How To Get Your Crush To Like You


There is no way you to introduce your charming personality without any conversation.So, take that first plunge of courage and send them the first text or that first follow request. 

Talk To Them


You will never be able to get your crush’s attention if you are trying to imitate other personalities. So be yourself. Make sure it’s you and not someone else.

Be Yourself


Subtle gestures like eye contact, gently flirting, having some deep coverstation, complement them is very important. 

Make Your Gestures Subtle


We are not asking you to learn about their favorite band, their favorite movie, or the author they love to read; and memorize everything about them.You can learn about their interests, and they can learn about yours.

Try To Find Their Interests


Maintaining steady eye contact with a subtle smirk on your lips does make you look sexy!

Maintain Eye Contact

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Floral Pattern

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