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The Deepest True Sex Stories & Fantasies On The Internet in 2022

The Deepest True Sex Stories & Fantasies On The Internet in 2022

true sex stories
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If you are in love with literature and sensual writing, then it is more than just about sex when you are reading these true sexual stories. These sex stories can either be dirty, erotic, or filthy funny; it is not only about just sex. 

To know these real sex stories, which are a blend of erotica and full of passion, then keep on scrolling down to read these spicy, erotic sexy short stories. 

Deepest True Sexual Stories

Reading these short erotic stories is more than you being desperate or you being single for a long time. These are a few of the most erotic stories on the internet in 2022. 

But there is something about reading these true sexual stories that are more than just literature pornography. It is more like an art form blended with the sweet erotic essence of sex. 

1. A Messy Heat And Tangled Bodies

Messy Heat

For all the Supernatural Fans out there, you guys know how much we wanted something to happen between goofy and rough Dean and our favorite blue-eyed angel Castiel. The sexual tension between the two of them was always there.

This is why the erotic fan fiction of Supernatural, A Messy Heat, fulfilled all our deepest desires. The sex story goes something like this, Dean has a cat boy named Castiel, but he calls him Cas. 

The thought of bathing Cas and cleaning his whole naked body flustered Dean for sure. But how could he express that gazing at his wet naked body is all that he ever wanted? 

Dean asked Castiel how he fell in a puddle, to which Cas replied, “I was chasing a bee first, but then I got distracted.” 

He actually stopped to look at some flowers, and he continued, “How nice it would be to have you fuck me amongst the flowers.” Though they were of different species, that didn’t matter anymore. 

Cas inched closer to Dean and bit his neck while wrapping his fingers around his dick and started to pump it faster and harder, just the way Dean liked. 

2. Spring Break… Girls Going Wild!

This hot sex stories of girls gone wild lesbian sex story is from a fanfiction named Spring Break from the Gilmore Girls. While Rory is a shy, timid girl who knows nothing about sex, on the other hand, Paris is experienced when it comes to sex. 

Paris is willing to show her how to have sex, and Rory loses her virginity to Paris. Whether we needed this sexual relationship or not is for you to judge. 

When Paris pressed her lips up against Rory’s, she had never kissed a girl before, but it felt nice when she felt her fingers against her slim body. Then she lowered her head to suck at Rory’s collarbone and neck.

When Paris started to nibble at Rory’s breast, her mouth hung open as the pleasure was like a current flowing all over her slender naked body. This was a strange feeling but wasn’t unwelcoming. 

Rory felt the goosebumps all across her body and the soft, tender pleasure she was receiving from Paris. 

3. My Summer Sun

Summer Sun

While circling her fingers around her clit, she could utter only one name, and that was Edward. She wished for him to be here with her, and inside of her, penetrating her, over and over again. 

It’s been a year since Edward left her, and no pill or therapy helped; she bought a few toys to tired herself out to sleep. So she took out her favorite one, the Rabbit. 

While still dripping from her previous session, she slowly spread her legs again and penetrated the rabbit inside of her. Bella closed her eyes and imagined Edward getting inside of her; that was the only way she could feel him inside of her. 

My Summer Sun is a fanfiction about the year when Edward left Bella, and only Jacob was here to comfort her and give her what she wanted. 

A wet Jacob with a see-through shirt showing his ripped body is all that was needed to break the sexual tension between the two. Bella wanted the animal in Jacob to come out while he was inside of her. 

As who the hell needs a rabbit when you have a werewolf!

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4. Midnight Desires

Midnight Desires

Both of Ron’s hands were at her lower hip, his long fingers circling the skin just above her pubic hair. She squirmed and moaned a bit as she knew what was going to happen now, and she was fine with where it was going. 

Finally, he pressed his palm into me with three fingers into her vagina. “You’re so fucking wet. Hermoine,” said Ron. 

Midnight is fantasy fiction based on a sexualized scene between Ron and Hermoine during the time of Deathly Hallows. This is about the hot sex story about Ronmoine; 

This was the tie before they devised a plan to rescue Harry from the Dursleys. This is when Hermoine asks Ron where they stand. What was their relationship?

Frequently Asked Questions!

Fan fictions are more than twisted character arches; it is about writing down your fantasies. If you have any more queries regarding these fanfiction sex stories, then here are what others have asked. 

1. What Are The 10 Best Sexy Fan Fictions?

The 10 best sexy fan fictions for your to enjoy are,

➼ Harry Potter – Midnight
➼ Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Coming Out Of The Bedroom
➼ Killing Eve – Will You Give Me Everything I Want?
➼ Twilight – My Summer Sun
➼ The Walking Dead – Friction
➼ Harry Styles – After
➼ Gilmore Girls – Spring Break
➼ The Hunger Games – My Dirty Little One Shot
➼ Doctor Who – Midnight Reunion
➼ Supernaturals – A Messy Heat

2. What Is The Best Fan Fiction Sex Novel?

A few of the best fan fiction sex stories you might find online are,

➼ Mortal to Omnipotent by Eternal Monarch
➼ Adam Black The Grand Sorcerer by Imabethatguy
➼ Sex Stories by Ero Saint
➼ Harry Potter and the Dual Lord by SlyOW
➼ Pokemon: Becoming Legend by Generis

Wrapping Up!

Sexy erotic stories are more than just for the pleasures of the skin; it is way more passionate and intimate than that. It is about how your body makes you feel when you touch it sensually and get inside yourself. 

True sexual stories help you to understand your own sexual desires and wild fantasies by exploring your own body.

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