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Is Manifestation Real? Know The Mysterious Ways In Which The Universe Works

Is Manifestation Real? Know The Mysterious Ways In Which The Universe Works

Is Manifestation Real
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Having a positive outlook towards life is a quality many people have. They believe that their desires would come true if they believe in it, or think positively about it. This is the first step towards manifesting. 

Has it ever happened that you were craving ice cream and came back home to a big tub of ice cream your father got for you? Or, you were thinking of a friend and suddenly came across them in a mall? Well, believe it or not, you manifested these. 

And it is not just about things, but there is something else people want to manifest most in their lives. And that is love. Being with a person they care about, having a happy life with them. Being in love is a wonderful feeling, and there are ways in which you can manifest love into your life.

You can just focus on manifesting love into your life, or it is also possible to manifest a specific person into your life. There are a lot of opportunities. You just have to wish for it, have a positive attitude, and believe that you are worthy of it, and the universe works its magic.

What is Manifestation?

What is manifestation

Basically, manifestation is like bringing in some tangible things in your life with the help of belief and attraction. This precisely means if you think it, it is going to happen and come to you.

However, if you think of it as a simple subject, then you are mistaken. There is a lot more to manifestation than just positive thinking and willpower. I spoke to Dr. Chinmoy Vajpayee (behaviourist, Psychometric Assessments Trained, NLP practitioner, and clean language enthusiast), to have a deep insight into the concept of manifestation.

Dr. Chinmoy says, “In the occult context, it’s all about making something obvious with the help of sensory inputs, though mostly used in a visual context since the ‘The Secret,’ ‘The Law of Attraction’ other sensory inputs or faculties also got intertwined.

To put it simply, making something turn into reality using any of the NLP filters like Kinesthetics, Visual, or Audio would be tantamount to Manifestation. We brush it aside, tagging such serendipity or epiphany moments as coincidences, and as Albert Einstein quipped (as per some sources), Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

He also pointed out that “This even finds mention in Carl Jung’s concept of Synchronicity, as per him synchronicity is defined as the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause, i.e. the coincidences are acausal. These experiences, in other words refer to  coincidences between events in the mind and those happening in outer world may be causally unrelated or unconnected but yet have unknown connection. Normally these coincidences transcend cause and effect model.

Is Manifestation a Real Thing?

Is Manifestation a Real Thing

Dr. Chinmoy believes manifestation to be a real thing. He mentioned, “Remember Bruce Nolan from the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ where he could manifest kind of eternal desire of being God. In one of those sheer moments of desperation, he just wished he were God, albeit for a week. And his wish came true. Well, this is one of the episodes that reinforces my belief in the dictum that movies mirror reality; you heard it right: I truly believe in manifestation. Strangest, weirdest, seemingly impossible wishes and desires come to fruition or manifest.”

He further adds, “The accuracy is at times frightening, compelling me to ponder if it’s something that’s happening as I had thought of or is a premonition of something that was any which ways about to happen. It’s that freakishly accurate.”

There are plenty of articles, blogs, and books that talk about manifestation and whether it is a real thing or not. There are people who are going to tell you that manifestation is real, and then there are people who will deny the fact. 

However, people going with the notion are heavier, and there are numerous success stories backing this notion. There are success stories about manifestation that have the capability to convince the biggest critics.

Let’s Play the Field With Some Real-life Experience

There are various instances in which I have manifested something even without knowing that I was manifesting something. Let’s start off with some small examples. There was a time when I wanted to meet someone badly for a few days, and strangely enough, I met that person while I was shopping.

With that, Dr. Chinmoy has shared a few of his own experiences. One of those is “One day was ruminating about Rumi, and his style of writing, and within a span of 2 days something, while reading a book, came across a particular quote attributed to him, and point to be noted, it was not some online article where in the search engines might have displayed something basis my previous searches, it was a paperback read and that quote appeared right in the middle of a chapter. To make it more astonishing, the book was about Taoism or, let’s say, oriental philosophy, and Rumi hails from a place far away from there.”

However, while discussing matters of love, one of my colleagues has assured me that she has manifested the love of her life. She has said out loud many times that she wishes to get married and start a new life with her partner as soon as possible.

