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This Is The Most Attractive Zodiac Sign: You Won’t Believe It!

This Is The Most Attractive Zodiac Sign: You Won’t Believe It!

Most Attractive Zodiac Sign
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If you believe that your love story is written in the stars, then you will be surprised to know that your beauty is also written in the stars! Today, I am not going to talk about internal beauty or even the whole ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’

And I’ll tell you why – we keep talking about the irrelevance of beauty.

But do you know the truth? The truth is we care a lot more about beauty than we let it slip. I mean, I might not do anything about all the spots on my face, but that doesn’t mean I spend sufficient time in front of the mirror, manifesting a clear skin.

So, I am not going to act like a hypocrite and talk about how it’s all about inner beauty. However, I do believe that beauty is subjective.

Remember how your friend was dating that one guy who wasn’t hot, but she would keep insisting that he was? Or, maybe you were the friend of the ‘hot’ boyfriend, but your friends don’t mind him being hot?

Well, that is where the subjectivity of beauty plays a vital role.

Similarly, different people have different opinions about the most attractive zodiac sign. So, we have taken a dual approach to find one answer to this question. We asked around a hundred people: Which zodiac sign is the most attractive according to them?

We also checked all the leading astrology blogs on the internet. Lastly, I have brought my experience to the table – I might not be an astrology expert, but I am a huge zodiac enthusiast with six years of experience as a relationship and sex writer.

Glad that we covered this! So, let’s get started, shall we?

Which Is The Most Attractive Zodiac Sign?

So, as per the majority vote from everyone we asked and all the authority blogs on the internet, the most attractive zodiac sign is cancer. Yes, fellow crabs, it’s time to rejoice! I have just found out that I am the most attractive zodiac in the universe – and all you fellow crabs, you are also the prettiest as well.

But before we feature interviews or what people have to say on the internet, there are two things we will talk about Cancers – sex and love.

Here we go! (trust me, sex and love are the major contributors in this aspect)

Cancer And Sex:

Cancers love, love, and love sex.

But chances are they are having sex with someone they have feelings for! They are not interested in temporary flings or one-night stands. This is simply because Cancers are not just deeply sensitive, but they also care. Sometimes, they care more than it is needed.

But that is also why sex with Cancer is so good – cancer cares too much about the emotional and not the physical aspects of sex. Without any attachment, they don’t really see the purpose of doing the deed.

Contrary to what most people think about cancers being too shy and refusing to experiment in the bedroom, the truth is they are not the pillow princess waiting in disguise. But if that’s the kind of adventure you have been looking for, chances are they are not going to disappoint you.

For instance, I am too shy to say it out loud. But then I would only be with a man who can ‘throw’ me on the bed and make love to me. So, don’t underestimate a cancer’s desire.

Cancer And Love:

Like I was saying, Cancers are pretty much shy people, and when you first meet them, you will understand that about the zodiac.

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They are very emotional, but typically, they keep it to themselves. But once they start getting comfortable in your company, they will begin to confide. In fact, they might not stop whining until you explicitly tell them.

Even on happy days, they will find something or the other to complain about. Remember that cancers are controlled by the moon and its many changes. So, you have to be ready to deal with all the mood swings.

But boy, cancer’s love is irreplaceable – they will not just kill for you but will also hide the body for you. And it is a cancer’s ability to love and commit that makes them so freaking attractive.

Plus, cancers are one of the most overprotective zodiac signs out there. They literally want what is best for you – so they will overstep at times. And trust me, you will fall head over heels in love when you get used to Cancer’s love.

So, here are our favorite opinions from Cancer fans (yep, we have fans!).

1. “Well, Its because they are beautiful inside out. They have such a beautiful soul as well. Warm tender heart. U probably without Even realized would stare at their glowing face like a moon especially at nite time as their sun sign are the moon.. And wonder damn… how they look so amazingly wonderful.” – 25-year-old woman (Writer, Canada)

2. “Incredibly beautiful. Inside and out. Crabs have a lot of compassion, patience, tenacity, loyalty, and dedication to their loved ones. They are fiercely protective of their friends, sisters, mothers, and all those closest to them and know how to take care of children. I feel that with the cancers, I can tell them anything, and they’d understand. I love how Princess Diana is the epitome of everything a Cancerian woman is. <33” – 30-year-old man (Software Engineer, Washington DC)

3. “There’s something so mysteriously beautiful about Cancer. Nope, they are not conventionally pretty. Instead, they are the manic pixie dream girl you have been looking for. They might not have pink hair, but there is something aesthetic and something very soft that works wonders for them.” – 26-year-old man (Entrepreneur, Mumbai)

4. “Cancers are freaking pretty/handsome. While cancer men can be honestly very annoying and clingy, cancer women are on a whole different level. I don’t know whether its those strikingly beautiful eyes or it’s the emotions behind those eyes. But there is something so real about this zodiac that it makes them the most attractive zodiac sign out there.” 35-year-old man (Chief Operating Officer, Dubai)

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