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Virgo And Cancer Compatibility: No Lightweight Romance, Just Some Lasting Love!

Virgo And Cancer Compatibility: No Lightweight Romance, Just Some Lasting Love!

Virgo and Cancer compatibility
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Perhaps Virgo and Cancer are the two most reserved zodiac signs out there. These two signs will swallow in self-pity from afar, crushing over each other sometime before one of them does something about the situation.

Moreover, the two signs prefer to know about each other on a much deeper level and prefer taking things slow.

Of course, it won’t be intense or even remotely fiery like Cancer compatibility with Aquarius, Libra, or worse, Aries.

But a Cancer’s relationship with Virgo, on the other hand, might actually work out in the long run. Moreover, the Virgo and Cancer compatibility factor only explains better why this grounded and emotional pair actually works out as a couple.

Theresa Reed, a professional astrologer, spoke about the compatibility the two signs share with Bustle. She said, “This would be a loving, nurturing relationship. Both signs are caretakers, so they’re right at home with each other. Sensitive Cancer helps Virgo get in touch with their feelings, and Virgo’s grounded practicality gives Cancer the security they crave.

Then, another astrologer, Amber Kalm, also shared with Bustle how a Virgo-Cancer relationship is pretty common.

But oddly, these two zodiac signs do not actually make the perfect match on paper. For one, while Virgo is a dependable zodiac, Cancer is a sensitive and constantly evolving water sign. Also, Virgo is a judgmental earth sign – sometimes notoriously so.

Virgo is also highly critical. This can become a little more than a Cancer can actually handle, considering Cancers will take everything personally. Additionally, for any highly organized zodiac sign such as Virgo, Cancer’s mind is chaos. A Cancer’s many mood swings can be a big turn-off for a Virgo.

However, in spite of the differences, the two zodiacs tend to gravitate towards one another – both in friendships and romance.

The Virgo And Cancer Compatibility Story: Some Lasting Love, Ladies And Gentlemen!

Virgo And Cancer Compatibility

The Virgo and Cancer relationship has great potential, and it’s like fine wine – it ages better with time. Both Virgo and Cancer are disciplined and goal-oriented. They are devoted and sincere to each other. Moreover, both the signs also share a mutual sense of purpose.

TBH, there’s no lightweight love between the two, but only lasting romance. These two zodiac signs weren’t actually built for flings.

Additionally, Virgo and Cancer both deeply like each other. While Cancer respects Virgo’s intelligence and keen adaptability, Virgo appreciates Cancer’s dedication and quiet strength.

It is possible that two signs can have a really slow start, but then, over a period of time, their bonds only become stronger. The Virgo-Cancer love match typically prides itself on strong principles and common sense over fleeting or inconsequential connections and fluff.

Moreover, the two signs are a sucker for the material comforts that life has to offer. But they will also feel at peace if their bounty is a result of their transparent hard work.

However, problems could arise between the two if Virgo is too critical of Cancer’s sensitive side. Cancerians have to make peace with how Virgos will point out their observations – it is their basic nature to do so and not to take it personally.

Additionally, Virgos might get frazzled by the stubborn streak inside a Cancer. But it is also a transit that any understanding and patient partner like a Virgo can appreciate. Also, a Virgo’s urge to help and serve will suit a Cancer’s nurturing, affectionate nature pretty well.

Sexual Compatibility:

Sexually, Cancer and Virgo make an ideal match, especially if the two can communicate with each other about their needs. As per Reed, both the zodiac signs tend to get a little bashful in bed. It’s necessary for the two to build trust so that they can open up to each other intimately.

As a Mercury-ruled, analytic zodiac, Virgos tend to overthink. They are absolute perfectionists who love to serve. Naturally, they would walk into a sexual affair, planning to please their romantic partner. But it is also the kind of thinking which makes them hold back. And that, too, a lot.

Thankfully, the Cancer is a cardinal zodiac sign. This means they don’t always mind taking the initiative – yes, please don’t write off all Cancerians as lazy pillow princesses.

In this context, Reed told Bustle, “Once they get the ball rolling, Virgo can morph into the attentive lover, which is something Cancer needs. They’re both sensual and will enjoy taking their time finding each other’s erogenous zones.

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Emotional Compatibility:

Virgos and Cancers express their emotions in various ways that can cause misunderstandings in their romantic relationships. The more practical Virgos think about every aspect in their minds, while the overly-sensitive Cancers feel everything very deeply, taking literally every other thing to heart.

Moreover, Virgos also believes in the power of communication. They are all about talking through their issues, while Cancers will end up internalizing their problems. In fact, Cancers are quite passive-aggressive.

In this context, Reed says, “Virgo may assume Cancer is being ‘dramatic,’ while Cancer may sometimes feel Virgo doesn’t care about their feelings. When Cancer feels neglected, they shut down, and Virgo will assume the mess is over.

Now, if Virgos and Cancers stay blissfully connected, Virgos have to be more mindful when it comes to a Cancer’s emotions. Yes, Virgos are not as intuitive as our fellow crabs, but having an understanding of their partner’s moods will help them to communicate more appropriately.

On the other hand, Cancers need to understand the importance of patience, especially in terms of dealing with their Virgo bae’s reserved way of responding to emotions. Just because Your Virgo partner is not telling you ‘I love you’ every ten minutes, it does not mean they don’t actually care.

Reed also says that the two signs can learn from one another as well. In fact, she said, “A Cancer-Virgo partnership can find the balance between head and heart.

Threats To A Virgo And Cancer Compatibility:

One of the largest problems between the two zodiac signs is their communication and subsequent resolution. As per Kalm, Virgos prefers a direct approach. They want things to be laid out in the open.

But Cancer patients might have issues taking a few steps back and thinking logically through things. After all, Cancers are mostly driven by their passion and emotions – so it becomes difficult for them to take a practical approach.

In this context, Kalm said, “This can leave a lot of confusion between them. The best bet here is for Virgo to respect Cancer’s space and let them live out their storms with compassion. Likewise, Cancer needs to watch out for how they lash out during these moodier times.

It will take a whole lot of patience and some much-needed work to reach a place where both the zodiacs can communicate with each other. More importantly, the two signs need to understand how each sign actually operates. But once they are able to understand how each sign operates, they can have a healthy and harmonious relationship.

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