5 Signs You Are Not In A Real Relationship: It's A Situationship!

You Don't Use Titles Does he introduce you as his girlfriend? Do you introduce him as your boyfriend? No? It's a Situationship, then.

The Vibe Is Always Ambivalent There's this ambivalence that hangs in the air - you both crave intimacy and are equally scared of commitment.

There Are No Rules Does he let you know when he heads out of town over the weekend? Do you for that matter? No? It's a Situationship, then.

You Feel Anxious If you are in a Situationship while craving a real relationship, then you are bound to feel anxious about your ‘situation.’

You Meet Each Other Sporadically Do you guys see each other only a few times a month or only at certain events? Like seeing each other at a common friend’s birthday and going back home together? Yep! Situationship!