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The Art Of Falling In Love: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

The Art Of Falling In Love: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

how to make someone fall in love with you
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Falling in love is like smoking some hash for the first time – it starts subtly, and then it all gets out of hand – you start as frozen butter and end up all melted and caramelized, wondering what just happened. Is it just love, or are there actual butterflies inside my stomach? Before I actually fell in love, I had no clue that true love has no boundaries – I mean, there’s no game. 

You fall fast. You fall hard. And that’s perhaps the craziest part of the whole deal. But then why ask how to make someone fall in love with you – you can’t. Yes, but you can set up the scene and do your best to be expressive. Yes, that’s my best advice. If you are just honest about your feelings, you never know what you will hear in return. 

So today, let’s talk about the art of falling in love! Stick around because I will discuss how you can make someone fall in love with you, provided you are ready to play some psychological games

Let the games begin…

The Art Of Falling In Love: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

Falling In Love

Of course, there’s no accurate answer to the question you are asking: how to make someone fall in love with you? I mean, you can definitely set the stage much like Victorian mothers from the pages of some Jane Austen novel. You can encourage someone to fall in love with you, but you can’t guarantee that it will all work out for you!

In fact, I look at it like a lottery or a good round of Poker – you win some, you lose some. So instead of wasting time on things that don’t really matter, let’s look at this practice!

Self Care…I Am Treating Me Right!

It all starts with loving yourself. You can keep on screaming, ‘I want to fall in love,’ but to whom? To all the wrong people? When the right person comes along, you will just know. But for the time being, love yourself enough. If you don’t love yourself enough, how can you think of loving anyone else? 

Stand Out Or Go Home:

Stand Out Or Go Home

You like someone, and you want to find out how to make your crush like you – yes, I got it. So you can’t literally force your crush to fall for you. But you can surely stand out so that your crush notices you. And leave the rest on the mighty Universe – yes, babe, I am talking about manifestation. That’s one thing that always works! 

A Little Vulnerability Never Hurts:

A Little Vulnerability Never Hurts

While most guides on how to make someone fall in love with you will tell you about playing hard to get and revealing very little, let me tell you something completely different. Forget all about the chase for a minute and give vulnerability a thought. For a change, try being a little more expressive and vulnerable – and see the magic of expressing your emotions! 

The Eyes Chico, They Never Lie…

Eyes Chico

I was obsessed with dark psychology for a long, long time, and no matter how dark it all got later, I can assure you one thing. Your eyes are truly the doors to your soul – you stare at your crush often, and do you see him looking back? Those eye contacts mean something- right? But it gets darker than that – it’s not just about your emotions, it’s also about your soul and everything else that your eyes express. 

What Happened In The Past, Stays In The Past:

I know breakups are hard, sometimes harder than most things in life – sorry for sounding so entitled, but heartbreak is more difficult to get over, and the practical work doesn’t give it much credit. But here’s one tip: you don’t need to make someone ‘fall back’ in love with you. If they fell out of love once or broke your heart in some other way, chances are they will do it again. 

But First, Let’s Talk:

Let’s Talk

No real relationship can begin without deep, meaningful conversations. I remember how I blurted out ten days into dating to my present partner, ‘loving you is easy.’ I feel conversations right in the beginning are perhaps the best way to start – and giving each other the time and space to make someone fall for you. 

It’s All About The Trust:

It’s All About The Trust

No matter how many times you say, ‘please don’t fall in love with someone else’ – trust me, if your partner falls for someone else, then you guys were not meant to be. Trust works strangely, and it depends on the tenets of individual relationships, each strand so different from the other. The thing about trust is it’s a risk, but one that you must take on your path to finding true love

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Let Loose, You Are Young, Wild, & Free:

You Are Young, Wild, & Free

Everyone will tell you that someday you will find love in time. But doesn’t that make you feel a little dumb? What do you mean, you will find love in time? What cr*p! If you are not open to accepting love in your life, how will love find you? So do what Snoop keeps sayings – I am staying young, wild, and free! What about you? 

Beauty Is Subjective:

Beauty Is Subjective

Stop writing things like ‘I want someone to love me I need’ on your socials or even dating profiles. That won’t help – accepting the idea that beauty truly is subjective will definitely help you. If you love someone and they love you back, their clothes won’t matter – my man can turn up in a sack, and I will still love him to the moon and back. 

Love The Way It Hurts(NOT):

Love The Way It Hurts

I don’t know why there’s this whole ‘I love the way it hurts’ trend – no matter what shit your partner does to you, you end up forgiving them. And that’s the biggest mistake you are making! If your partner keeps hurting you, then honey, that’s not love. And while Eminem and Rihana were fabulous in that old video, there’s no need to love the way your partner lies – true love is all about honesty! 

And It’s A Wrap! 

How to make someone fall in love with you? Strange! You can’t like what I have been saying all along. In fact, what most people don’t understand is that none of us can ever define love. Love is love, and as long as the Universe exists, it shall remain relevant – sometimes I wonder, does the Moon love the Earth, and is the Earth irrevocably in love with the Sun?

Someday, the Earth might just burn as Icarus did when he flew to close to the Sun, and the Moon shall weep forever! So tell us, what do you think about falling in love? Share your stories and experiences in the comments below.

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