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Snapchat Cheating: It’s Sneaky, Sly, And Everything That We Detest!

Snapchat Cheating: It’s Sneaky, Sly, And Everything That We Detest!

Snapchat Cheating
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Cheating is one word that has been plaguing all my conversations recently – not because I am guilty or my partner is acting weird. It’s because too many people in monogamous relationships resort to some form of cheating at the slightest temptation or even dissatisfaction in some cases.

A few months ago, I remember writing about Micro cheating – FYI, it’s like that gray area between staying loyal and having a full-fledged affair. But you know what, for me, cheating is cheating – there’s nothing micro or macro about it. But then again, it also depends on different people and their personal relationship boundaries.

Recently, a colleague was telling us about how her boyfriend had been cheating on her for months, and she had no idea. He was actually very smart about it – he was using Snapchat to cheat on his girlfriend and ensured that there was no evidence. But one day, she found out – she literally had his phone when a text popped up, a text that was very inappropriate.

And, of course, there were no other texts preceding that one inappropriate message, but then it was enough to make her suspicious.

After denying all allegations for hours, her boyfriend came out clean. We were shocked when we heard about this story, and TBH, I am done with Snapchat – I am too scared now! A new type of cheating has appeared in the dating world, and the internet has labeled it Snapchat cheating – yes, it’s a legit way to cheat!

My colleague’s story opened my eyes to this brand-new method of cheating, and now I am obsessed with the concept. After talking to multiple victims of Snapchat cheating and doing sufficient research on the term, I am ready to give my ‘insightful’ take on this debatable topic – stay tuned!

So, What Is Snapchat Cheating?

What Is Snapchat Cheating

Snapchat used to be one of my favorite social media platforms until my colleague shared her story a few days ago. Of course, today, it’s just a space to share snaps, maintain streaks, and keep up with the world.

But everything on Snapchat is temporary – and that is definitely the allure for cheaters, making it a love nest for many people across the globe.

For instance, if you send an inappropriate photo to someone on the app, it will disappear once seen – oh, and no screenshots since if someone does screenshot your snap, the platform will inform you.

Naturally, cheating on Snapchat is known as Snapchat cheating, and it is fairly easy. Snapchat cheating indicates that the platform was the starting point from where all the cheating started. It can also indicate having a physical or emotional affair on the platform, using the platform for such communication.

Of course, this is a very toxic trend, and it should definitely end. But as social media platforms are becoming popular, cheaters will definitely find some way to abuse them.

Sure, your ex is only a click away, and it just makes the cheating more accessible and easier. But if you don’t want to cheat or be against it, then you probably won’t.

Emotional Cheating Versus Physical Cheating:

Emotional Cheating Versus Physical Cheating

When my colleague told me about Snapchat cheating, I was so confused and ended up blurting out, “But how can they cheat over some app?

I was too confused to understand that anyone can cheat via any medium. There is no one way to go about it. Sure, there are people for whom cheating can exist in physical form only. But there is so much more to cheating than just doing it physically.

See, most individuals who cheat are not exactly doing it for sex. In some cases, they are just validating their egos, and in other cases, they might have real feelings as well.

If your partner keeps talking to someone every night about their deepest feelings, and you have no idea about the existence of a bond, then that is definitely emotional cheating. But then cheating has a lot to do with what individuals consider as boundaries in their relationships.

So, if you don’t know about your partner’s ‘2 am friend’ and that doesn’t bother you, then good for the two of you. But if it bothers you, then it’s definitely emotional cheating.

The point is, when your partner hooks up with another person, they are cheating on you physically. But it is possible they can cheat on you in some other ways as well. If your partner is involved emotionally with another person or is emotionally intimate with them, then it is definitely cheating.

Is My Partner Snapchat Cheating?

Is My Partner Snapchat Cheating

So, the main question here is: is your partner Snapchat cheating? After much research, including my long conversations with multiple individuals who have faced this, I was able to pinpoint four BIG signs that clearly indicate your partner is cheating on you!

Here are four major signs that show your partner is cheating on you!

1. They Shield Their Phones From You:  

Of course, there could be several innocent reasons to shield your phone from your partner. What if there’s a surprise planned especially for you? Or, maybe they bought you a nice present and want to keep it a surprise.

But if they start acting too protective of their phones regularly, then that’s a sign. If they get frazzled when you pick their phones up to see the time, then that is definitely a major sign.

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2. They Are Spending Too Much Time On Snapchat:  

Spending too much time on Snapchat is another sign they might be cheating. I mean, it is not literally the easiest way to communicate with someone on this platform. All your messages tend to disappear, and it can be inconvenient.

But apparently, for your partner, if the app has become a matter of convenience, it clearly indicates that they are hiding something important from you.

3. They Are Smiling At Their Phones A Lot:  

If your partner is frequently on Snapchat, checking their phones secretly, and smiling distractedly, then chances are someone else is also making them smile. It also shows that they are not even trying to hide it from you.

When marijuana was illegal, people would end up smoking it in crowded places. That way, it would become too difficult for authorities to find out who is smoking the weed. It’s just psychology.

And it is true for cheating. You know you should not cheat, but sometimes you want to do it even more!

4. They Have Been Distancing Themselves From You:  

Now, this is not just true for Snapchat cheating, but rather for any kind of cheating. Once your partner starts becoming distant, there is definitely a reason behind it. And in most cases, people tend to notice the distance only when they are about to lose their partners.

And there could be many reasons for the cheating. But then, at the same time, it could also be because they are connecting with another person behind your back.

And if they are also doing all the things we have mentioned above and there is distance between the two of you, chances are something is definitely up, and you have no idea.

Snapchat Cheating Is So Not Cool: It’s Time To Walk Away!  

If you find out that your partner is Snapchat cheating on you, then most people will tell you. It’s on you, and you should decide what to do about it. Yes, it’s undoubtedly a sneaky way to be unfaithful in your present relationship. But just because it is a sly way to cheat, it doesn’t mean it is okay to do so.

Trust me, you deserve better than a partner who cheats on you via any medium.

Then again, if ending the relationship is not on your mind, it’s on you how you want to handle it. But do let us know how you choose to handle something as sneaky and insensitive as cheating on Snapchat!

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