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Question Of The Hour: What Are The Signs He Doesn’t Want You Sexually?

Question Of The Hour: What Are The Signs He Doesn’t Want You Sexually?

Signs He Doesn't Want You Sexually
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What are the signs he doesn’t want you sexually? If this is in your search list, we got you. We have compiled 10 signs that he does not want to be with you sexually. Go through them, and you will understand where you guys stand.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You Sexually

Signs He Doesn't Want You Sexually

Sex is not the only thing in a relationship. However, it is one of the core things that determines the quality of a relationship. Having a healthy sex life with your partner is the first sign that you guys will make it. But what are the signs he doesn’t want you sexually? We are here to answer that same question for you.

No Physical Contact  

Physical touch is not always about sex. Sometimes it is about bonding and love. When two people are attracted to each other physical affirmations like kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc. should come naturally to them. However, when a man is not physically attracted to you anymore, he will create physical distance between you two guys. And even when he touches you, it is awkward and feels compensatory. This is a huge sign that you should look out for.

He Does Not Want To Spend Time Alone  

Two people in a healthy relationship should spend quality time together. This will help them to explore each other. This, in turn, will lead to physical intimacy and positive sexual experiences. However, if he avoids spending alone time with you, then things do not feel right.

Rarely Compliments Your Physical Appearance

Does he get excited when you change in front of him? No? A man who is sexually attracted to you will compliment your physical appearance. He could either sexualize it or present it in a romantic way. Both are the signs of healthy sexual attraction. Howevevr, if the compliments have dried up or feel forced, then it is one of the signs he doesn’t want you sexually.

He Does Not Talk About Sex

One of the biggest red flags that he is not attracted to you sexually is that he does not discuss sex with you. He rarely brings the subject up. Even if you initiate the topic, he will just veer off of it. He only gives vague and condescending answers. In fact, he does not even try to make efforts to fix the sexual conflicts. This shows that he has lost interest, and your sex life is at the bottom of his priority list.  

Flirting Is A No-No

Earlier, he used to randomly flirt with you. He was kind with his words, and there was an actual sexual tension between you guys. But now, he does not flirt or just talks about the most mundane things of their day and would not even make an effort to be flirtatious with you. In fact, when you try and be flirty, he quickly changes the topic. Or he will reply with something very dry. All in all, the flirtatious back and forth between you guys is a distant memory.  

Sex Kind Of Feels Forced

The biggest sign that he does not want you is that he rarely initiates sex, and things feel forced on his part. Earlier, he used to melt whenever you tried touching him. Nowadays, he remains aloof or seems awkward when you try to physically touch him or be close to him. Even if he does agree to have sex with you, it feels extremely dry, without any effort, distracted, etc. This is because the person in question does not feel sexually attracted towards you anymore.

Never Uses Terms Of Endearment With You

Every relationship has its own terms of endearment. These terms can be boo, babe, baby, etc. Some even go the mile and start calling each other by their own unique pet name. Couples use these terms the most during their honeymoon stage. However, if he has kind of stopped using these terms of endearment when talking to you, it can be a sign. This is a clear sign that something is wrong. It is one of the biggest signs he doesn’t want you sexually the way he used to.

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Makes Excuses To Avoid Sex

Apart from lackadaisical sexual zeal, there is another sign that you need to look for. Whenever you bring up the topic of sex, or you express your wish to have sex, he will come up with an excuse. I mean, if you guys are long-term partners, you are probably living together. And his staple excuse would be that he is tired. Apart from this golden excuse, he will surely come up with a million different excuses to avoid sex at any cost. This can result in a loveless marriage or relationship.

Abbysmal Hygiene

A person who is sexually active will try and maintain some standards of hygiene. It is one of the most basic things to do. He will go out of his way to maintain his body in a certain way so that it sexually arouses you. However, if he has stopped doing that, then this is a sign that he might not be into you anymore. It is his latent way of saying that he does not prioritize sex with you and cannot be bothered by it.

Always Seems Irritated

When a man is not sexually attracted to you, he will slowly become bitter towards you. He is not sweet, patient, or kind to you. Being around him is like walking on eggshells. He hates it when you try and ask for his help or share something with him. In fact, something as simple as cooking together can turn out to be an all-out shouting match. This is a sign that he is not sexually attracted to you anymore.

Closing Thoughts

And those are some of the signs he doesn’t want you sexually. While I know that letting go is a tough thing to do. But in the long run, it is that or being in a loveless relationship with a man who cares very little about your sexual needs. Choose wisely.

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