Now, she is actually getting married as her partner is going abroad to do some office work, and they plan to tie the knot before her partner leaves. She wished to make it official, and now things are looking great for these two. I have heard her saying how she would plan it, how she would organize things, and now everything is just falling into place. 

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction

The law of attraction works on the belief that your feelings and thoughts create your life. The energy to give out has a way of coming back to you. The theory of the law of attraction suggests that you are in control of your life, and you have the power to manifest what you want just with the power of positivity.

The philosophy of the law of attraction suggests that when you think positively, it brings positive results in your life. Similarly, negative thoughts bring negative outcomes in your life. So, it is better to have a positive outlook on life, and you will likely have positive results.

What Are the Three Laws of Attraction?

Before you try to manifest something, or precisely someone, as we are going to discuss in detail, you should be aware of the laws of attraction. Supporters suggest that there are three central universal principles that together form the law of attraction.

Like Attracts Like

Like attracts like

This law says that similar things get attracted to one another. Even though the popular saying goes, “opposite attracts,” the law says otherwise. This means that people who are alike get attracted to one another. 

Not only that, but it also says that whatever you think tends to attract a similar kind of result. If you think negatively, it is going to bring you negative results, and if you feel positive, you will attract positive outcomes into your life.

Nature Abhors Vacuum

Nature abhors vacuum

This law suggests that when you keep the negative things away from your life, it makes space for the positives. The law is actually based on the belief that it is possible to have a clean, empty space in your mind as well as your life. 

It is obvious that something or another is going to fill the space; it is important, and of course, for the better, to fill the space with something positive. We know that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so try to fill that empty space with positive thoughts.

The Present is Always Perfect

The present is always perfect

This one focuses on the concept that there are things you can always try to improve in the present situation. As humans we always feel that the present is not what we want it to be, or it is flawed.

However, according to the law, rather than dreading the situation and feeling unhappy about it, you should utilize your energy to find a way to help you make the situation better. Involve yourself in finding ways to make it better rather than sulking about it.

How is the law of attraction and manifestation related

The law of attraction can be used to manifest anything. And with matters of heart, you can definitely use the law of attraction, and there is no denying this fact. There are various things we manifest with the law of attraction.

As per Dr. Chinmoy, “In fact, we all manifest daily so many things which might not be that significant to us, sample this, we happen to tune to some FM channel and get to hear a particular song, that song about which we might have thought a few days back, at times we reach home to find a particular dish in the dinner menu, about which we thought of a few days back.

He also mentioned, “And while I am penning down content, the manifestations are happening center left and right. Only last night I was purchasing something from a street vendor, a thought flashed that some office colleague is gonna pass through that road and gonna see me at that shop making some purchases and they might even ask me as to what was I purchasing, the very next morning, one of the office colleagues came to me and asked exactly the same question, yes they happened to pass through that road, and they did notice my presence at that spot, call it manifestation, or Carl Jungs meaningful coincidence, an acausal event, definitely beyond logics and conscious control.

These manifestations are completely done with the help of the laws of attraction. You can manifest anything if you think positively. If you ignore the negative thoughts in your mind and make space for the positives, it is bound to happen. 

However, you can definitely use the rules of attraction to manifest love in your life and in a specific person. 

How Can You Manifest Love?

How can you manifest love_

I know this is part you all have been waiting for. Getting to see if you can actually manifest love or not. There has been significant hype over this topic of manifestation over the last decade, and mostly about love and relationships. 

Visualizing a love life with your ideal partner and turning it into reality is something skeptical people think is too good to be true. There have been numerous instances where people have manifested love in their lives, as well as in the kind of relationship they want to have.

So, all you have to do is keep an open mind and learn the process of manifestation. Even if you are skeptical about whether the process is going to work or not, try it once. You have nothing to lose.

Decide What You Want

This is a subjective topic. Have a clear idea of what your ideal relationship looks like. Take your time, and think about the qualities you want your partner to have. This is like taking the first step towards your love life. 

