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True Love Is When He Ignores You: Is It True?

True Love Is When He Ignores You: Is It True?

True Love Is When He Ignores You
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Has this ever happened when you have been friends with a guy for a long time, and suddenly they start ignoring you? Or has this ever happened where you felt a connection with a guy and confronted them, and they have ghosted you for days? This can signify that the guy has taken a liking to you but has got commitment issues. Or to put it in a mainstream way, “true love is when he ignores you.”

Ignoring someone doesn’t always mean that they are ignoring you or they are not interested in you. Sometimes they fail to communicate their feelings and cannot speak up. But there can be several other reasons why a guy might be ignoring you. Whatever the reason, do not overthink it.

Let’s start with the possible reasons why a guy can be ignoring you.

What are the possible reasons behind a guy ignoring you?

Being ignored by a person you like is never easy to deal with. You might feel low, depressed, or restless, but first try to learn the reason behind this behavior and then communicate it with them if you want to.

He wants personal space

This is the simplest of all the reasons and the most obvious one. Maybe he just wants some space from himself and does not even realize he is ignoring you.

He wants personal space

Every individual is different and has separate needs. You might not enjoy being alone long, but the other person might. This is something that cannot be calculated. You just have to give him that time until he wants to communicate with you.

But once he is ready to talk to you, communicate about this issue with him and find common ground where you can coexist together.

He is not good at communicating

He is not good at communicating

Not everybody is good at communicating. Especially boys. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves and not communicate with the person. If you guys used to be close and suddenly he has stopped all communications, there is a high chance that he is going through something, or there is some problem, but he cannot share those with you.

He doesn’t want to be around you

He doesn't want to be around you

This sounds harsh, but this is a possible reason behind his ignoring you. Maybe he is not finding you interesting or has changed his mind about you. If this is the scenario, pull yourself together, and move on.  Don’t waste your time here anymore.

He has commitment issues

He has commitment issues

This is a prevalent issue. If he likes you and knows that you like him back, he might start to ignore you because he fears commitment. The thought of committing to a relationship might scare him away. In this case, it’s best to talk to them and ask them what they want to do.

Do guys ignore you when they like you?  

The answer to this question is yes; if a guy likes you, he will ignore you sometimes. And there can be several reasons behind that. True love is when he ignores you, it is not just a myth. This is actually true sometimes. Let’s find out the reasons behind this behavior.

His feelings are not getting reciprocated

Every guy who is in love would want their love to be reciprocated. And not just guys; it implies all human beings. They want to get the same love and affection back that they are willing to offer.

His feelings are not getting reciprocated

But they start acting out or feeling dejected when they don’t get that.

Maybe the case is you dont feel the same way he feels for you and he is trying to get distant from you.

He is afraid of commitments  

It would be stating the obvious when I say men have got commitment issues. They like to live by their rules and deal with life in their own way. Even when they love the other person deeply, committing to them in a long-term relationship scares them and that thought makes them ignore you.

But dont get fooled. If they want to be with you they will overcome all their fears just to have you in their life.

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He feels you are too good for him  

This happens because of insecurity. If a women is successfull and independent , men often feel that they are too good for him and they don’t deserve her. This is when they start ignoring you, thinking this is for the best. Well here we can say that true love is when he ignores you.

He feels you are too good for him  

He dosent want to hold you back from anything, they want you to exceed and feels that they are not good enough for you.

He has some bad experience from the past  

They can start to ignore you out of fear from past experiences. If they had a bad experience in their previous relation they might not want to go through that all over again. In these cases they would prefer to be alone even if they love you .

He has some bad experience from the past  

As humans sometimes we show some similar traits with some other person and when that happens the old memories rushes back and scares them to their very core. And because of that they can ignore you even if they truely love you.

He is upset with you

We are humans and often make mistakes even when we don’t want to. We hurt people unknowingly. If you have hurt your man knowingly and unknowingly they may start ignoring you because you have hurt them.

He is upset with you

They would want you to confront that and apologize. They also want some pampering once in  while.

Trying to hide something from you

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that they can hide something from you? When he has done something that might ruin your relationship but truely feel for you then he can start ignoring you.

This again proves that true love is when he ignores you. May be they are scared that if they come in front of you they will blurt it out or hurt you in some way.

What can you do if you feel he is ignoring you?

Well, sometimes, things get out of hand, and you are left with no solution. But before the situation turns to this, there are a few things that you can do.

Make sure he is actually ignoring you

Sometimes things get confusing, and you feel that your partner is ignoring you. He might be busy with some work or occupied with something else. He may be not even ignoring you, and just involved with himself. So, before you jump to any conclusions, make sure he is actually ignoring you.

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Know what is bothering him

The basic thing that you should do is ask him directly if there is anything that is bothering him. There are two possible solutions to this. Either he will share the truth with you, or he will make some excuse. If he speaks up, try to find a solution to it, if not, then listen to his works and make sure what he is hiding.

Earn his trust

If you believe that the love you both have is true, or if you share a bond with him, then be genuine around him. Even when he is ignoring you. If you do that, he will have trust in you, and after a while, share what is bothering him, or what are the reasons behind his actions.

Tell him that ignoring you will not be the solution

If you know that the person genuinely loves you, then tell them that ignoring you will not help the situation. Instead, he needs to fess up if there is anything that is bothering him or if he actually has feelings for you.

Do not overreact and make the situation worse

It is normal to lose control over your emotions when your partner does something that you dont like. Ignoring is something that nobody receives gladly. So, if you think they are ignoring you, calm yourself, be gentle, and do not overreact in front of them. This can make the situation even worse and can even cost you the love of your life.

Apologize if you have been the reason somehow

If you find out that you have done something wrong, then do not hesitate to apologize. Apologizing when you know you are at fault is a good way to fix the situation.

Give the man some space

Well, when everything goes wrong, and nothing works, then all you can do is give hem someplace. Whether a person is in a relationship or not, they require space from time to time. Let him make his own decision, make his own choice. If he genuinely loves you, he is going to come back to you.

Bottom line  

To get a recap, it is not always true that a guy is ignoring you because he is in love with you. The fact that true love is when he ignores you, ha a fifty fifty chance of being true. But if they start ghosting you suddenly then it is better to give them some space, but if you are in a relationship just ask them point blank what the issue is.

That is the best possible way to know what exactly is going on. But just don’t overwhelm them with all your emotions. That might backfire and they can start thinking that you are invading their private space. So calm down, take a deep breathe and take it slow. Things will fall into places automatically.

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