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100 BDSM Humiliation & Degradation Kink Ideas And Phrases

100 BDSM Humiliation & Degradation Kink Ideas And Phrases

Degradation Kink
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As a 26-year-old woman, I am all those things that so many like me believe about themselves. 

I am strong.
I am independent.
, I am powerful.

So coming and calling me dominating or controlling can only boost my ego – it wouldn’t upset me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being ‘put into my place from time to time.

Am I a submissive sucker in bed? Do I have a degrading kink? Is BDSM humiliating my kink? After all, it’s true what they say about dominating women – we are great subs if you know what I mean. 

So today, let’s explore all the many ways you can add sparks to your sex life with a little help from the dark world of BDSM!

Disclaimer: Boundaries And Consent
But before I can talk about all the BDSM ideas you will love exploring, let’s discuss consent a little. The thing about erotic humiliation is you must set your boundaries before getting involved in any activity. Figure out what are the agreed-upon boundaries of all involved parties - what can you do or even say are all a part of the same? 

Saying or doing things that haven’t been agreed upon can turn out to be a form of emotional abuse, even if it wasn’t your intention - as long as you and your partner stay consensual, you guys will be just fine.

But Wait, What Is Degrading Kink?

Degrading Kink

But, but, but what is a degrading kink?

According to Urban, “if a girl likes it when you call her something “rude” during sexual activity, she could be a degradee.

Commonly used phrases that girls enjoy include:

  • Slut, my slut.
  • Whore, my whore.
  • Needy slut.
  • Watch your mouth, slut.
  • You like this, don’t you? Needy whore.
  • you want me to keep going? such a slut for me, aren’t you?

The Psychology Behind Degradation Kink:

The Psychology Behind Degradation Kink

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people are into kinks and so many are just not into the same? 

For decades, kinks have been associated with mental disorders – it was only in 2013 that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders entirely changed the definitions of BDSM and fetishism between pathological and consensual. 

Samuel Hughes, a researcher in psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, was interviewed in May 2018 by the popular Psychology Today about his research on people who actually consider themselves ‘kinky.’ 

In this context, it was found that “When asked when individuals had their earliest memories of their kinks, most figure it out before the age of 18. He notes the most common age group was between five and 10 years old. However, not everyone with a kink finds out until their adulthood.

There is also a neurological explanation for kinky behavior. There are parts of the brain that are dedicated to certain parts of the body.

In fact, there is a journal called Biological Psychology that published a study where researchers specifically looked at the neuroscience of BDSM. 

The research was done with individuals from the BDSM community – they were made to look at disgust-inducing and erotic photos. 

In both groups, the hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, and occipital cortex were all involved in processing the erotic as well as the disgusting photos. Moreover, the ventral striatum also got activated during this time. 

In this context, 

This may show a sign that those who were abused emotionally growing up may have higher chances of engaging in BDSM in adulthood. 

This didn’t necessarily mean that the abuse had to be sexual. When looking at when people start to realize they have kinkier desires, some psychologists believe it starts in childhood.” (source)

Do I Have A Degrading Kink? Am I Sucker For BDSM Humiliation?

For the longest time, I had no idea that I was a victim of the degrading kink and a sucker for hardcore BDSM – I mean a sucker for reading and sometimes watching hardcore BDSM, not a fan of everything that the world of BDSM has to offer.

But then that’s most of us, hiding our kinks, consciously or subconsciously…till one day, you can’t hide your kinks anymore. So let that day be today and set yourself free. 

Here are all the signs that indicate you have a thing for BDSM humiliation and are basically under the sexual influence of degrading kink. 

Insults Turn You On:

Insults Turn You On

There are so many degrading kink phrases that can turn you on instantly – basic everyday insults said inappropriately can make things so much wilder.

So this one’s simple – I have mentioned a few phrases or sentences below. If these turn you on, then you have the degrading kink. So watch out for the signs. 

  • You are a disgusting joke. I don’t even remember what your name was.
  • Finger yourself right here, right now. Stick some fingers up your dirty pussy.
  • You are a slut; you know what to do.
  • I could not care any less. You are not worth my attention.
  • You are trash. F**k you!

Sucker For Bully-To-Lover Themes:

Sucker For Bully To Lover Themes

Are you a sucker for all bully-to-lover themes? Because I totally am! Whether it’s a film, a TV show, or even a book, all I need is a little humiliation between the main characters, and I am in for the night! 

Are you a sucker for bully-to-lover themes? Here are the top signs:

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  • Do you love fictional men like Darcy and Heathcliff? 
  • Do you fantasize about Izuru Kamakura?
  • Do you watch a lot of gay porn? 
  • Are you into older men who never look back at you?
  • Are you a fan of ‘daddy please?’

Need To Impress: 

Dirty pickup lines might do the orgasmic trick for many, but for me, it’s that hungry need to impress – girl, do you relate?

Pick-up lines, dirty or not, won’t really help my case, but a few humiliating remarks can boost my whole day in their own inappropriate way. 

Check out the top signs that indicate you suffer from an acute need to impress.

