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How To Reconnect With Your Partner? A Love Guru’s Guide To Reviving Passion In A Relationship

How To Reconnect With Your Partner? A Love Guru’s Guide To Reviving Passion In A Relationship

How To Reconnect With Your Partner
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Trying to figure out how to reconnect with your partner is a difficult affair – and we don’t disagree, especially if you guys have grown apart. You can choose to reconnect after growing apart from your significant other by being attentive to little things, having hard conversations, and following through with commitments. 

But that is only the beginning. 

Responsibilities, unresolved conflict, not spending enough time, and routine are all reasons for couples growing apart. 

In fact, long-term relationships need commitment and ongoing intentionality. You cannot expect people to maintain intimacy after failing to create new contexts for sexual and emotional intimacy. 

Growing apart in any romantic relationship can happen at any time – it could happen right after the honeymoon period or after you have spent a long time together. It is also possible to grow very apart even when we have feelings for one another, which typically adds to a sense of frustration and confusion. 

You might ask whether or not love is enough – to be honest, it might not be enough. 

After all, relationships are living, breathing bonds that need constant attention and care. It’s like nursing a plant or even a baby. When life gets really busy, it’s easy to let daily tasks and responsibilities get in the way. But rekindling and reconnecting in a relationship is possible. However, both partners need to be intentional. 

Moreover, it is never too late or too early to seek help. In fact, if you can make your relationship healthier, then look at yourself first – figure out what needs to change. That way, you will be able to make strides towards making your relationship healthy. 

So, if there’s a distance in your relationship, and you are ready to close the gap between the two of you, then we can help – stay tuned!

But, Why Do Couples Grow Apart?

Why Do Couples Grow Apart

Before we talk about how to reconnect with your partner, let’s understand why couples are growing apart. 

It is not uncommon for most couples to grow apart in their long-term relationships. Simple stress from juggling work, family, and other obligations can make it very difficult for couples to find enough time to spend with each other. 

Strategies that can actually help such couples to come closer include having long conversations about their issues, exploring ways to spend quality time with one another, supporting each other, and making plenty of time for fun. 

Every couple is unique, and as a result, every couple’s personal experience is valid. However, typically, there are four potential reasons why any couple might lose their emotional bond. 

  • Routine,
  • Unresolved Conflict,
  • Absence, and
  • Changing priorities.

Each of these potential reasons, or even a nice combination of these reasons, amounts to a major reason behind couples growing apart. 

It is interesting to note that most humans refuse to discuss problems even when they cause severe dissociation in a romantic relationship. Moreover, even in long-lasting and intimate relationships, you will experience tension and conflict at times. 

Sometimes, such conflict takes place in a moment of very high stress where events dictate that the snap is forgotten temporarily. 

Then, there are times when conflict builds over a period of time due to the constant disconnect in the romantic relationship. Regardless of the conflict’s nature, failing to solve the same can create plenty of resentment, closing off communication even more. 

So, you can just multiply this impact over the years or months, and the relationship can easily lose its shine, which is difficult to identify. This is one of the major reasons why couples typically 

grow apart.

Signs You Are Growing Apart:

Some of the top signs that you are growing apart as a couple are as follows:

  1. Lack of Attention: you do not pay attention or even listen to one another anymore. 
  2. Lack of Intimacy: there is no emotional and physical intimacy between the two of you. It feels like you don’t have any idea about your partner anymore. 
  3. Lack of Connection: it’s like you are never literally on the same page. It can make things difficult for making decisions together since it can lead to conflict at times.
  4. Lack of Trust: You basically feel like you cannot share your authentic emotions. 
  5. Lack of Empathy: You have a difficult time understanding one another’s emotions and needs. 

Sometimes, these are the signs that get glaringly obvious, but they are also very subtle or even gradually develop over a period of time. So, instead of just brushing it aside, it is vital to identify that this is an issue that you can work and resolve together. 

How To Reconnect With Your Partner?

Reconnect With Your Partner

We are here to help you figure out how to reconnect with your partner – scroll down to check out the best ways to revive the lost spark in your relationship. 

1. Address The Elephant In The Room:

It is natural that both of you haven’t been talking about the increasing distance between the two of you. You might think that this will reduce or rather solve the conflict. Or perhaps you have tried talking to your partner several times, and nothing literally came out of the whole thing except a useless argument. 

If we keep these things inside without even sharing how we feel with our partner, it will always negatively impact the intimacy the two of us share. Even the basic act of being very curious about the feelings of your partner can nourish you to have a stronger bond. 

If you think it is difficult to say much aloud, you can write a letter and ask your partner to reply in the same way. That way, you will know what your partner is feeling and thinking. You will also have the enough time to process as well as respond assertively. 

Moreover, open and honest communication is your best opportunity to close the distance with time. Even talking about this increasing distance between the two of you is a step towards the right direction. In fact, couples feel closer once they have talked about the growing distance. 

