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Understanding The Psychology Of ‘The Hot Wife’ In Open Relationships: Welcome To The Hotwifing Kink!

Understanding The Psychology Of ‘The Hot Wife’ In Open Relationships: Welcome To The Hotwifing Kink!

Hot Wife
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The Hot Wife Kink Is A Reality (?)

Does the thought of your spouse or partner sleeping with different people…turn you on? It might, and we don’t judge because open relationships are the order of the day, and finding yourself a hot wife is kinda cute. But who is a hotwife? Definitely not your colleagues’ wife who is in a monogamous relationship. 

So let’s get one thing clear before things get dirty (quite literally!). No matter which direction this article takes a turn, we are going to stay true to one basic morale: CONSENT. Remember, consent comes first, and hotwifing comes later. So without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the intricacies of non-monogamy, albeit ethical. 

Open Relationships & Love: Match Made In Millennial Heaven 

The concept of open relationships is still relatively new to older generations. The idea has existed for several years, swiftly brushed under the carpet and discussed in hushed voices behind closed doors. However, millennials were probably born to rebel, and open relationships were no longer a myth. 

Every relationship has boundaries that are subjective. If you are on the same page about being non-monogamous without your partner, why can’t you just have a little fun? Enter the hotwife stories that keep turning you on. If you know you want to explore, it’s time you find out a little more about this kink and schedule a ‘we need to talk’ conversation with your partner. 

Who Is A Hot Wife?

So what is a hot wife? Keep reading to find out!

In swinger communities, a hot wife is typically referred to as a married woman who is in a non-monogamous marriage and can sleep consensually with other men. Of course, the term has nothing to do with gender roles, and gender roles are anyway reversible. You don’t have to be a part of some swinger community for starting your ‘my hot wife’ story. 

You just need to be kinky enough and be ready to join in the fun! With Netflix and other platforms banking on films like 365 Days and Newness ruling the internet, it is evident that millennials and gen zs are bored of conventional monogamy and everything that comes associated with the same. 

It’s 2022. Open relationships are cool, sleeping with your neighbor’s wife (consensually) is cooler, and finding a hot wife is the coolest! Gone are the days of kink-shaming – today, we follow our hearts, especially when it comes to kinky affairs. If you find someone married hot and she finds you hot, then what’s stopping you? Or rather, who’s stopping you? We say, go for it! 

Hotwifing With The Boomers

Yes, we millennials are looking at this hotwifing kink in a different, more open intellectual method, but boomers? Well…things were pretty different in the 70s. For once, a hot wife sleeping around consensually in the 70s is a myth. If you have seen Adrian Lyne’s 1993 film Indecent Proposal starring Demi Moore, Robert Redford, and Woody Harrelson, you will know what we are talking about. 

Earlier this week, we sat down to watch Robert Redford as a billionaire offering $1,000,000 to the Murphys for one night with their wife. If you are already feeling weird, then you might understand a little about the hotwife lifestyle led by corporate wives in the 70s. Just like kings would barter their daughters for a kingdom, corporate men would also barter their wives. 

After three waves of feminism and internal guilt purgation, women have finally started owning their sexuality – asking for what they need. So now, wanting to be a hot wife is a choice, a kink that might liberate you from tedious everyday monogamy. So ditch the boredom and spice things up with your own hot wife story instead! 

The Hot Wife Power Dynamics: Who Holds Power? 

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations is headed by CEO Pepe Aguirre, who recently defined the hotwifing kink as ‘a fantasy or kink of sharing your wife with other men.’ This definition made us think hard. If you are the hot wife, the woman who is being shared, then how do you retain control? And who was this kink meant for – powerless women or their strong husbands? 

A hot mature wife might be reduced to just a character playing her role in their husband’s screwed-up script. This is a high probability because while engaging in intimacy and sex, men usually spend more time orchestrating their pleasure instead of making their partner orgasm. After all, faking an orgasm is a feat mastered by most women. 

The implications of power struggle might ruin your mood from thinking about a kinky hot wife message, and we are deeply apologetic for the same. But then, when all’s said and done, hooking up with a hotwife and making your kink a reality can really spice up things in your mundane monogamous sex life

BTW, Where Are All The Hot Husbands?

Did you know that hotwifing is sexually arousing for all involved parties? It’s very similar to how other kinks like CNC kink or even the Rigger kink work out. 

But have you ever given hothusbanding any thought? Seriously, where are the hot husbands hiding? 

Where Are All The Hot Husbands

The simple fact that hotwifing and not hothusbanding is very common in different ENM relationships kinds makes us mad. Why are we still struggling with toxic female/male power dynamics when it comes to sex? 

We would love to come across more women owning their true selves and sending off their husbands or partners to get laid with some random women – all for one single purpose, yep, pleasure! 

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We think without hot husbands, we are just perpetuating the stringent Patriarchy. 

Of course, we are not saying end the era of hotwifing – come on, but why can’t we simultaneously normalize hothusbanding? *Starts to make a list of hot husbands and their partners who would definitely make this happen!*

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is It Like Being A Hotwife?

The hot wife life can be excellent if pursued right. People with experience in being a hot sexy wife say that it can be a liberating experience, far away from the shackles of an ordinary marriage. 

2. What Are The Benefits Of Wife Sharing?

The biggest benefit of sharing your wife is the pleasure factor that keeps things happening. The marriage no longer seems like a restrictive experience – the limitations of an ordinary marriage are negated. 

3. Is Hotwifing A Kink?

Yes, hotwifing is a popular practice in the swinger communities. However, even outside such communities, hotwifing is a popular trend. 

Open Relationships Or Divorce: What Do You Prefer?

The hot wife kink is quite popular in 2022, and we love it. But, just like we say content is king, isn’t consent king too? So next time you have a crush on someone’s spouse, sit down and have a talk – communicate what you need and wait for the magic to happen. Our research tells us that more and more couples are opening up to the idea of going after their kinks.

After all, kinks keep those long, isolated years in a relationship going. Love and kink are two sides of the same coin – and the faster you understand that, the better! So, with divorce rates reaching a happy high, are we then settling for open marriages or looking for new monogamous opportunities? 

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