  • Are you always trying to please your superior at work or at school?
  • Do you always end up crushing on your professor or mentor? 
  • Have you ever been turned on by any inappropriate gesture from a teacher or a senior?

Emotionally Slutty:

Most horny women are not emotionally slutty, they are just plain horny, but then there’s another category of women, the emotionally slutty ones. This lot depends heavily on emotions to get laid – unfortunately, I am one of those women.

Are you an emotionally slutty woman? Here are the top signs!

  • Do you overshare too much too soon? 
  • Do you always come out clean about your feelings?
  • Is crying a very normal emotion for you?
  • Do emotional breakdowns serve as a common setting for sex?

100 BDSM Humiliation & Degradation Kink Ideas And Phrases: Making Your Nights Longer And Weekends Better

So now you know what degrading kink means, let’s dive straight into the world of insults, humiliation, and a lot of sex. So, let’s not waste any time and scroll down to check out the best BDSM humiliation and degradation kink ideas. 

50 BDSM Humiliation & Degradation Kink Ideas:

I don’t need to define degrading kinks to explain how you can successfully incorporate the same into your work. Instead, why don’t you scroll down and find out more about the ideas mentioned below?

  1. Have you ever been out without underwear? Go out without any underwear and let your partner humiliate or even punish you for being so dirty. 
  1. Let your partner go a little wild from time to time with that permanent marker – let him write insults on your body for a change. 
  1. Have dinner together and then resort to eating from a pet bowl while your dom can enjoy a proper meal.
  1. The kink definition might not be all about sex, but at the same time, mundane activities can be great, too, such as acting like a human ashtray. 
  1. You know those French maid outfits? Yes, dress up like a maid in a slutty outfit and then clean your partner’s house. 
  1. Begging can be a big turn – bg your partner for anything, literally! 
  1. Play around with pronouns! Instead of ‘I,’ let your partner use demeaning titles to humiliate you. 
  1. You know what never goes out of fashion? Some classic spanking – spanking in its true essence, how it’s actually supposed to be done!
  1. Ask your partner for permission to do anything and everything, especially when you are out in public.
  1. This one’s a little extreme, but if you both are exploring the degrading kink deeply, then invite another person. Have sex with the other person while your partner can watch and humiliate you.
  1. If verbal belittlement turns both of you on, then try playing around with words like ‘girl,’ ‘slave,’ ‘pet,’ or even ‘missy.’
  1. You can also try out sexual degradation to pacify your love for the degrading kink – try out analingus, fellatio, erotic massages, and cunnilingus. 
  1. Body worship is a great way to bring out the little submissive inside you. Experiment with activities like licking or kissing your partner’s boots, feet, or other body parts to express both positive and negative emotions. 
  1. This one’s a little on the blurry side of consent, so make sure it’s consensual. The art of erotic sexual denial can take things to the next level, so give it a try!
  1. The world of BDSM is lit with things like erotic objectification under which you can be treated like an object, such as a footstool. 
  1. Discipline is a major element in BDSM humiliation. So, you can let your partner start small with activities such as erotic spanking, restraint, whipping, or even slapping. 
  1. Depriving the sub of privacy is also a great way to play into your degrading kink. The sub must ask for permission before leaving the dom’s presence. 
  1. The whole BDSM kink is dependent on ownership. So, play with external signs showing ownership with the help of collars or other degrading accessories. 
  1. The humiliation trifecta of mockery, ridicule, and derision can make things really fun for the night. 
  1. We have all tried out forced flattery, but this time, you have to flatter your dominant – always praise both physical and personality traits. 
  1. One of the most versatile BDSM acts is letting your partner tie you up – if you are hooking up at work, use his tie and let it turn both of you on. 
  1. If your partner is superior at work or school, let him humiliate you publicly and then have sex immediately after – trust me on this one!
  1. Hook up secretly while there are other people in the room. Let your brain think about this one!
  1. Role play but only characters that share a superior-inferior relationship like boss-employee, teacher-student, you get the drift, right?
  1. Do something that your partner hates and wait for the public degradation, followed by the kinky sex to follow. 
  1. Have you tried out Complete Servitude? Experiment with complete servitude and wait for it to turn you on! 
  1. Yes, sexual gratification is great, but forced sexual gratification? Even better! So try out some forced sexual gratification such as oral sex.
  1. Masturbation is perhaps the best self-help example out there – how about combining your humiliation and degrading kink with masturbation? 
  1. I just spoke about tying up and forced sexual gratification. Here’s something better! Let your partner tie you up and then leave you naked and waiting. 
  1. Again, this is another blurry one from the consent point of view, but you can let your partner take a video of humiliating you. 
  1. Humiliation works on several levels, much beyond the walls of your bedroom. Sometimes something general like bowing when you enter a room or asking for permission to leave one works so well. 
  1. Wear something kinky, like a slutty bra under a transparent white shirt, and step out with your partner in public. 
  1. Let your partner come up with an inappropriate shopping list, and you can go to the grocery store to shop. 
  1. You can ask your partner to handcuff you before stepping out together in public. 
  1. While traveling, your partner can make you leave your lingerie or underwear out in public for everyone to see. 
  1. Something simple like walking behind your partner or allowing your partner to forbid you from talking outside. 
  1. If your dom is basically your senior at work, for instance, let him criticize you or plain ignore you throughout the day. 
  1. Have you ever had sex in front of a balcony or, better, an open window? Do that!
  1. In public, let your partner order for you, and to take things a notch higher, let him choose a child’s meal. 
  1. This one is dirty enough for all you BDSM enthusiasts – The dom usually makes the sub consume their own bodily fluids or other sexual juices. 
  1. Ignoring is truly a form of art, best applied when both of you are associated with a commonplace. 
  1. Whenever you call your partner, instead of using his name, opt for ‘sir’ or something similar. 
  1. Be daddy’s little girl who needs to be always rescued, except let him scold and humiliate you for the same.
  1. Let your partner humiliate you and turn you on, and then stop – no sex for you, hun, the best game ever!
  1. Instead of investing in the drunk-in-love couples drinking game, get drunk and play a few games, only you have to lose every time.
  1. Be the entertainment for the night – you are going to do just as you have been told, and if you fail to do so, then you will be punished. 
  1. The dom mus does not allow the sub to close the door while she is using the bathroom, and then he can comment on how disgusting it smells in there.
  1. Go through a magazine together and then share with your partner all the unattractive things about you. 
  1. While having sex, let your partner stuff something like a hanky inside your mouth and shut you up for good. 
  1. Ask for permission before you can masturbate, and while masturbating, you can say degrading things about yourself. 

