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What Does Manipulation In A Relationship Feel Like?

What Does Manipulation In A Relationship Feel Like?

signs of a manipulative man
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Is your partner constantly picking up on you, saying, “you are overreacting,” and “It’s all your fault?” 

Distorted relationships, verbal arguments, and breakups- are some of the most common signs of an unhealthy relationship. But when it comes to manipulation, you know that things are exceeding limits. 

Believing what isn’t there is the initial point of manipulation. And sometimes, it becomes too difficult to figure it out unless a third person enlightens us.

If you are trapped in a similar situation and don’t know what to do, here are some common signs of a manipulative man. Keep reading to save yourself from severe mind games. 

What Does Manipulation Mean?

What Does Manipulation Mean_

The act of using emotional exploitation and mental distortion to influence a person and make-believe that their actions are wrongdoings is called manipulation

A manipulator mainly focuses on controlling others and getting things done their way. Usually, they are someone who is well aware of your weaknesses and uses the latter against you. 

Manipulation, in no form, can be beneficial. However, when it exceeds to a certain limit, the person on the other end might need some support. 

It is very common in relationships that your partner manipulates you. But can we blame it? 

Most teenage and some adult relationships begin with sharing the deepest secrets. It is good to have a reliable person around you to whom you can tell, literally, everything. 

But it doesn’t take much time for a person to start using your weaknesses against you. I remember dating someone who knew I couldn’t stay without communicating, and that’s what he always did!

It became a habit for this manipulator to end communication after every pity argument. Unfortunately, this habit became the reason for ending the relationship. 

And I know I am not the sole sufferer. All of you reading this will definitely relate to that “one time” you think you were manipulated. 

5 Most Common Signs Of A Manipulative Man Or Woman

5 Most Common Signs Of A Manipulative Man Or Woman

Manipulation from your partner can come in many forms. While some choose to gaslight, others are really good at withdrawals. It is upon you to decide which behavior matches the best with your partner. 

1. Gaslighting

    ■ Person 1: Are you a red flag?

    ■ Person 2: Who said I am a red flag?

    ■ Person 1: You said it yourself!

    This is gaslighting. 

    So, the number one tip is to check what words or phrases your partner is using to describe your behavior. Also, how often it is. 

    Do you get to hear how crazy or sensitive you are? If yes, this could be an alarming sign of possible manipulation. 

    Most manipulative partners gaslight to deny their wrongdoings and instead blame you for their toxic behavior. Constant gaslighting can lead you to think little of yourself. 

    2. Playing The Victim Card

      A manipulator can never accept their flaws or mistakes, I repeat, never! If they have been committing any wrong, say cheating in a relationship, they are going to blame everybody except themselves. 

      For example, they will first blame you for not being a competent partner. Secondly, they would blame the second person, stating that they charmed and tricked them into cheating. 

      Recall the incidents when you might have noticed any such thing in the past. 

      It is easy to play the victim card and make you believe that the fault was yours. But no more!

      If you witness such signs, it’s time to stop them right away. A manipulator never changes, no matter how many times they ask for forgiveness. 

      3. Emotional Tug-Of-War

        Well, the signs of a manipulative man don’t end there. Manipulators also excel at using someone’s emotions and making them a pupper at their hands. 

        One moment, you will receive showers of affection, and the next moment, they will withdraw themselves. This emotional tug-of-war is not only annoying but also difficult to deal with. 

        If your partner is very loving and talkative at one moment and doesn’t even care about responding to your texts the next, trust me, darling, he isn’t the one!

        Unless your relationship is based on a secure emotional foundation, it will never last long. Watch ths signs and give up on things that aren’t worth your attention!

        4. Behaving Passive-Aggressively

          We all hate that colleague who doesn’t tell you the problem directly but instead complains to the management, and now everyone starts acting cold. Don’t we?

          What if the same applies to our relationships? 

          What if your manipulative boyfriend skips direct communication and instead starts using his passive-aggressive behavior? It’s too difficult to deal with a person who doesn’t believe in open and uncomfortable communication. 

          Sometimes, they might also use immature emotional reactions like blocking you on social media and stuff to bait you into initiating the conversation after an argument. 

