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Real Sex Stories To Get Off To In Bed Tonight

Real Sex Stories To Get Off To In Bed Tonight

Real Sex Stories
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Before I start talking about erotic, sexy stories, I want to ask one simple question – what do you understand from the word ‘erotica?’ In a post-Fifty Shades world, people have at least managed to acquire some idea about erotica – but do you know the problem is? The misconception is that all eroticas are about submissive women and rich CEOs sin-ing in private.

But the truth is there’s so much to discover beyond E.L. James’ sexy bestseller – if you have read erotica, then you would know how a good erotica can make Christian Grey blush with embarrassment. But if you haven’t, then you are clearly missing out – before the FOMO hits you, quickly scroll down and read the hottest stories to get off to bed tonight!

Hot As Hell: Real Sex Stories To Get Off To In Bed Tonight

Hot As Hell

(*Might Or Might Not Have Been Inspired By True Event*)

If sexy short stories are exactly what you need tonight, then here’s me hoping that you will appreciate my skills(?) as an erotica writer. The comments section is there – feel free to tell me which sexy stories worked for you and which sexy stories failed to hit the mark. So without wasting time, let’s get started with stories that are hot as hell!

1. The Very First Time:

The Very First Time

Ana was going out with Robert for exactly ten days. It was a simple meet-cute really that started on Tinder. The strangest thing about this connection was that the couple spent only a week talking on Tinder and exchanging numbers. And then, they kept talking for another month before Robert FINALLY asked out Anna. A frustrated Anna gladly said ‘yes.’

They were going out, getting coffee, smoking a joint – the sexual tension burning, making things hot and heavy between them. So on that particular day, Anna wasn’t expecting anything – they were chilling together at a friend’s terrace, getting high, when suddenly they realized that everyone had left them alone.

Was it planned – or was it intentional? We would never know.

But when Anna got up to get a water bottle from one corner of the terrace, Robert approached her from the back – Anna turned back. Robert was staring at her, and there was something so hot about the way he stared at her. Anna’s insides were clenching, stomach twisting – and she couldn’t resist.

One moment Robert and Anna were staring at each other, and the next moment, they were kissing each other passionately. Robert’s hands ran all over Anna – from her slender neck to her shapely butt, he did not miss a single spot, burning Anna everywhere he touched. It was how Anna looked soft and vulnerable that made it impossible for Robert to stop.

When he finally tugged at the buttons of her denim, she said, ‘don’t stop’ – and Robert understood the assignment. He touched her where it mattered the most – her ‘spot,’ and she moaned softly. Anna was so deliciously wet that Robert dug his fingers deep inside her – the more he pushed, the more she moaned.

And just like that, in a few minutes, Anna came – the first of many that night. Yes, Robert and Anna did have sex that night – it was intense, dirty, and everything you expect when you meet someone new and exciting on a dating app.

2. Sunday:


I love reading sex stories, especially hot as hell sexy spanking stores – while I was writing the last one, I found this one on Reddit! Stay tuned because things are about to get hotter.

Here it goes,

“I want you to tell me you’re coming. I want you to say my name. I want you to come all over my dick,” he says to me, low in my ear. We are on his sticky green couch, naked, in the middle of the day, and I am riding him hard and fast. There’s football on the TV, and my black lacy thong is lying crumpled on the coffee table where it landed when he yanked it down my legs.”

“You want me to come, baby?” I whisper. “Say it. Tell me what you want.”

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“You’re such a tease,” he murmured, sliding a finger through the split to play with me, stroking the wetness he’d found, swirling circles around my clit.”

“I want you to come right now,” he whispers back, biting my neck as I fuck him. “Tell me you’re coming. I wanna hear you come.”

And so I do. I tip my hips forward in just the right way, giving myself the exact kind of stimulation that makes me lose it, close to the edge, and then I am coming, gasping his name in his ear. I grasp at the back of the couch for balance because the waves come so hard and fast that I need stability.

“Come on, my dick,” he is saying over and over. “Baby, do you like it when you come on my dick?” I do. I really do.”

Once the waves have subsided and I can catch my breath, he pulls me into his room, and I ride him backward just the way he likes, fast, his hands on my ass. He likes to watch his dick slide in and out of me like this. I know what helps get him off: dragging my nails up and down his thighs, cupping and gently pulling on his balls, playing with my tits. “Give it to me,” I tell him. “Fill me up. I wanna feel you come inside me.”

He comes loudly, and I roll off his dick to lay down beside him, exhausted, blood thumping from toes to tits.

He laughs when I wake up three hours later, flushed and dazed. “I fucked you into a coma, babe.”

And That’s A Wrap!  

I know it was LITERALLY two sexy stories – I could have shared more. But were you guys ready for it? Because I can come back and always add more. So tell us what you think about these two stories. You can also look at these as sexy stories for women – at least, I do! Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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