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What Does Ick Mean? Reasons Why You Can Get The Ick In A Relationship

What Does Ick Mean? Reasons Why You Can Get The Ick In A Relationship

what does ick mean
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What does ick mean, you ask?

Over the years, you might have heard many cinemas on screen and television on the screen showing you the ‘ick’ factor. However, in the age of Tiktok, this concept is getting quite popular.

Especially in the dating era when we are all so hyped about ‘Red Flags’ 🚩, and ‘Saying no to toxic dynamic’ ❌, and going towards a more healthy and holistic approach to dating, there is one question about ‘ick’ which comes up a lot.

Is it real when we talk about ‘ick’ or our mind making up stories because we are over the crush? 

What does ick mean?

Can you get it when you are in a relationship with someone for a long time?


Is it something you only get when you have just met them, and now you do not feel the same infatuation with someone?

Believe it or not, the ‘ick’ has to do a lot with sex and the initial ‘lust’ you feel for someone, and less with the concept of love. So, there are fewer chances you would feel the ‘ick’ for someone who you are in love with and have been with for a long time.

What Does ‘Ick’ Mean

First, let us give you the internet definition of what does ick mean and what is the big deal about this three-sentence word.

In simple terms, it is something that can turn you off towards someone. Scientifically, you cannot feel affection and love toward someone you have recently been attracted to. If you feel it, it is mostly your lust disguised to prevent you from making any sudden sexual advances.

Sometimes the ‘ick’ is something that could make you disgusted, and there is a physical aversion (like a bad shivering or something 😖). So here is what psychologists have to say about the ick. Because before we start blaming our crushes or partners for doing something bad, it is important to understand the science behind it.

– When we have a deep infatuation with someone, we tend to miss the imperfections. Now, imperfections on their own can be subjective to individuals. They might find something bad which is totally normal for someone else. So, when you ask, what does ick mean it is your partner projecting something you consider a turn-off.

– Ask yourself, is it just something the person is doing? Or, you are bringing back some old trauma that is bothering you about your crush or new potential partner.

– Your ‘ick’ might not have any logical explanation, and you have to be okay with it. An ‘ick’ doesn’t mean the end of it, or it could be. Let us find out more about what does ick mean and what more you should do about it.

When Can ‘Ick’ Happens (The Timeline In A Relationship)😰

Ick Happens

Here are some of the common meanings of ick. Some might not like having an ‘ick’ towards someone they are extremely infatuated towards. However, some call it the most relatable thing.

  • It gives you clarity.
  • Maybe the person you think is the one is not really the one.
  • Yes, it is difficult since everything is going well, and now you cannot shake off the ick. But, at the end of the day, you will be relieved.

Psychologically, certain behaviors we notice in a person are total deal-breakers. For example, maybe you noticed that they drink their tea in a certain way, or they have a particular style of wearing the bomber jacket; you will not know when the ick has issued itself.

It might not even be noticeable for someone else, but for you, it is a big deal. So, how do we get the ick?

– It can stem from a pet peeve.

– Some unresolved trauma.

– A difference in personality.

In short, if we answer the question what does ick mean it could be ‘anything.’ Very subjective to someone’s experience with a crush.

Now, there could be many questions airing in your pretty little heart-

– Should you take it seriously?

– If you should get rid of it, how?

Do not worry; we have it all covered!

Should You Take The ‘Ick’ Seriously

Ick Seriously

The ‘ick’ is not just a random trend you are hearing in the dating industry. However, ‘ick’ is a psychological aversion you feel towards someone you are physically and emotionally attracted to.

So many people keep asking, what does ick mean because there is an underlying fear. Suddenly when you were so attracted to this person, and now everything about them irritates you.

Sometimes, you feel bad for seeing these ‘red alert emoji’ everywhere when it isn’t even the other person’s fault. But, before you decide to get rid of it, you want to know whether it is serious.

Here are some instances where your ‘ick’ is serious, and you should put some thought into it.

– When they have done something you are uncomfortable with. You will feel a mental repulsion towards this individual, and oftentimes your gut is not lying.

– The ‘ick’ is sexual, i.e., there are some sexual fantasies they are articulating which you are irked with. Do not indulge in any sexual activity just to please someone else, especially if it is a matter of discomfort for you.

– You do not find them physically attractive anymore and get drawn to other people. In the initial stage of infatuation, physical attraction, or so we call lust, is important. If you are not feeling that for someone anymore, maybe the problem is real.

Getting Rid Of ‘Ick’

Getting Rid Of Ick

As we have already discussed before, ‘ick’ could be serious or a long-lost haunting. Let us find out the difference.

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Sometimes when you have unresolved trauma in your past, they can find a way to creep into your present. Unfortunately, due to the dynamic complexities of a non-platonic relationship, it often happens with a partner or a crush.

When we see a pattern of behavior remotely close to the trauma endured, an ‘ick’ can be common. So, when you are feeling this ick with a long-term partner, ask yourself why? Then, try to resolve the underlying issues before charging your partner.

If the question of what does ick mean is arising in a new relationship, and yet you do not wish to end things, here are some ways you can get rid of the ‘ick.’

– Therapy is the first thing you can do. Go talk to a professional and understand the root of the problem.

– Don’t show unnecessary anger or irritation towards your partner. If the matter is going out of hand, then have a civil conversation with your partner.

– Share the issue with the closed ones. Sometimes hearing yourself say it out loud helps you understand how ridiculous you sounded.

Maybe one ‘ick’ is not enough to end an entire relationship.

Are You Giving The ‘Ick’

Giving The Ick

When you are searching for what does ick mean the absolute nightmare would be finding an article about you giving the ‘ick.’ Yes, a scary concept indeed, but you still should know to ensure two things.

– You do not give it to your partner.

– You can stop.

Here are some of the signs that maybe you are the one giving the ‘ick.’

– They have suddenly started ignoring you.

– Once upon a time, you were having a nice conversation with them, but the stories are not the same now. The conversation lacks character.

– You have lost all access to the cookie jar. 💦

Before it is too late, have a talk with them and find out what gave them the ‘ick.’

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