Rigger Kink

kinks always do not need to be about sex; sometimes, kinks are all about deepening the intimacy between two (or more) people.

Basically, the person who masters the art of rope tying, and tying intricate knots, is known as a ‘Rigger.’ The other participant, that is, the person who likes being tied up and enjoys sexual bondage play, is popularly called a Rope Bunny.

So, What is a Rigger kink?

The rigger kink can play out in different situations – some use rope bondage to introduce edge, while others can do the same to build trust or even intimacy between the rope bunny and the rigger.

The vulnerability and power exchange inherent in practicing the rigger kink can build an intimate connection between the involved participants. The communication and trust needed for a successful role-play allow the participants to find out more about their boundaries and desires.