Additionally, how you plan to reconnect through honest conversations is unique to your romantic relationship. However, you can begin by saving some amount of time every week to talk intentionally about any topic. 

For instance, set aside a power hour every week and talk about three things both of you did well, two things that you both could improve on and one thing that both of you will do differently. 

So, communication is the primary gas that drives any relationship in the right direction, keeping it on track. 

2. Spend More Time Together:

Spending time together typically is equivalent to getting more opportunities to revive intimacy and reconnect. This works even better for people who have grown apart over time since spending time together will remind you both why you liked hanging together in the first place. 

What you do at this time is not vital as long as you are tuned into one another. Moreover, try to identify any possible distractions and interruptions. That way, you can intentionally get rid of those issues while spending quality time with your significant other. 

Also, aim for at least one hour every week. However, if you spend a little more than an hour together every week, that is even better. 

3. Focus On The Little Things:

If you are trying to reconnect with your significant other, you might think that a grand gesture can actually help. Trust us, it does help. However, relationship experts suggest that little things play an integral role in strengthening relationships. 

People might think of grand gestures such as big vacations and second honeymoons as essential to avoid growing apart. Moreover, it is how couples typically treat one another in their daily lives that keeps them connected. 

Some of the small things that might help you to bond and reconnect include:

  • Helping your partner with their chores,
  • Expressing gratitude for your partner verbally or otherwise.
  • Showing interest in present events in the life of your partner.
  • Holding your partner’s hands. 
  • Kissing goodbye and hello. 
  • Doing something that will help your partner rest as well as reset. 

Simple gestures like gently responding and openly communicating with your partner can improve interactions between you and your partner. 

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In fact, this works so much better than arguing with them or ignoring them – it helps you to avoid growing apart. After all, such gestures set the foundation for connection, trust, and intimacy. 

4. Consider Nourishing Intimacy:

True intimacy and love in any relationship can help you stay connected with your romantic partner in spite of life challenges or conflicts. 

Nurturing all kinds of relationship intimacy requires people to be intentional about the quality of time they both spend regularly. 

Here are some tips that might help you to get close to your partner:

  • Physical Intimacy: It includes mostly sexual intimacy and physical closeness. You can try touching each other casually but intentionally. For instance, cuddling while you are watching television together or holding hands when you are out in public. 
  • Emotional Intimacy: Consider expressing your thoughts and emotions about what actually matters to the two of you.
  • Spiritual Intimacy: Talk about your values and beliefs as individuals as well as a couple so that it helps you to connect on a deeper level. 
  • Mental Intimacy: Try discussing movies, careers, politics, life events, or any other aspects of your life. But do it with respect.

The point is to have honest and real conversations – the kind of conversation that has no specific destination. In fact, if a majority of your conversations tend to remain on the surface or just follow some predictable pattern, it’s a sign that putting effort into such conversations can typically prove to be valuable for the relationship. 

5. Try Out New Activities Together:

Seeing your significant partner in a new light can help you reconnect with them if you have grown apart. This might involve planning activities and adventures that you might not have done together until now. 

Moreover, learning anything new together develops a sense of teamwork, vulnerability, and connection. As you start working together on anything new and innovative, you will get opportunities to laugh, solve problems, and practice treating one another with kindness. 

Here are some ideas for the two of you to try out:

  • Home projects.
  • A yard sale.
  • Taking a class.
  • Going on a road trip to somewhere new,
  • Trying a new food joint,
  • Volunteering for the same cause. 

Once you both try out some new activities together, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that comes with understanding that you have done some new activities together. Moreover, it can also help you revive the spark in your relationship.

6. Always Follow-Through:

Feeding a sense of relatability and trust might help you guys reconnect if you think you are growing apart from each other. 

Commitment is the standard maintenance that basically prevents the relationship’s engine from getting locked up. Moreover, if you have committed to doing something, try keeping your word. This includes making date night reservations, celebrating special occasions, and cleaning the dishes after your partner cooks you dinner. 

When you follow through, it strengthens your partnership, improving your romantic bond in the process. 

7. Consider Seeking Professional Help:

Couples can benefit from seeking help before any problems occur. Moreover, couples therapy enables a professional expert to come across the blind spots in your relationship. These experts can then not just help you and your partner work through existing issues in your relationship but also prevent your relationship from any emotional injuries in the future. 

Additionally, therapy might help you and your partner to reconnect, specifically if you guys have issues with talking about a past that still hurts or having difficult conversations in general.

Most of the time, just the basic opportunity to discuss sensitive topics in any safe forum can enable couples to talk freely, to be heard, and, most importantly, to be understood. 

And It’s A Wrap!

How to reconnect with your partner after growing apart typically depends on certain circumstances impacting your romantic relationship. Moreover, it includes strategies such as having hard conversations, seeking professional help, and doing little things together. 

When you start looking at your relationships as constantly evolving and committing to them intentionally as you did initially in the relationship, you will fall for your partner over and over again.

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