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What Is A Nuru Massage? Here Are The Facts You Should Know

What Is A Nuru Massage? Here Are The Facts You Should Know

Nuru Massage

No, it is not equivalent to a happy ending massage! Yes, there is an erotic idea associated with Nuru massages as well, but unlike a happy ending, the erotic act goes on longer rather than just at the end.

You had probably heard this name a few many times before you asked about this on the internet. Or maybe, the overtly sexual predicament of this massage is making you a little suspicious. 

Well, don’t worry as we will be giving you all the TMI details of this massage. So if you are asking, ‘what is Nuru massage?’ then you have reached the right place.

What Is A Nuru Massage?

What Is A Nuru Massage

Coming to the big question ‘What is a Nuru massage?’ As explained before, it is an erotic massage. All this time, we knew the meaning of sensual massage was only the use of hands.

However, as we progress and learn more about this Japanese tradition, we see that the entire body can be utilized during this erotic massage. Though, there is no form of oral or penetrative sex involved in this act.

If you get it professionally, you will have one or more masseuses rub against your body with some form of lube, Nuru massage oil, or Nuru massage gel. The lubed material is generally colorless and odorless, and all the party is naked.

This kind of Nuru massage is a Japanese tradition but can surely be found in many other states in the country. Even Nuru massage Barcelona and Nuru massage London have been causing some chaos over the internet because of their popularity and commendable services.

How Is Nuru Massage Performed?

How Is Nuru Massage Performed

This is to give you a brief idea of how Nuru massage is performed.

  • If you are getting it professionally, as a client, you will lay on a table or a bed.
  • Then some kind of nuru massage oil or gel will be placed all over your body. The word ‘nuru’ originated from the Japanese word slippery.
  • Now, the masseuse or multiple masseuses lather the slippery material on their body as well, before lying on top of the people.
  • Then the act is to rub the body against each other in a sensual manner. The gender of your masseuse depends on your preference; there are no restrictions. However, statistics show men getting these erotic massages more often than others.
  • Although, this kind of erotic massage can also be incorporated into your dating life when both partners are comfortable.

Nuru Massage Oil?

Nuru Massage Oil

Nuru massage oils are sensual odorless oils that can help you get the ‘Nuru’ or slipper effect easily. These oils are generally made of natural ingredients, and they do not have any color.

This is to make the clients more comfortable with the ingredient poured. There are many such ingredients in the market that prevents all sorts of skin allergies for both parties.

Nuru Massage Gel?

Nuru Massage Gel

Nuru massage gel is a form of therapy gel that can be used as an alternative to oil. The consistency is a little thicker than usual, and it is for clients who have an aversion to such oil.

You should definitely buy these from credible sources that have proper feedback because you are exposing all of your raw skin in it. At the same time, it should feel light and not too thick.

Nuru Massage Las Vegas?

Nuru Massage Las Vegas

The sin city is famous for delivering top-notch Nuru massages. There are more than 100 such erotic massage places that you can enjoy in las vegas.

When you visit one of the main attractions of Las Vegas ‘Strip, you can get some of the best Nuru massage las vegas places in the town. This Japanese massage has caused some kind of an uproar in the streets.

You can book a simple Nuru massage in las vegas online itself or find out a little about it. Come on, it is a sin city, and no one is going to judge you!

Can You Perform Nuru Massage At Home?

Can You Perform Nuru Massage At Home

Every time we are asked, ‘what is Nuru massage,’ a question also follows. Can it be performed in the house, or do you always need a professional to do it correctly?

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  • The answer is yes! It can be performed at home. In fact, this could be the new sexual experiment you can try on your next date night. It is intimate, super arousal, and super fun!
  • Make sure that you are selecting a comfortable place for the activity. You might not be enjoying one of those nuru massage las vegas but, you shouldn’t make the most of it.
  • You can either select a wooden table or a bed. Wooden tables will be easier to clean as you will be using some of the nuru massage oil or nuru massage gel for the performance.
  • If you are using a bed and too afraid to make a mess, then put some oil-resistant cover over the sheet. This will provide an extra ‘nuru’ or slippery feeling with the lubricant you will be using.
  • Needless to say, unlike the normal messages that will be incorporated in a professional setting, there will be sex involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we have found over the internet.

1. How To Nuru Massage?

Ans: You will need a base, either a table or a bed. The first step is to lie to your partner and lather Nuru massage oil or gel all over their body.
Then you have to lie on top of them and use your entire body for some oil action. Then, use your entire body for some massage action!
You can lather some oil on your own body as well to make it even more slippery.

2. How To Make Perfect Nuru Gel At Home?

Ans: This is an excellent recipe to make your own Nuru massage oil if you do not have the product with you.
Warm water
Coconut oil
Vegetable glycerine
Now mix four tablespoons of coconut oil and then two tablespoons of vegetable glycerine, and then add some warm water to make the solution a little thinner. Now, this is a handmade Nuru massage gel, but you can use it as an excellent sex lubricant.

3. What Are The Health Benefits Of Nuru Massages?

Ans: When you are asking ‘what is Nuru massage, you should also know about the health benefits. The health benefits of Nuru massage are as follows:
It can cure intimacy problems among men and women.
It can also help to improve your skin condition due to blood circulation.
You can also explore new sexual dimensions with this activity.
People have reported an elevation of mood with Nuru massages.

4. Is Nuru Massage Legal?

Ans: When you are getting a Nuru massage from a masseuse, it is not illegal since there is no sex being exchanged for money.

A Happy Ending!

A truly happy ending massage with all the goodness from the start. Nuru massage is a good way to explore your sexuality and enjoy a relaxed time.

The eroticism in this Japanese massage style can make lift your mood and improve your skin a lot.

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