Remember, you do not have to think about how things are going to turn out; you just have to plant the seed without thinking about the how. Your vibrations should match with what you are expecting, and not thinking about how things will work out. The universe is going to take care of that part.

Visualize It

Paint a picture in your mind, dream about it, and be happy about it. This way, you match the vibration of what you are looking for or what you want to attract into your life. We all have daydreamed about our perfect partner and a perfect love life, but it is time to get serious about it.

Write It Down

Putting down your thoughts and writing down what you are manifesting is going to help you visualize it. Put down everything you want to manifest somewhere and start with the reason why you want to manifest it in the first place. 

When you put your intentions in front of you, it helps you to decide your future goals. In this case, it is finding the love of your life. Then, go on to write about what you are looking for. This part should be about focusing on the positive qualities you wish your partner to have. 

When you are done with the list, read it again. Read the list every day and get in alignment with those vibrations and the mental work.

Embody It

Believe that your dream partner is already there in your life. Believe it in your heart and behave that way. Imagine the version of yourself who is already in a relationship with that person.

Think about how you would show up if you had that person in your life. Try not to obsess over the outcome. Take care of yourself and do everything that makes you feel good, regardless of the presence of that partner or not. 

But the most important thing that you have to believe is that you are worthy of love. We manifest what we think we deserve subconsciously, and that is where we start to limit ourselves.

It is possible that you had a traumatic experience in your previous relationship or have certain insecurities that have built up over the years, and that is your biggest block. This is what makes people settle for something less than what they actually deserve. So, keep an open mind and see how it works wonders.

Align Your Actions

When you are following all the processes correctly, you might feel that your ideal partner has come into your life. Never ignore those signs, and take some action for it. You have to take some actions that align with what you have been manifesting. 

You have to figure out if the person who has presented themselves is the one for you. If not, you can always say no. You do not have to pursue someone you do not want in your life. That is your way of letting the universe know what you truly want.


The last and final step seems to be a tough one. It might happen that what you are presented with is not what you imagined. The love you attracted might not resemble what you imagined. 

You have to be prepared for a few surprises when you begin to manifest love. You have to surrender yourself to the universe, and you might find someone unexpected.

How Do You Manifest Someone?

How do you manifest someone

Manifestation is mostly about putting your intentions open to the universe and waiting to receive them when it is the right time. As the Law of Attraction states, you create whatever you think. So, the case about manifesting love is the same. You attract what you think.

So, if you want to manifest someone in your life, you can. Here are some of the techniques you can use to manifest someone in your life. 

Think About What You Want in That Someone

When you want to manifest someone in your life, think about their appearance in the first place. Create a picture in your mind, and pen down everything you want your partner to possess. Think of the qualities you want them to have, and remember nothing is off-limits.

Journal About the Things You Want to Manifest

If you are not very good at visualizing,  then it is better if you pen down your thoughts. Write down everything you want in the person you want to manifest. Get it detailed, like how you want them to look, what you want them to do for a living, their hobbies, and the kind of relationship you want to have with them.

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Make a Vision Board

Vision boarding is like collecting images that will show what you want to attract through manifestation. You can try making a physical board as well, clip the images that you have collected, and make a collage out of it. If you want, you can keep one as your screensaver as well.

Visualize Your Life With Them

Visualization is one of the best tools for manifestation. This makes the goals more tangible. Take some time out of your daily schedule. It could be as few as three minutes. Sit someplace quiet, close your eyes, and imagine how your life looks with that person in your life.

Believe Firmly That You Deserve Them

It is important that you believe you deserve true love and a good life with your partner. If you think that you have a pattern of attracting bad luck in your love life, then that is exactly what is going to happen. So, you have to believe that you deserve every good thing possible under the sky.

Take Actions

Just thinking about it is not going to make that happen. You have to work for it. You thought of your ideal partner, and they appeared before you; that is not how it works. So, take some actions that work accordingly. Put yourself out there, sign up for some dating apps, and take your chances.

Is There a Way to Manifest a Specific Person?

Is there a way to manifest a specific person_

It is absolutely possible, and not at all wrong, to manifest a specific someone. Remember, you are not manipulating or tampering with someone’s free will. It works as you shift the focus to the desired outcome or the reality that you wish for yourself.

