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Saying I Love You In A New Relationship…With Food: Love At First Bite?

Saying I Love You In A New Relationship…With Food: Love At First Bite?

I Love You
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Falling in love is never a one-size-fits-all kinda experience – I feel that when you know, you just know. Your heart won’t stop fluttering, you won’t be able to stop thinking about them, and eventually, people around you start pointing out that you have got it bad.

But while falling for someone is an exhilarating affair, it can also feel overwhelming.

And you know what’s even more scary? Telling your love interest, ‘I love you’ for the first time – it could be exciting and terrifying at the same time. And there aren’t any hard and fast rules behind saying those three magical words for the first time.

Nothing can make the process any less nerve-wracking – even when you are 99.9% sure that your partner will say it back to you, you might be nervous.

I think it’s the logistics that make everything completely stressful. Don’t think about those rom-coms that make everything look so damn easy. Should you just blurt it out accidentally and be done with it? Should you wait for your partner to say it first? Is it too soon? How soon is too soon? A few weeks? A few months? An entire year? (*screams in panic!*)

What if we tell you – there’s always food if you can’t seem to decide when and, most importantly, how to say the three magical words and take your relationship to the next level?

Food has always been a safe bait – you go out on a date, and you hide the engagement ring inside the food. Classic, right? But this is 2023, and literally nobody thinks about taking their partner out to a restaurant just so they can propose. The magic of a simple coffee date is somewhere lost in translation.

Today, let’s give food one shot – saying I love you with food! Welcome to another social experiment – stay tuned to read about The Dating Dairy’s newest approach to love!

There’s No Right Time To Say I Love You:  

Say I Love You

I love you is a pretty simple sentence.

In spite of the unassuming appearance of the short phrase, it does carry a whole lot of meaning. The fact that so many people spend so much time worrying over when to say it for the first time or whether to say it at all is evidence of how meaningful the phrase happens to be!

As with most questions of the heart, there is no single answer. At the end of the day, love is different for every individual. Some people can say the words easily without worrying about reciprocation, but for others, it could be a momentous occasion that needs plenty of careful consideration.

So nope, there is no set timeline to say ‘I love you.’

So, How Do You Know It’s Time To Say I Love You?  

How Do You Know It's Time To Say I Love You

There are so many people who might think sharing their feelings early is a good idea, while others might think it’s better to give it some time. Our advice? Before you say it, check with yourself whether you have noticed any of the signs of love mentioned below – and trust me, you’ll know!

  • You look at them as a whole person. Simply put, you will be able to acknowledge not just their positive traits but also accept their negatives. For instance, you might just want the highlights of a story, and they like telling long stories, but it doesn’t bother you – yep, that’s love.
  • You are curious about your partner – this includes their childhood, past relationships, future plans and goals, family, present likes and dislikes, and more.
  • You will feel like supporting them and not the urge to change them.
  • You want to spend more time together, and when you are apart from them, you will miss them. But at the same time, you will just know that both of you have your own interests and respect the need to spend time independently or with others.
  • Your time together with your partner should include normal responsibilities such as errands and chores and not just fun and entertainment.
  • When they are around you, you feel safe, and when they are away, you trust them.
  • You have begun to loosely imagine a future together. You might even have started talking about it with your partner.  
  • You are nervous about sharing with them how you feel, but you are excited about telling everyone else about those feelings.
  • You want everyone in your life to meet them and love them as much as you do.

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Saying I Love You In A New Relationship With Food:

I Love You In A New Relationship With Food

Obviously, telling anyone ‘I Love You’ is super personal, and no two pairs are the same. Only you will know when you are ready to say those words – you will see how everyone is different when it comes to expressing their love. While some people are easily ready only after a few dates, others might take some time. Both are valid and very normal!

The most romantic love quotes out there might be a great way to express how you feel, but have you given baking a cake with the words inscribed on top a thought? Doesn’t it sound more thoughtful – I mean, finding the right quote definitely does not take much of your time. But baking a cake shows that you actually care enough to put in the effort.

Food, I feel, is always underrated and overlooked when it comes to romance. But why?

It is the little things – the simple stuff that comes right from the heart. These things can make all the difference in the world. Cooking for your partner or taking them out on a date to their favorite restaurant is a simple act of love.

It might sound cheesy, but if your significant other is a foodie, then this is definitely what you should consider doing – say ‘I love you babe,’ but with food. So, without wasting time, let’s check out all the ways you can express your love with food – scroll down to fall in love at first bite.

