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Rigger Kink: Understanding The Psychological, Emotional, And Physical Aspects

Rigger Kink: Understanding The Psychological, Emotional, And Physical Aspects

Rigger Kink
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Most things in my life tend to come from an unplanned direction – and suddenly, my life is a plethora of unplanned activities, dates, and events.

So, naturally, while writing a paper on kinks and the psychological aspects associated with the same, I became fascinated with the rigger kink.

And once you become aware more about this kink, you will probably say the same, especially if BDSM and the psychology behind the same excite you.

Do you remember those club scout days when learning different survival techniques such as enforced focus, confidence, discipline, and rope knots?

You might have been fascinated with mastering rope-tying skills as a child. After growing up, your fascination could have quickly transformed into kinks and fetishes.

And before you know anything else, you are a rope bunny waiting for your master to untie you.

Stay tuned to find out more about the rigger kink. More importantly, scroll to find out about the psychological and emotional aspects associated with the same.

The Rigger Kink: Learning The Ropes (Physical Aspects) 

Before we start talking about the Rigger Kink, let’s make one thing very clear. Kinks do not always need to be about sex. Sometimes, kinks are all about deepening the intimacy between two (or more) people.

But Wait, What Is The Rigger Kink All About?   

So, what is a rigger kink?

Rope Bondage is most commonly called Shibari. Shibari translates into ‘to tie’ – it’s a Japanese bondage term for tying someone with the intention of arousal.

Rope Bondage

The person who masters the art of rope tying and intricate knots is known as a ‘Rigger.’ The other participant, that is, the person who likes being tied up and enjoys sexual bondage play, is popularly called a Rope Bunny.

Typically, practicing rope tying on yourself is pretty standard – a rigger, initially, is not likely to perform rope tying on a model, especially when they are in the learning stage.

Of course, the rigger kink can play out in different situations. In fact, some use rope bondage to introduce edge. Similarly, others can do the same to build trust or even intimacy between the rope bunny and the rigger.

How To Be A Rigger?   

Just a simple rigger kink definition is never enough. I remember when I first came across the term, I was motivated to find out more about this kink. In fact, for the longest time, I tried to associate my dominating personality with the rigger kink, and it was fascinating.

How To Be A Rigger  

I discovered that my dominating personality in real life has a very different impact on my fantasies in bed – I didn’t want to dominate. Still, I wanted my partner to dominate me instead.

Thus began my journey to understand not just the physical aspects associated with BDSM kinks like the CNC kink or even Praise Kink, and now Rigger kink, but also the emotional and psychological aspects of the same.

Coming back to finding more on rigger sex, doesn’t all this discussion make you wonder – how to be a rigger?

Being bound and restricted feels like an escape from having to be in control of everything. It’s as a restricting, yet releasing, tight hug, that slows the mind and brings me into subspace; a place where there is no rush and no needs — just, simply being me.” – Jeroen (source)

In the fantasy-led world of BDSM and all that it entails, the rigger is usually the dominant partner.

The most crucial step in this context is to educate yourself about the acts you are about to perform, the communication involved, and, of course, the safety of all participants.

The Best Art Begins With Finding The Best Canvas:

The model is a blank canvas (sorry if it seems like objectification), but it is a canvas for the rigger to create art.

The Best Art Begins With Finding The Best Canvas

Your rope bondage session can turn into a big disaster if you are not aware of the model’s intricate design – curves, height, all sensitive areas, and, of course, weight are all factors that play a critical role in a rigger session. If you are trying this out as a model, it is also practical to voice your preference for the rope material.

A consensual BDSM rigger will understand the closure and valuable mentality that the model is getting prepared to experience when the session starts.

I grew up reading tales of knights in shining armor rescuing damsels in distress. The knights were always rewarded with eternal love, and the couple lived happily ever after. For me, every rope suspension session is a fairytale re-enacted to a blissful end: A woman trusts me completely and reveals her deepest fantasies and vulnerabilities; she literally put her life in my hands. She knows that when the right moment comes, I’ll be there to rescue her. Can you blame me for also being the monster who locked her up in the tower in the first place?” – Aviv (source)

In this context, it is also critical to highlight that the communication between both participants needs to be consistent – after all, an insane level of trust needs to be placed in the rigger’s skills.