50 BDSM Humiliation And Degrading Kink Phrases:

BDSM Humiliation And Degrading Kink Phrases

So now you know the meaning of what is a degrading kink! That’s great – how about some degrading kink phrases that can help you out by making your sex life simple? Here’s a glimpse of some of the best degrading kink phrases! 

  1. “Shut your dirty whore mouth.”
  1. “Remember, I can touch you whenever I want, but you can’t do the same to me.”
  1. “Plenty of people are willing to serve my every need if you can’t.”
  1. “Do you want everyone to know you’re a dumb bitch?”
  1. “You disgraceful two-dollar prostitute.”
  1. “I tell my friends about your pathetic tits. They always laugh.”
  1. “You’re so worthless.”
  1. “Is that the best you can do?”
  1. “Your body is so ugly.”
  1. “You’re lucky I haven’t dumped you yet.”
  1. “You can only get that wet? Are you even attracted to me?”
  1. “Do you actually think you matter to me? Silly Girl”
  1. “Well done, little girl. Daddy is so proud of you.”
  1. “I want you, Sir!’’
  1. “Take off your clothes. We need to talk!”
  1. “I want to control you, command you, dominate you, and use you. And then I want to touch you, hold you, kiss you, and make you feel safe.”
  1. “If you can still walk, then we’re not finished.”
  1. “Don’t bite your lip. I want to do that.”
  1. “Don’t love me…just fu** me.”
  1. “Now, close your eyes. I want to play.”
  1. “Drop down like a good girl, and I’ll fuck you like a bad one.”
  1. “Just because you came doesn’t mean I’ll stop!”
  1. “Lay down. I want to see your that disgusting body.”
  2. “Get down on your knees and beg for it.”
  1. “That’s an order!”
  1. “I know you are obsessed with me. But I don’t care.”
  1. “Feel like making a deal with the devil.”
  1. “Nosey little fuc**r, aren’t you?”
  1. “You pathetic cunt.”
  1. “You pitiful whore”
  1. “You insignificant piece of rubbish.”
  1. “You unimportant, useless sack of shit”
  1. “You deplorable hole.”
  1. “Don’t make any noise until I tell you that you can.”
  1. “Tell me how badly you want it.”
  1. “Take your clothes off and get into bed.”
  1. “Take me any way you want.”
  1. “Bite me, baby. I want to feel your teeth on my skin.”
  1. “You can come anywhere you want on me.”
  1. “Yes, I wanna fu** your dirty ass every time we have an argument.”
  1. “Don’t forget I can fu** the shit out of you.”
  1. “you want me to keep going? such a slut for me, aren’t you?”
  1. “watch your mouth, slut.”
  1. “you like this, don’t you? needy whore.”
  1. “Keep your disgusting dirty hands off me, you piece of shit.”
  1. “Why is your pussy so big, you piece of cunt?”
  1. “I could keep you safe. They are all afraid of me.”
  1. “Sir, could you please fu** me right here, right now?”
  1. “Nobody is coming to save you hoe. Get up. Now.”
  1. “Poor little girl. Still waiting for her happy ending.”

New Day, New Kink: Time To Play!

Life is too short to have sex that’s meaningless, bland, and has no fire. If you are going to have lots of sex, you might as well put in the effort…at least for the sake of your orgasms.

Because having sex without an orgasm is like eating boiled food for Thanksgiving dinner! The world is a big place with so many kinks – if you have the interest and the sex drive, then go explore!

For instance, if praise kink phrases turn you on, then go all for it, and if the degrading kink does the trick for you, then go for the same because time is of the essence, and finding good sex is rare.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on exploring your kinky side, and share your experiences in the comments below.

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