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15+ Signs That She Likes You But Doesn’t Want to Show It!

15+ Signs That She Likes You But Doesn’t Want to Show It!

how to tell if a girl likes you
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We all desire to have that “special someone” in our lives, but not all of us are lucky enough to have them in one go. Settling with one person for the entire life isn’t an easy decision. 

But what if you have someone specific by your side and aren’t too sure about her feelings? If you don’t know exactly how to tell if a girl likes you, don’t worry; we have got your back!

In today’s guide, you are going to discover 25+ telltale signs of whether a girl likes you or not. So, dive deep into it!

15+ Signs That She Likes You But Doesn’t Want to Show It!

Let’s admit it: girls are a bit shy in nature. They aren’t always as outgoing as a guy, and definitely not when it’s the heart’s matter. They want you to make the first move. So, if your girl does the following while you are around, you know it’s a yes from her side:

1. She finds you funny!

She finds you funny!

Let’s start with something “Friends” and “The Office” inspired us with. I never knew it was so important for boys to have a heightened sense of humor to impress a girl until I saw these sitcoms. 

Hence, if the one you’re thinking about smiles and laughs a lot around you, she might be super impressed by your humor. Don’t be amazed by it; she might not help it at all!

2. Her frequent blushing

Her frequent blushing

This is a common sign when boys want to know whether their female friend likes them or not. Blushing is psychologically related to people with whom we picture ourselves in a romantic fashion. 

Hence, the next important step to check is whether she blushes often or not. Whether it’s just an embarrassing story or a lousy joke by you- if she is entertained all through them, it’s a sign!

You are popular among her friends!

How to tell if a girl likes you? Just ask her friends about it. Trust me, girls can hide the deepest secret from everyone but not their girlfriends. 

If her friends constantly point at you when you’re around, boy, she might be into you. 

There’s a fear of rejection in 90% of girls, and if she’s talking high about you in front of her acquaintance, she definitely likes you. But won’t admit it, of course!

4. The girl never forgets what you have said

15+ Signs That She Likes You But Doesn't Want to Show It!

Having someone by your side who remembers every little detail about you- how fantastic is that? I mean, in a world full of noise, who remembers that?

Maybe a girl who is interested in you! 

Inspect if the one you’re thinking about while reading this remembers things you might have said once or twice. If she does, you know she is the one!

5. She gets annoyed easily

She gets annoyed easily

A girl is most likely to be interested in you if she gets upset over little things. She might not want to reflect on her feelings in front of you, but she’s getting angry or annoyed for intangible reasons. 

This is also a common sign. For instance, when you don’t give her ample attention or when you talk to someone else in front of her. 

Watch out for the signs and make the most of the opportunities that come your way!

6. Takes the initiative to keep you happy!

Takes the initiative to keep you happy!

Laughing at your illogical jokes is fine. But a girl who is much into you will try to make you laugh as well.

She is most likely to crack jokes or tell you a funny story that will make you smile. So, don’t be confused anymore because now you know she likes you.

7. She keeps playing with her hair

She keeps playing with her hair

How to tell if a girl likes you? Look at her posture while you talk to her. Does she play with her hair too often or touch her face? This might call out that she’s into you!

Touching hair or other body parts is very common for girls, and they tend to do it very often in the presence of someone special. 

8. You know her whereabouts

You know her whereabouts.

Someone who discusses their plans with you should mean a lot because nobody wants to get tracked down. A girl who finds you attractive but hides the fact might tell you about her plans. 

If you know where she is, most of the time, congratulations, you are on her list already. Opening up about dreams and plans is a common telltale sign that your bond is strong. 

9. Eyes never lie!

Eyes never lie!

Eye contact has a strong resemblance to love interests. The girl who’s very fond of you might blush a lot around you, but at the same time, she will maintain eye contact. 

So, if she looks at you fearlessly while talking, congrats, you already won here. 

10. You both share the same interests!

You both share the same interests!

People in love tend to change themselves, and that’s the case with admiration, too. Stop searching for how to tell if a girl likes you” because here’s a simple answer. 

If this girl has started taking an interest in things you like doing, she might have started liking you. It is upon you to check if her likes and dislikes are influenced by you. 

11. She wants to spend time with you, ‘alone.’

She wants to spend time with you,alone.

We always love to spend time with our favorite person and talk and giggle with them. Look out for signs if the girl you have in mind wants to spend some time with just you. 

If that’s the case, make sure you don’t wreck things by calling friends or others to join. Go with the flow and spend some time with her to dig more into her feelings. 

12. Does she call you at her home very often? It might be a sign, as well!

Does she call you at her home very often_ It might be a sign, as well!

Have you become a frequent visitor at her house when her parents are or aren’t there? Bravo, you have won her heart already!

She might invite you to a dinner party or simply do some work together. This could be the biggest sign that something’s been cooking up between you two. 

13. You know her secret name

You know her secret name

We all have an embarrassing nickname our parents or siblings call us. Let’s admit it, it’s something we don’t want the world to know and definitely not the person we like. 

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But if you two are close enough, chances are you already know this secret name of hers. 

14. She prioritizes you over others

She prioritizes you over others

She might have a lot of friends around her and yet to choose you. If you receive such special treatment from her, she’s definitely into you. When a girl likes you but doesn’t want to show it, she gives her 100% attention to you.  

If you accidentally run into her and she leaves everything she has been doing, you’ve already won her. 

15. She buys you presents!

She buys you presents!

Has your girl ever given you a memorable present? 43% of girls tend to gift their special ones, even if it’s just a small gift. 

Go back and try to remember, have you ever received a bracelet by her or a flower. One of the fewest answers to how to tell if a girl likes you is the gift she brings for you. 

16. The girl supports you

The girl supports you

One of the biggest things “women in love” do is support their loved ones in front of everyone. If you are bullied at school or college and the girl always favors you, she might be into you. 

Check her behavior when someone else tries to make fun of you. If she laughs at other’s jokes, she might not be the perfect pair. 

17. You make her nervous

You make her nervous.

Are you making her nervous just by your presence? If she feels shy or nervous every time you’re around, she is possibly manifesting you in her life. 

There’s a logical reason for this behaviour which is people get scared by the fact that they might upset or annoy their favourite person. They don’t wish to commit anything wrong, which is why they get nervous. 

18. She replicates your behavior

She replicates your behavior

A girl who likes you might unintentionally mirror your behavior and body language. For instance, she might try to act cool just like you do or sip her drink when you do the same thing. 

This might be a silly sign, but that’s how girls are in love, hopelessly romantic. So, watch out for the signs meticulously. 

Boys, Take Cues Wherever Possible!

In the history of mankind, romantic relationships have always remained in a gray area. It is impossible to say when a person falls in or out of a particular feeling for a particular person. 

So, how to tell if a girl likes you is a very logical question. After all, it’s your present, and you have the complete right to make your present better.

Check out the above cues! If you pass most of them, congratulations the girl most probably likes you. However, we always encourage you to be clear about things so that you don’t fall prey to misconceptions. 

Approach the girl directly and ask her- it’s that easy! 

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