Rigger Kink: Understanding The Psychological And Emotional Aspects  

You don’t need to google ‘rigger meaning BDSM’ to understand the different aspects associated with this kink – I have already done the research. But whether I have any practical experience or not is another story that you guys might not get to hear anytime soon (he he, privacy people!).

Now that we are done with terms, definitions, and meanings, let’s delve into the fascinating depths of the rigger kink and its different aspects – stay tuned!

Psychological Aspects:   

Individuals practicing any kink share complicated psychological dynamics with each other. It is vital to consider the psychological aspects of practicing the rigger kink.

1. Dominance And Submission:

Dominance And Submission

Nope, you don’t need to look up ‘rigger BDSM’ to understand how the rigger kinks work in the world of BDSM. BDSM is about power play and, most importantly, power exchange between the dom (rigger) and the sub (bunny).

It is the power dynamics between the two participants that enable them to explore their fantasies and desires in an environment that’s consensual and controlled. While the dom asserts control, the sub surrenders their autonomy and freedom.

I love to be immersed in my rope-space. The moment I step in there, I can focus my mind and stop thinking about what’s happening around me. Everything disappears — all but the model — and a special bond forms, a symbiotic relationship based on mutual trust. The rope is my tool, a chisel with which I form figures that spring from my mind. Sculptural shapes emerge, composed not only from flesh and bone but from sounds and gazes.” –  Hentie Ropes (source)

This exchange naturally becomes sexually and emotionally arousing for involved parties while fostering intimacy and connection.

2. Trust And Communication:

Trust is perhaps one of the most essential components in BDSM – and so is communication. Of course, it’s the same for Rigger Kink.

The sub places their emotional and physical well-being into the dom’s hands, trusting them. The sub must trust that the dom will preserve their safety and maintain their boundaries while the rigger scene plays out.

Similarly, the dom needs to be attentive to the needs and responses of the sub – and by reactions, I mean both non-verbal and verbal cues.

The involved participants need to communicate openly and honestly – this includes their boundaries, fantasies, health concerns, and desires before engaging in any rigger sexual activity.

3. Consensual And Non-Consensual:

CNC is a kink in itself and has its psychological aspects. But that doesn’t stop people from exploring two or more kinks together – this is the only possible explanation for why CNC kink can be practiced with the rigger kink!

Fifty Shades of Grey explored multiple kinks in a singular setting – which is more relatable. Because honestly, we are all grey – there are no whites, no blacks, when it comes to getting down and dirty with kinks.

CNC can be an arousing and exciting experience for many people. It helps individuals to explore their darkest fantasies in a consensual and safe environment.

But of course, all involved participants need to communicate honestly and openly about their fantasies. While doing so, they need to establish multiple safe words. Also, you can come up with gestures to ensure that the sexual play remains enjoyable and CONSENSUAL!

Emotional Aspects:   

While the physical and psychological aspects of the rigger kinks play a crucial role, it is impossible to ignore the emotional factors associated with the same.

For a fulfilling experience, the rope bunny and rigger must acknowledge how connection, intimacy, and, most importantly, aftercare work.

1. Connection And Intimacy:

The vulnerability and power exchange inherent in practicing the rigger kink can build an intimate connection between the involved participants. The communication and trust needed for a successful role-play allow the participants to learn more about their boundaries and desires.

For so many individuals, the emotional aspects associated with a kink are a primary component of the whole appeal related to the said kink. This is because the emotional aspects enable individuals to feel a unique bond and closeness with the other participants.

The growing sensual tension, the grace, and elegance of it, the aesthetics, the sense of total but fusional abandonment, the revelation of surprising and infinite sensual creativity in apparent contrast with the unsophisticated rope; all this is a rare if not unmatched territory where body and mind are invited to insatiably receive fine, very fine, pleasures.” – Solmarius (Source)

2. Aftercare And Emotional Support:

Any BDSM scene is incomplete without proper aftercare. Aftercare is all about giving the involved participants emotional support and the right kind of care once the scene is over.

