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The Biggest Signs A Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It!

The Biggest Signs A Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It!

Signs A Coworker Likes You
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To be honest, workplace romance has always been a thing, irrespective of your relationship status outside the four walls of your office building.

So, raising your eyebrows and calling it a societal taboo will not do you any good. Instead, come down of that high and mighty platform in your head, and let’s talk about your office crush.

You have a crush at work, right? So do I, and it’s okay! There are days I can’t stop wondering whether he also likes me, and there are days when I hate him more than anyone else in this world.

So, yes, we have all been there. And it’s about time we talk about the biggest signs a coworker likes you, but you know, subtly (thanks to POSH)! And if you think it’s going to be similar to the signs he wants you badly sexually, you are not actually understanding this one.

I am not talking about that sleazy colleague who flirts in an obvious manner – the one you laugh at the water cooler. Nope, not him. I am talking about the one who makes you want to write a Wattpad novel – the unavailable hot guy who is charismatic but just not into you. Or so you think!

I have spent countless hours talking to people about such stuff, and I featured the most eccentric and specific points below! Because some signs on the internet cannot determine your specific situation. But reading about others and their experiences can!

So, let’s dive right in!

The Biggest Signs A Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It!

Biggest Signs A Coworker Likes You

Yes, what are the signs a coworker likes you but is hiding it?

After I started wondering about the feelings my crush might or might not have for me, I started reading blog after blog on the same topic. Yes, I was on the internet every night, asking questions that are taboo in the corporate.

And most of the blogs talked about the same signs. The same old signs!

The Same Old Signs Signs A Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It!

Signs A Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It!

Here’s an overview if you are not sure about these same old signs I am talking about:

  • They spend their free time with you.
  • They give a smile when they see you.
  • It is almost like they always have your back at work.
  • Their body language says that they are into you.
  • They share details about their personal life with you.
  • It is almost like they align his breaks with you.
  • They are always around you.
  • They will contact you after work hours or discuss other stuff, even during work hours.

But Here’s What We Think!  

These are definitely signs a coworker likes you and perhaps hiding it from you. But you know what’s the biggest sign?

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The biggest sign that your coworkers are into you is that when they perform a GRAND GESTURE for you! What’s the corporate equivalent of a Grand Gesture?

It can be anything.

  • Is someone making your life difficult at work? They are going to solve that problem, no matter what, and they will do that real fast.
  • So, is someone else hitting on you and taking their chances? Well, they are going to take care of that as well.
  • What if you are feeling demotivated at work? Even that they are going to take care of – trust me on this one!

Yes, you guys will steal glances at each other and smile when you are both around each other, and in groups, you will always tend to gravitate towards each other. Those are, of course, signs that something is happening, but in the end, it all boils down to the grand gesture! Find out if he is pulling one on you or not – and you will have your answer!

Corporate Opinion On Workplace ‘Tension’:

So, I spoke to a lot of people about the signs a coworker likes you and wants to keep that a secret. And I got some diverse answers – I am honestly stumped. But there’s a pattern – it always boils down to a grand gesture.

After all, a grand gesture is all about a person stepping up publicly to express their commitment towards you!

Here’s what my friends, colleagues, and random people on Facebook had to say on this topic!


  1. When they want to unionize with you and then actually follow through! 😌” – 29-year-old Woman (Senior Editor, Kolkata)
  1. When I forget to update a rather large task table for the entire team to be presented in weekly meetings and realize that my colleague has done it for me when the meeting starts.” – 32-year-old Woman (Coordinator, Kolkata)
  1. When they dig up your Instagram and decide which book to gift you on your birthday.” – 35-year-old Woman (Writer, Kolkata)
  1. My coworker put in a lot of effort to get me a job at his place, and he frequently holds my hand when high-fiving me, so I think he might like me? He also frequently gives me a lot of validation. I don’t know…” – 30-year-old man (Tech, Arlington)
  1. “Here in the US, it’s a little more direct!” – 29-year-old man (Graduate Assistant, Las Vegas)
  1. Seeing them more at work than you usually do. They make up tasks and small doubts to have a chat with you. The chai/ sutta breaks increase. Waiting for you to finish up work so y’all can walk out together.” – 26-year-old man (Project Program Coordinator, Kolkata)

Personal Interviews:  

  1. This is what happens in Paris: They wait for you and go for lunch together. They move into each other’s offices to have a chat and probably end up having coffee together. Sometimes, they get food or drinks from home for you.” – 28-year-old man (Scientist, Paris)
  1. Sudden exchange of glances, sometimes unexpectedly. Little signs showing you care. Providing a red pen in dire need when nobody would lend you one (in case you’re a teacher) and last but not the least, sharing food with that particular person when you bring something special from home.” – 32-year-old man (Teacher, Chakda)
  1. They will talk to you the least in the office. They will be more observant towards you. Also, they will stalk you on LinkedIn more often than your immediate senior or manager.  Even if they communicate in Teams, they would not overindulge. They would tend to avoid any group discussions that you are a part of.” – 27-year-old man (Software Engineer, New York City)
  1. Much expectedly, the person will be trying things at work to work towards a conversation. They would want to come up to you with a problem/question and seek a solution-centric conversation in relation to the same and then digress to things that are not even a part of the issues up for resolution. They would ask you to come down to the pantry for the food/sweets that they bring back from their hometown. Also, they meet at work parties with a drink and overshare – and if the scene goes drunk, then God help them to show their faces the next day at work.” – 25-year-old man (Corporate Lawyer, Mumbai)

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