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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her
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Expressing our feelings to the person we like or love seems the hardest thing in the world at that moment. Proper timing plays a crucial role here. Sometimes you also need to create a ground to hit a sixer. And the least we want is a rejection. Boys often search for answers to a particular question how to tell a girl you like her?. In this article, you will find the answer. 

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her?

Here is the answer to all of your questions, how to tell a girl you like her?

#1 Test The Water

Directly jumping into the water is a strict No! No! Here. Test the water before you tell her you to love her. See how she is responding to your small compliments and praise her for her excellent qualities. Listen to what she is saying or want to say. Compliments her with “I like you” and sees her reaction. This way, you will be able to get a rough idea about her feelings for you. 

#2 Become Friends First and Avoid Romantic Gesture

Despite showing romantic gestures and checking how to tell a girl you like her, become friends first. Friends are the ones with whom we share most of our secrets and rely on them when a critical situation comes in. A girl is always searching for a true friend in her partner. You will also get to know her more closely when you become friends with her. 

#3 Get To Know Her

As they say, you never can know a person totally. But to get your answer to “how you get the girl?” or how to get your girl, you have to know her a little more. Know her likes, dislikes, hobbies, closest friends, strength, weakness, favorites, and whatever you can. The more you get to know about her, the more is the chance of not getting rejected or getting an idea about how she feels. 

#4 Create A Bond

Bonding is an essential thing in any relationship. Creating a bond is vital to check should you tell a girl you like her. Make her feel comfortable when she is with you, tell her your secrets, and keep her secrets safe within you. When she is sharing her personal secrets or odd habits, never judge her or laugh at her. Spend more time together. Hang out with her more, ask her out as a friend, not as a date. It is too vital for how to tell a girl you like her?

#5 Get Her Trust

If a girl doesn’t trust you, she will reject you today or tomorrow. Gaining a girl’s trust is not that simple. It would be best if you were more attentive here. Please keep all the things that she shares with you in a locked room. Never break her trust. Clear out and communicate properly if any misunderstanding happens. Create a bond that she can totally rely on. Make her feel that she can tell you anything and everything without thinking twice.

#6 Make Her Feel Important

Girls are called “daddy’s princess.” Do you know why? Because the father is the one who takes care of her daughter with every minute details. Making her feel necessary, you step a little forward towards your “how to get a girl to like you” question. Give her small gifts, take her to a place she wanted to go for a really long time, take her to her favorite eating joint. You also can think of learning a new skill that she loves, like playing guitar or violin. Make her feel important by taking out a little time when she needs a friend from your busy schedule. 

#7 Take Care of Yourself Too

If you can not take care of yourself, how will you take care of others? In the process of impressing a girl, you also need to take care of yourself along with taking care of her. Work for your dream job or your passion. No one likes a person who does nothing. So, in order to impress her or let her think that you are a full and exciting person, indulge yourself in activities. And clear a step towards your how to tell a girl you like her.

#8 Give her Compliment and Flirt With Her Time to Time

“Telling a girl she is beautiful” is the most common compliment you can give to your girls. But trust me, it works. When a girl starts liking you, she will love to hear how beautiful she is from you. And as they say, good flirting is always a healthy one. Did they say it is also the effective one? You can’t judge her feelings towards you by how she is reacting or responding to your flirty compliments about her eyes, her hair, and making eye contact. The answer to your “how to get a girl to like u” question relies here on upon. But it would help if you were a little attentive about her reactions.

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#9 Choose A Less Crowded Place

When you are thinking, “should I tell her I like her now?” make sure that the place is not crowded. Preferably choose a quiet and empty place with fewer people around you two. You can be more expressive when not a bunch of people are with you. She also can feel uncomfortable in a place with a bunch of people and may come up with an answer that she did not want to say. 

#10 Give Her Time 

Could you not rush into her? Once you have done with how to confess to a girl, I mean confessed your feelings for her, give her some time. Before you make the statement “tell me how you feel,” it is best to say, “You can take your time.” Most of the time, girls need some time to think and also to test their as well as your feelings. 

Extra tips

It is most important to prepare the base first before building the emperor. So, prepare your bonding with the girl. Once you get to know much about her, tell her about your feelings. Do not come up with those crapy or cheesy movie lines; instead, be honest and tell what you think about her. In case you are afraid to tell her directly, you can check “how to tell a girl you like her over text.” here, take another advice, always be ready with a romantic date plan. So that you no need to think for a perfect plan once she said “YES”.

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