Aftercare And Emotional Support

This can include gentle touch, cuddling, soothing words, and anything else that can help the participants reconnect, thereby ensuring that they can return to reality after an intensely physical and emotional experience.

Aftercare is considered pretty important simply because it ensures the emotional well-being of the involved participants. Additionally, it can prevent feelings of emotional drop and abandonment from forming inside any of the participants.

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Open and honest communication during this time can also help the participants to address their concerns, discuss their shared experiences, and, most importantly, deepen their bond.

3. Managing Potential Complications And Risks:   

Nope, you don’t need to google ‘rigger meaning in bed’ to understand how to manage potential risks or complications associated with practicing the rigger kink, or any kink for that matter.

Managing Potential Complications And Risks

Of course, there are certain emotional complications and risks associated with practicing the rigger kink. After all, it’s pretty accurate for all BDSM activities. These feelings might include guilt, confusion, miscommunication, misunderstandings, or shame.

Tying makes me reach a flow-state, where I can forget the world for some seconds. I seek beauty in the connection and trust with others.” – Ninola (source)

Only open communication can solve these problems. So, all involved participants need to discuss their respective boundaries, emotional needs, and desires. Also, discussions should go on not just before the scene starts but also after it ends.

By establishing a solid foundation of honesty and trust, both individuals can navigate the different emotional complexities of the rigger kink together while ensuring that their shared experience is enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Rigger Kink: Basic Knots To Master!

While rigger kink includes a wide variety of techniques and knots, some of the most basic ones to begin with include: 

1. Single-Column Tie:

The single-column tie is a fundamental knot that typically binds a single body part or a limb like an ankle or a wrist. The tie ensures that the rope doesn’t end up getting uncomfortably tight when some pressure is applied, which in turn helps prevent circulation problems. 

2. Double-Column Tie:

Like the single-column knot, the double-column tie is used to bind two body parts or limbs together, like both ankles or wrists. 

3. Harnesses And Body Ties:

Techniques involving harnesses and body ties include tying ropes around the hips, chest, or torso to support suspension scenes or create visually appealing patterns. 

4. Friction And Wraps:

Techniques involving friction and wraps are used for securing knots and distributing pressure across more significant areas to minimize discomfort and, in turn, decrease the risk of injury. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Practicing Rigger Kink: Safety Precautions

Of course, safety is of utmost importance when it comes to kinks and fetishes. Naturally, the rigger kink is no different in terms of safety. Both rope bunnies and riggers must be aware of potential risks and take the proper safety precautions to minimize them. 

Some of the most crucial safety precautions that you must consider should include:

1. Open Communication:

With the help of open communication, you can discuss your boundaries, sexual desires, and any major health issues before involving in any rigger scene. Moreover, it is vital to establish safe words and regularly check in throughout the scene to ensure the well-being and comfort of all involved parties. 

2. Proper Technique:

The rigger kink should be practiced in a way with care so that you can avoid causing any injury to your submissive partner. This includes ensuring no knots tighten up cutting off blood circulation while preventing pressure on sensitive joints or areas. 

3. Monitoring Calculation:

Regularly check the temperature and color of the bound body parts to ensure proper blood flow. Moreover, if there is any numbness, loss of sensation, or tingling, the rigger should be able to remove or adjust the rope bindings immediately. 

4. Emergency Equipment:

Keep a couple of EMT shears or safety scissors in your hand while playing with ropes so you can cut through the ropes quickly in emergencies.

To Be Kinky Or Not To Be Kinky: A Vanilla Child’s Final Thoughts!  

To Be Kinky Or Not To Be Kinky

And that’s a wrap on the rigger kink…at least for now! Of course, if you haven’t heard about the rigger kink before, then you are in for a treat. Also, you need to do your research before making any impulsive decision. But please tell us what’s in your head. Are you planning to try this out, or is it too much?

And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to tell us about your experiences, stories, and more in the comments below. But only if you want to…I won’t tell anyone, I swear).


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