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What Is A Mommy Dom? Things They Don’t Tell You About A Mommy Dom

What Is A Mommy Dom? Things They Don’t Tell You About A Mommy Dom

Mommy Dom
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She’ll tie you up
Hurt you 
Arouse you

Punish you, and that’s it. But she does not cross the line. She cares, and she is affectionate and cuddly at times. But sometimes, she handles you like a GOOD LITTLE BOY. Yes, that’s a mommy dom. 

She likes to GRAB the MAST of your life, DRIVE you crazy, and point you in the right direction. 

Well, some find it wrong ( because a woman is the alpha of the relationship?), but some are simply happy and aroused to have a mommy dom as their partner ( imagine me happy and giggling.)

With positive and negative opinions aside, let me tell you a few things about a mommy dom. Whether you want to carry on or not get into a relationship of this type – this article should make you wise. 

What Is A Mommy Dom? And What She’s Not 

What Is A Mommy Dom

Let me start by validating my definition of mommy dom by quoting from the Urban Dictionary.

"A woman who dominates a partner through coersion, affection and punishment."

Let’s just say she loves to take charge, be caring like a sweet and soft mommy, and cheer you up. But if you are a naughty boy, she is coming after you to threaten and punish you.

A mommy dom is something similar to a mommy gf, maybe more. But she is not a dominatrix. She does not bully or harass you. 

She loves to be respected, cared for, and paid attention to, and most importantly, you better not watch the new Netflix series without her. You don’t want to break your promise to your mommy dom partner. 

In every dominant’s heart, there is a nerve that answers to the vibrations of submission.

She can be warm and loving when you are holding your end of the bargain.

A mommy dom partner can be your emotional north start when you need it – supporting and guiding you emotionally when needed. She might want to do the chores and even cook dinner for you. 

But she can also be strict. If you’ve not been eating in time, getting enough sleep, or not calling back after the 39th call you missed, you’ll have a scary Scarlet Witch chasing after you (Yes, I’ve said it). 

Signs That She Is A Mommy Dom

Signs That She Is A Mommy Dom

She’s dominant. But is she a mommy dom? Well, I have signs you could use to spot one. 

She’s The Alpha In The Relationship, & That’s OK

Alpha In The Relationship

Your mommy dom partner loves to be in charge. When she’s around, she controls things. She wants to choose the tie you were to work today or be the one to decide the place for dinner or the position for sex.

There is just something about her strong hands. When she grips me with passion I feel so secure and wanted. It’s pure bliss.

She wants to yell – “just do as I say.” all you have to do is follow. If you make a mistake, she’ll make a big fuss about it and suggest her flawless way, which you have to swear an oath to follow going forward. 

Ignoring Her Is The Last Thing You Do

Ignoring Her Is The Last Thing You Do

Rule number one for a mommy-dom and little boy relationship – DO NOT IGNORE HER, EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. 

Imagine having a girl that say she got you and she really show you she got you.

If you went to the movies with your friends and forgot to bring her along or bought something before asking for her opinions, she’ll go ‘She-Hulk’ on you. You can’t ignore her because she’s the boss in this relationship.

But her anger is usually followed by soft words and mommy-like suggestions to follow her orders.

She Dominates, But She Supports As Well 

She Dominates But She Supports As Well

If you thought mommy doms are only dominant, then you only saw the suffocation – you did not see the reason ( between her thighs ). You see, hell is a thing of perspective.

Men with mommy kinks will suffer the dominance because the support and care a mommy dom partner offers comes straight from heaven (you know what’s heaven!!). 

I really want to kiss you, and not just on the lips.

She’d ask you if you had a bad day at work. When the fever gets to you, she’ll be around, caring for you in every way possible.

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When she’s bitter, she’s too angry to be around. Sometimes, her care and love might seem too much ( usually something a mom would do). 

She Orders You Around & It Does Not Take Away Your Dignity

She Orders You Around

She likes to meddle with your heart and order you around. Don’t worry about what your friends will think of a mommy girlfriend – a pushy and dominant partner does not take your dignity away.

It’s okay not to be one of those who try to handle a wife/partner. It could be pretty fun to have someone grab the handle for you (literal and rhetorical meaning intended).

She looks so innocent. Hard to believe she’s oh-so-delightfully-wicked.

It’s neither possible nor okay to handle a mommy dom unless you want the relationship to go southwards. A mommy dom uses dominance, bossiness, affection, love, and punishment as her tools to control the relationship. She enjoys it. All she needs is someone who needs support and is obedient. 

What’s The Motive Of A Mommy Dom? 

Why does she do this? What’s her motive? Is it enjoyable for her? Yes, it is.

I just want you to crave me. Not just sexually. But mentally. Spiritually. My scent. My vibe. My company.

Women find joy in different things. She might be doing it because –

  • She gets fun out of ordering you around. She loves to have power and take charge.
  • She wants to have power over all the decisions you make. 
  • Sometimes, she finds you cute and adorable when you follow her orders. 
  • They simply love and care for you. She often would go to the extent of pampering you like you were her sweet little boy. 

Is Mommy Dom A Toxic? 

No, she necessarily is not toxic. But, the length of her dominance and how she treats her partner might tell the difference.

A mommy dom is usually supportive, caring, and sometimes strict. But it might reach a level of toxicity once she does anything to get her way with you. 

I never understood desire until I felt your hands around my throat.

Sometimes, they can be very demanding and abusive – caring only about how they want the relationship to go. That is when a mommy dom crosses the line and becomes toxic.

Excessive dominance can lead to the other person feeling lonely and depressed in a relationship ( which is not what a mommy dom would do). But if the duo has the dynamic to balance things, and if she knows not to cross the line – believe me, she’s the best, and she’s the one.

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