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Likin’ It Large: A Complete Guide To Macrophilia

Likin’ It Large: A Complete Guide To Macrophilia

Macrophilia kink
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Macrophilia might not be the easiest kink to understand. However, that does not mean that we won’t try. have taken my time and have curated a small article that studies various aspects of macrophilia. Scroll down for more information.  

Entering The World Of Sexual Fethishism

Entering The World Of Sexual Fethishism

Sexual Fetishism has been around for eons. However, human beings often misjudged them. As a result, sexual stimulation via unconventional methods became a taboo subject. However, social awakening and sexual positivity are breaking down the general notions of fetishism. As a result, it is time that we start looking at human sexual activity as a non-tabboo subject. 

A Sexual fetish is best explained as a tendency to receive sexual stimulation due to and because of unconventional means. This might sound vague at the moment. However, just trust me and take this journey. You will not regret it. 

According to psychology, a sexual fetish works like a sexual trigger. This trigger allows an individual to feel sexually aroused or reach the climax. As a result, the individual might want it during sex or while masturbating. In fact, it functions a lot like other emotional triggers. As a result, psychologists have inferred that these sexual triggers are mental in nature.  

Some Common Fetishes

A sexual fetish is not a singular being. It is like a spectrum. While learning about sexual fetishes, you will come across several sexual triggers. In fact, study shows that the list of sexual fetishes is a long one. According to Richard Krueger, MD, sexual fetishes can be broadly classified as “anything you could imagine.” 

It is very important to know some of the most common fetishes before we start diving deeper into the main subject of this article. 

According to some studies, the most common fetishes include body parts like naval, specific piercings, feet, etc. Sometimes, it can also include body features like obesity, dwarfism, or macrophilia. Subsequently, it can also include certain materials like leather, rubber, fur, etc. Finally, fetishes can also include behaviors like BDSM or bondage, where an individual is subjected to pain or is bound with ropes as a means of sexual arousal.  

Are They Okay?

Society might preach otherwise, but having a sexual fetish is not a disorder. However, you need to make this statement more objective manner. Having an unconventional sexual trigger is not a bad thing. In fact, having a kink or a fetish enriches the whole experience.  

According to experts, a sexual fetish cannot be called a disorder. However, if the sexual fetish involves dangerous behavior and objects, then it can become concerning. Otherwise, it is perfectly normal for a person to have a sexual fetish. 

However, self-control is an important thing. In rare cases, psychologists have found that a person’s sexual kink or fetish has started becoming disruptive. In such cases, things can become concerning for the person involved.  

What Is Macrophilia?

What Is Macrophilia

With the pre-text established, I think it is time that I start dissecting the kink of the hour: Macrophilia. The term simply translates to ‘lover of large.’ Macrophilia is one of the most prominent sexual paraphilia that involves giants. Yes, you heard that right. 

Macrophilia can be simplified as having hots for giants. According to the internet, having a giant kink is one of the most common forms of kink found in men.  

Macrophilia lovers are often called macrophiles. Subsequently, the person they are chasing is often called a Giant (male) or an Amazon (female). The fantasy usually involves the feeling of being small, being submissive, getting abused, getting degraded, etc.  

According to psychologist Mark Griffiths, kinks like macrophilia or dwarfism can start manifesting themselves during the formative years. In other words, an individual’s childhood liking towards giants or dwarves can result in the manifestation of such kinks.  

Size kinks like Macrophilia or dwarfism have deep roots in childhood fantasy. In other words, children who fantasize about fantasy-based characters like giants or dwarves might end up developing this kink. Howevevr, a kink is like a river with multiple streams. As a result, understanding a kink is all about understanding the stream.

Here are some of the most common and related kinks to macrophilia

Breast fetishism: This is a breast-related kink. Here, an individual enjoys or receives sexual stimulation by pressed against or between giant breasts.  

Submission/Dominance: This is a power-fantasy fetish. Here, an individual enjoys or wants to be at the mercy of a Giant or an Amazon.  

Sadomasochism: This is a pain fetish. In this fetish, the fetish lover wants to be hurt or killed by an Amazon or a Giant.  

Vorarephilia: In this kink, an individual derives sexual gratification from the idea of getting eaten.  

Zoophilia: This is a kink of wanting to have sex with an extremely large animal with human features. Zoophilia often coincides with the furry culture.  

Crush Fetishism: In this kink, an individual derives sexual gratification from being sat on or stepped on by a giant. It often manifests itself as face sitting and stepping.  

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What Causes Macrophilia?

What Causes Macrophilia

Learning a kink’s origin is not the easiest thing to do. You never truly know what transformed an attraction into a kink. However, psychologists believe that origin of a fetish can be traced back to an individual’s childhood.  

However, recent studies show that the kink comes from power play. A macrophile is somebody who enjoys feeling small and powerless while having sex. Hence, researchers seem to have no conclusive answer to the origin of the fetish.  

Macrophilia Community: Male vs Women

Macrophilia Community Male vs Women

Macrophilia has become particularly big in recent years. In fact, the fetish grew in prominence in the last decade. The Internet has played a major role in popularizing this fetish. You can often see fetish forums filled with concepts like Little Things macrophilia, Resident Evil macrophilia, or even Godzilla Macrophilia.  

According to some research, the macrophile community is made up of 94% male and 6% female. In fact, this is one of the biggest defining factors of Macrophilia.  

Pop Culture Representation

Pop culture representation popularises a fetish. As a result, understanding these representations is very important while studying a kink.  

The Internet

One of the biggest contributors to popularizing this kink is the internet. According to sources, the Internet is one of the biggest forums for all kinds of discussion regarding microphilia. Start exploring forums like Reddit or Fetlife in order to study more about this kink. In fact, you can find the corners of the internet filled with memes involving Giants or Amazons.  

Another very important representation of Macrophilia is the popular media. Content like Gulliver’s Travel, Lady Dimeretsu from Resident Evil Village, She-Hulk, etc., have played into the popular narrative of a sexualized giantess. As a result, these representations are seminal for understanding macrophilia.  


How To Know You Have Macrophilia? 

Ans: Individuals who show affinity towards physically imposing characters or giants at a young age tend to develop macrophilia. If the thought of being toyed with by a physically imposing character makes you sexually aroused. Then, it is likely that you have macrophilia.  

How To Treat Macrophilia? 

Ans: Macrophilia is not a disorder. As a result, there is no way to treat the condition. However, you need to make sure that your kink does not affect your professional or personal life. Otherwise, it can become a problem.  

The Closing Thought

With that, you have reached the very end of my article regarding Macrophilia. Keep following this page for more such articles regarding kinks and their manifestation. Thank you.

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