the inner thighs or the inside of an arm – the options are plenty. 

Suck Gently…Until You Can Suck A Little Harder

Suck Gently

Now, this article will turn a little dirty and a lot more scientific. That does sound complex, but at least you will know how to give a hickey. While kissing your partner’s neck (or wherever you plan to plant the hickey), make an ‘O’ shape and suck the skin area for around 30 seconds…or more if you are really turned on. Ahem. Ahem. 

If you were planning on learning how to give a dark hickey, this is where you perform! While making out, keep going back to the same spot – don’t forget to suck a little longer and a lot harder for leaving a dark hickey. 

Minimal Teeth Usage

Minimal Teeth Usage

This one might sound a lot like giving a blow job, but it’s kind of the same trick. Use your teeth but not a lot of teeth. Sex is a combined act of pain and pleasure – increasing or decreasing either element can only lead to dissatisfaction.

Make it an experience worth remembering. Don’t just suck. Instead, mix it up a little with some good old biting and nibbling – your man might not want to go back home! Hickeys are a part of sadomasochism, and inflicting pain is a part of the process. However, you don’t need to be a fan of sadomasochism to learn how to give a hickey.

Avoid Uncomfortable Areas

Avoid Uncomfortable Areas

As we mentioned a little while ago, sex is good only when pleasure and pain are combined in perfect proportion. This means you cannot afford to increase or reduce any of the two elements – a little pain and a lot of pleasure work for most people, but then again, it can be subjective. 

However, it’s not difficult to understand whether your partner is enjoying it or now. If you were thinking about how to give a hickey to a boy, just remember to avoid Adam’s apple and also his veins. 

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey, Fast?

Here’s the major bad news. You cannot really ‘get rid’ of that hickey from last night – there is no scientific cure to get rid of a hickey, and that is too fast.

But we understand sometimes, it is vital to ensure that’s gone – especially when you have something memorable coming up, such as a huge presentation or even a major picture day. 

In that case, we can suggest a few things to speed up the process – but it doesn’t mean your hickey will disappear completely. So, it’s best not to ditch that scarf altogether. 

1. Use Vitamins E And C Or Aloe Vera:

The faster you apply a lotion containing Vitamin E or C or even apply aloe vera on the bruise, it will help heal faster. In fact, the anti-inflammatory properties actually assist with the swelling.

Use Vitamins E And C Or Aloe Vera

Creams that contain Vitamin C might also help people with hickey healing and thereby help you to reach the finish line faster. 

You just have to be sure that you don’t keep really high expectations going into this healing process. There’s not a single topical solution that can help you to get rid of a hickey overnight. But it can definitely help the healing process. 

2. Look For A Cold Compress:

A cold compress which is a basic ice pack wrapped inside a paper towel can also help you out. You can also try out a packet containing frozen peas for the same purpose, or even a really cold spoon that you have put in the freezer will also work, too (hopefully, fingers crossed.)

Look For A Cold Compress

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a cold spoon or frozen peas as a cold compress, but it’s better to place the same on the affected area before slowly moving the same around the skin around that particular area. 

Now, try to do the same for ten minutes, then take a break for ten more minutes, and then start reapplying the compress again – keep doing the same throughout the whole day. This will slow down the blood flow while moving around the compress will help with breaking up the coagulated blood as well. 

3. Don’t Touch The Hickey:

Apart from applying ice or even aloe vera, it’s best to leave your hickey alone. Don’t prod or poke the hickey or even try to scrape the same. 

Don’t Touch The Hickey

This, in turn, irritates the affected area further, thereby increasing the lifetime of the hickey. At the same time, it can also be damaging and even cause scarring.

4. Use Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil stimulates the blood flow to the affected area. It is best to put a few drops of essential oil, albeit diluted, into any carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil. Before you go all in, test out small portions of the same oil on your forearm.

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Skin patch testing is needed considering it can determine whether the oil will irritate your skin or not. If you want to take this further, just ask for someone’s help massaging the oil in the affected area. 

5. Try Out Arnica:

Try Out Arnica

Arnica happens to be an important part of the entire Sunflower family – the oral and topical extractions of this plant can easily speed up the entire healing process of the bruises. These kinds of treatments are definitely available in ordinary pharmacies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to giving a hickey mentioned below in detail. 

1. How Do Give Someone A Hickey?

Knowing how to give a hickey is not as simple as it sounds. However, anyone can provide a hickey if taught right, and it’s always fun to get one. Be gentle and suck hard – you will end up giving your man what he desires the most!

2. How Do I Give My Girlfriend A Hickey?

You can always start by nibbling your partner’s neck a little and then let the magic flow. You never know where it might lead you guys. Hickeys are not as embarrassing as people make them out to be. So sit back and enjoy the orgasm you just got thinking about those marks of loving your boyfriend left on your neck last weekend!

3. What Does It Mean To Give Hickey?

A hickey is a love bite that was initially known to express love. However, times have changed, and now a hickey is a form of pleasure for those who like it. Also, consent is a must- so don’t do anything that we wouldn’t do!

Bite Less, Enjoy More:

Now that you know how to give a hickey, planning for date night will be less taxing. At least you have something to look forward to, even if only a hickey. It’s almost as if love bites came back in fashion at a time when love is all about exploring your choices. 

Thank god, even though hickeys are lasting, they are not forever – somehow, these oldies have managed to keep up with love in 2022!

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