Do you believe that there are certain people who are fated to be you in your life? If you have ever met a stranger and felt a magnetic pull towards them, there could be practical reasoning behind that. The theory of soulmates and twin flames suggests that this particular individual shares an ancient connection with you. They are a part of your soul.

What’s A Twin Flame?

Twin flames are basically two separate individuals that initially used to be one individual. Just like the name mentions, it is a flame that is separated into two parts – you are one flame, and the other flame is another individual with whom you feel a strong connection and synergy.

What’s A Soul Mate?

A soul mate is a much more common term as compared to a twin flame. Your soul mate is someone you feel comfortable with always. You guys might share the same beliefs, sentiments, and experiences, or you might not.

Can Your Twin Flame Be Your Soulmate?

Sadly, nope! Your twin flame cannot be your soul mate. Firstly, your soul mate is an individual you are aligned with spiritually on a personal level, while your twin flame does not have to be to anyone that you know