1. Heart-Shaped Poach For Breakfast:

This one is fairly easy and doesn’t even need you to find quotes on love – and if you suck at cooking anything great like me, then this breakfast is a winner! You just need to cut out a heart-shaped hole on a pair of bread pieces.

Put some butter in the pan at medium-low heat – now add the bread and let it get toasted. Just add the egg when you are ready inside the heart-shaped hole, and let it cook. Once done, serve it hot with some pepper as garnish.

2. Fresh Berry Cream Puffs To Seal The Deal:

Fresh Berry Cream Puffs To Seal The Deal

There are different ways to say I love you, but nothing spells out love better than dessert, and not all good desserts are made from chocolate. If your partner is not a fan of chocolate, then all the more reason to opt for something fresh and creamy like these berry puffs.

Freshly baked Berry cream puffs are the ultimate summer dessert! This simple-to-make, eggy cream puffs are filled with fluffy whipped pastry cream and fresh summer berries. Don’t forget to mix your ingredients well, and definitely preheat your oven to 400°F!

3. Make Pasta, But With Shrimps And Cherry Tomatoes:

Make Pasta

The internet is a strange place. While reading some of the most basic, I love you quotes, I first came across this killer pasta recipe with shrimp and cherry tomatoes. My partner and I love cherry tomatoes, shrimp, and pasta – so it’s a win-win recipe for us!

Pasta is so easy to cook at home – and when you make this dish with cherry tomatoes and shrimp, you get the desired red sauce. And Red is the color of love – love that lasts, and nothing better than cherry tomatoes to get that deep Red hue!

4. Fettuccine With Champagne Cream Sauce:

Champagne Cream Sauce

If you are not into simple pasta recipes and you are planning to make something that is a little more fancy, then you can definitely give Fettuccine a shot! I am not a huge fan of cooking, which is why a simple pasta recipe is perfect for me.

But if you are more comfortable cooking bigger plates, then you can definitely give Fettuccine a big shot! And nothing spells romance better than champagne – so why not a champagne cream sauce to for your dish of Fettuccine?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Love and chocolate are very interrelated in their impact on every generation. From that first piece of chocolate you leave behind for your crush to baking a chocolate cake for your partner to express how you feel about them, chocolate has a never-ending love story with Cupid.

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If your loved one has a sweet tooth, then why don’t you bake a few chocolate chip cookie cups? It has the perfect cookie-to-ice cream ratio, and even though your dentist might suggest otherwise, it’s worth the guilt!

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Food For Love: The Ultimate Love Language Is Food

I looked for true love quotes and even self love quotes to figure out how to express my feelings for my significant other. I was lost. Also, I was confused. And I was overthinking the whole situation, until I stumbled upon the sixth love language or rather the ultimate love language – yes, I am talking about food.

Most of us are aware of five love languages that we often identify with. While some of us take comfort in gifts, others crave words of affirmation. But food is one love language that is so much more powerful and stronger than the already established love languages.

Think about it. Food is not just an integral part of our daily lives, but it also happens to be one of the primary ways to show someone you care. If you have ever given the effort and time to cook a nice meal for someone you love, then you know how meaningful food can be.

Food is something so personal, so intimate – from what you are eating to who you are eating with, food makes things personal. Naturally, when I think about the best ways to tell someone, ‘I love you,’ food ranks on the top of the list.

In reality, our relationship with food is inter weaved deeply with already-established love language. One of the most common ways we connect with our loved ones is by having a meal together. There’s also the idea of gifting food – think about all the times someone who loves you gifted you food.

Food is something that we engage with regularly, so much so that we are often sucked into believing that eating is a simple, mundane activity. Perhaps this is why food hasn’t made it to the list of established love languages yet.

In Asian And Pacific Islander Cultures:

Food is a very powerful way of expressing love. That is especially true in multiple Pacific Islander and Asian American cultures. In these cultures, it is more common to express love through actions other than words, especially with food.

If not any other culture, food is definitely an Asian love language. The plates of cut fruits, the containers with leftovers, and the sharing of dishes are all ways to show you care. It is making your favorite dishes, stuffing you with food, asking you whether you have eaten throughout the day, worrying when you are not eating right, and offering you seconds.

Bon Appetit: Say I Love You With Food And See The Magic Of Food!

Saying I love you is not easy. Period. But when you let the short phrase accompany a side of chocolate muffins freshly baked at home, it can do magic for your relationship. Food is personal, and when you make it, it will only convey to your partner how much they mean to you!

So tell us, what are your thoughts on expressing love with food? Feel free to share your thoughts, stories, and recipes in the comments below.

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