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About Us

The Dating Diary is a leading name in the world of love, relationships and sex. Young professionals who need tips and tricks to excel in the world of dating can take help from relationship experts on The Dating Diary to further their chances of pursuing love, life and relationships. 

We understand that our fast-paced lives can take a toll on us building personal relationships. This is why we are helping everyone to understand the finer nuances of stepping up their dating game. From experiencing feelings of butterflies of first love, to undergoing heart aches arising out of breakups, The Dating Diary is your one-stop platform. 

How did the idea of The Dating Diary come about?

The team behind The Dating Diary has over 15+ years of experience in the field of Content Marketing. They have also worked on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world of dating like Tinder and Bumble.

We felt that there is a dearth of credible and relevant information in the field of dating and relationships. Many platforms, which are operating in the niche are only looking to offer promotional and branded content, which is not very helpful. 

Our writers at The Dating Diary felt that when it comes to love, relationships and dating, personal experiences and reflections can enrich the experience. Allowing people to share unique and intricate experiences make for a much compelling read on The Dating Diary. 

Why you should Follow The Dating Diary

In addition to discussing critical information about you should handle love, family, relationship and sex, The Dating Diary also takes questions from readers and throws it for our experts to answer. We also hold Q and A’s with relationship experts on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. 

We also work with brands who are looking for Guest Posting opportunities and Sponsorships. The Dating Diary boasts of great readership numbers, which are sure to help brands read their target audiences effectively. 

Use the contact form or email us to for any Blogging queries, feedback, guest post requests, and advertisement. We would request you to fill in all the necessary details so that we can get in touch with you ASAP.

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