There are three basic steps that you can follow to manifest that specific person in your life. 

Create an Imaginary Scene That Shows You Are Already With That Person

To begin with, you have to think of a mental image where your desired outcome has come true, and you are living it. Mostly, if you are manifesting a specific person, then the desired outcome is generally marriage.

Think of a short scene, mostly around 5 to 7 seconds which depicts your desires, and here, in this case, is you having a life with your desired person. It could be anything you want. Pick anything and make sure the scene shows that you and that person are together. 

If you are thinking of getting married, then think of having a wedding ring or celebrating an anniversary. This way, it will show that you both have made it together and living a happy life.

Get in That Akin-to-sleep State and Think About It

This State Akin to Sleep is the twilight stage, which shows up twice in the 24-hour period, once when you are about to sleep and the other right after you wake up. This is the phase when you are not completely unconscious but not fully awake as well.

This is the time when you get to access your subconscious mostly, as your conscious mind is not on guard. You can get to this state anytime if you get to a meditative state. However, the best time is right before you fall asleep.

Once you get comfortable in that state, think of that desired scene in your mind and begin to think of that scene in a loop. If your mind wanders, then bring it back and continue with the loop. Try to incorporate the sight, touch, smell, taste, and the environment around you two.

The main motive is to make the scene as elaborate and detailed as possible. Feel yourself living the scene and not just watching it like a spectator. It might require a little bit of practice in the beginning, but eventually, you are going to get accustomed to the feelings and emotions as if you are there in the scene.

Live in the End 

After you have imprinted your desires onto your subconscious mind, you are done. There is nothing left for you to do. This is a way of materializing your desires in the 3D world, which you cannot conceive consciously.

Be confident and go through your daily chores, believing that your subconscious mind is working towards getting you your desired results. May be not directly or instantly, but through different events that would lead you to that outcome.

And you have to have faith. Make sure you do not pollute your mind with any negative thoughts, and be faithful to the desired outcome like it is already yours. The moment your subconscious believes it, you already have it. 

All you need is a little faith and persistence to ignore what the current situation and circumstances are telling you. Circumstances and events never matter. 

Divine Timing

Divine timing

If you stay hung up on particular thoughts and think that you will not be happy until the desired outcomes come true, then you are blocking your way into your desires. But if you shift your focus and start believing that you are worthy of what you want, then you are co-creating the life you want.

However, sometimes, you get tempted to control every aspect of your life. I mean, manifesting is okay, but trying to control the timing as well is a little too much. Trying to make things happen according to your timeline is not how it exactly works. Life is unpredictable.

If you try to force things before they are supposed to happen, you might end up feeling buried but, anxious and frustrated. You have to trust the universe and believe in the divine timeline. This means you have to do your part and manifest but believe that things will fall into place exactly when they are supposed to happen. 

Happy Manifesting!

Manifestation is a very personal thing, and there are different ways in which it works. What works for someone else might not work for you. Even though there are some techniques that I have mentioned in this article that work, there are some personalized ways as well.

Dr. Chinmoy says, “In a way, it’s very personal; what works for me might not work for someone else, what worked for the author of ‘The Secret’ wouldn’t work for me, so I would recommend journaling about those meaningful coincidences, as I personally have been doing, over a period of time, one would have a pattern behind those manifestations, one would be in a position to figure out what were the thinking, the physiological, the psychic patters which worked vis a vis getting something manifested.

Practice joy. It is one of the quickest ways to get what you desire. This is true for any kind of desire, be it finding a romantic partner, a soulmate, a dream job, good health, or anything you want. 

It is important to prioritize having fun and being happy. Moreover, the important part is to be joyful; that way, you will be able to rest easily, as you will know that everything is going to work out in your favor. 

You have to maintain a sense of joy and happiness all the time, even though it is a moment-to-moment commitment. The world has different energies and can take us out at any moment. 

It is our job to maintain the flow and a positive attitude and have fun. Just be happy, believe in the universe, and surrender. The moment your subconscious knows what your desires are, the universe starts working for them. However, it might not be according to your timeline, but it is going to happen.

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