          Woah, girl! Stop there, don’t even text him back. It’s just his other tactic to get you back into what he wants. Don’t be fooled. 

          5. Isolating You

            Those who manipulate and have been in this game for a long time might want to control everything you do. Not only do they try cutting you off from your folks, but they also isolate you and make you all alone. 

            Yes, that’s a common sign!

            Emotionally manipulative people try to gain your family or friends’ support for their benefit. On getting the slightest idea that you want to quit, they start convincing your family to ask you to stay. 

            If you’ve been getting the feeling of your partner isolating you from everyone lately, it’s time to speak up for yourself. 

            Manipulation Vs Honesty: How To Tell The Difference

            Manipulation Vs Honesty_ How To Tell The Difference

            Manipulation doesn’t take place only in relationships. A friend of yours who wants to set you up with her boyfriend’s roommate would manipulate you to break up with your boyfriend. 

            So, how to tell the difference? How do you understand the difference between a thoughtful friend/partner and a manipulator? 

            Check out some unmissable pointers here: 

            Honest ApproachesManipulation
            From a partner: Hey, do you want to watch my favorite movie tonight?If you truely love me, you’d not say no to my favorite movie. 
            From a friend: I think my friend is a great match for you. Do you want me to set you both up?I saw your boyfriend hanging out with some girl in the subway. Dump him; “there are plenty of fishes in the sea…”
            A partner will always say, “I want to resolve this fight before we hit the bed.” A manipulator will choose to ignore you till the time you beg for their attention. 

            Did you see the differences? I know it’s not very easy to accept the reality right away. But now you have multiple ways to discover whether he is manipulating you or telling you the truth. 

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            How To Deal With A Manipulative Boyfriend?

            How To Deal With A Manipulative Boyfriend_

            Emotional abuse is unacceptable, and so is manipulation. You can never really change a grown-up, can you?

            Now that you are well aware of the signs of a manipulative man let’s move on to the next step. 

            Of course, there are ways to deal with a manipulator if breaking up isn’t possible at this moment. But our preliminary suggestion will always be to quit such a relationship. 

            1. Confront Them Without Fear

              Emotional manipulation is not easy to recognize, and it might take some time. And when you recognize it, make sure you act like its no big deal. 

              Manipulation should always be addressed, no matter how scary the perpetrator is. Strike an honest conversation with your manipulative boyfriend. 

              Ask them about the time they slammed a door on your face when you were trying to talk to them. 

              Tell them that such behavior not only disappoints you but also questions your selection. If they are upto an honest conversation and trying to apply the same from the next time, they might give up on manipulation, somehow. 

              2. Set Boundaries

                Setting boundaries is so easy to say, right? On the battlefield, it’s actually very difficult to implement. 

                The partner you are living, eating, or hanging out with cannot be stopped to know your whereabouts. You think that, don’t you?

                But it’s important that you start taking action for their manipulative behavior. For example, you might straight away say no to any conversation they don’t answer directly. 

                Express that you understand how they are playing with your mind. Don’t entertain them!

                3. Get Support

                  For every 2-person relationship, there’s a third person who knows all about it. Sometimes, it’s a trusted sibling, cousin, friend, and even parent. 

                  Seek help from them by telling them what’s going on. If they talk to this manipulator very often, they might get into the depth of this matter. 

                  But if you are in a situation where you cannot tell anyone about this manipulator, it’s time to get help from therapists. Therapy or counseling helps you get clarity. 

                  Last but not least, if you feel like ending things up for the sake of your mental peace, do so! Nothing is worth our mental health- always remember that!

                  Parting Thoughts

                  It’s “not normal” for someone to trick you into their words. It is actually problematic when you cannot do things you actually want. 

                  Don’t be a mere puppet at the hands of your manipulator boyfriend. 

                  Honesty is what keeps the relationship alive. If your partner isn’t honest about their feelings towards you, they don’t deserve this relationship. 

                  With this, it’s a wrap on the signs of a manipulative man. Are you being manipulated? Comment below and tell us.

                  Take help from a trusted individual and make sure you get out of a situation that’s making you numb day by day. Hope begins when we start believing in the power of help!

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