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Don’t Be Stupid, Look For The Signs The Relationship Is Over For Him

Don’t Be Stupid, Look For The Signs The Relationship Is Over For Him

Signs The Relationship Is Over For Him
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It was going on for a while, and I did not realise that things were getting this bad. I didn’t even realise that the relationship was over from his part. He was just here, so he did not look like the bad guy,” said Jules, my friend.

I have always been there for her. I saw them getting together, getting serious, and dating for almost two years, and I even saw them drift apart. However, the sad part was she did not look for the signs the relationship was over for him. 

I am not saying every relationship can be saved, but at least she could have made an effort or tried one more time to make things right. That is how she feels. However, things don’t always work out the way we want.

I know it sounds scary. You are in a relationship today, and then suddenly, you get to know he is not more into you, or this relationship is not working for him. So, to protect you from that sudden shock, here are some of the signs the relationship is over for him.

Signs the relationship is over for him

Being in a relationship is the most nurturing and comforting experience that you can have. It can liberate you, make you, or it can break you as well. However, in some relationships, the thought of the potential fallout after the breakup scares people from cutting ties from a toxic relationship. 

This is a true scenario in the case of men. They do not understand how to deal with all the screaming, tears, freakouts, and anger. How are things going in your relationship? If there is a change in the regular pattern, that is one of the most obvious signs that things are not the same.

So, it is time to investigate further whether things are okay in your relationship. So, here are some of the most obvious signs the relationship is over for him. 

He is Asking for Too Much Space

He is asking for too much space

If you start to notice that your man does not want to be around you that much, then there is something going on. When he likes to be anywhere but with you, there is not much left between the two of you. 

If he starts to look for reasons not to be around you or makes excuses not to spend time with you, then that is a sign that the relationship is over for him.

You Feel It Deep Inside

Try You Feel It Deep Inside

When you think about everything about your relationship, there is a tiny voice in your mind telling you that things are not like how it was before, something tells you that he is not into the relationship anymore.

It is not always the voice of cynicism. If you are desperate and looking for the signs, then this could be your gut letting you know that your man is getting over the relationship. This could be the answer to everything that is going on in your life currently.

It Seems Like You Are Also Losing Interest

It Seems Like You Are Also Losing Interest

This is something not everyone wants to admit, but something very relevant. When you notice your man losing in the relationship and not putting in effects, the carelessness kind of rubs off on you, too.

It might not happen instantly. It can take some time to rub on you, but once it does, that is the end of the relationship. When you see that the other person is losing interest, you try for some time, and after a while, you will also get tired of putting effort all by yourself.

There is No Communication

There is No Communication

If the other person is not interested in having a meaningful conversation with you and stonewalls you every time you try to reach out to them on an emotional level, then that is one of the biggest signs that the relationship is over for him.

If he does not confide in you or talk to you, look into the matter. Pay close attention to what it actually means. This could be his way of letting you know that he wants out of the relationship.

He is Not Even Into Sex

He is not even into sex

In any heterosexual relationship, it is the man who initiates sex or makes the first move. If there is a sudden change in his behavior, or if he suddenly stops showing interest in you physically, then that is also a sign that the relationship is over for him. 

Being physically attracted to one another is a big sign that you both have a healthy relationship. If that changes then there is something definitely wrong on someone’s part.

Having Sex Feels Like a Duty

Having sex feels like a duty

Does having sex with your partner feel like a duty? I mean, do you feel like he is doing this out of some obligation? Then I am sorry to inform you, this is one of the biggest signs that he is over the relationship.

This is basically because he is tired of relationships but somehow doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, or he is scared to say that blatantly to your face. Men in a happy relationship would make you feel like they love to be around you, on you, under you all the time.

But if you feel like he is doing this out of duty and is eager to finish off the job as fast as possible, know that he is not into this relationship anymore.

Your Friends and Family Are Also Starting to Notice

When your family and friends start to ask questions about your relationship, whether everything is okay, do not take the sign lightly. They often wait a while before talking to you because they do not want to pry. 

When they notice your partner’s behavior toward you or toward the relationship, they ask you out of concern. They might have noticed something that you haven’t because you are totally in love with your partner

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You Are the Only One Putting in Efforts

You are the only one putting in efforts

Think it through. Take your time and think about how it has been going for a while. Just try to remember whether they have been putting in enough effort towards the relationship like they were doing in the initial phase when you two got together.

Can you recall those moments when he used to make you feel special? Or the tables have turned, and now, it is only you putting in all the effort, and that could be a sign that he is over you. 

He Has Cheated More Than Once

He Has Cheated More Than Once

This one is going to hurt. If you have found out your partner has cheated on you, and not just once, but there are more instances than one, then this is his way of silently letting you know that he wants out. He is no longer into you and does not want this relationship any longer.

He might be trying your nerves so that you take the step and leave him. This is a clear sign that he is over the relationship, so if he is not doing it himself, take the initiative and do it yourself. You deserve better.

He No Longer Remembers the Important Dates

If your partner has always been observant and good with dates, and now things have started to change suddenly, then think twice. Think whether there are some other signs as well which are indicating him being distant from you.

Do you remember how he used to celebrate your anniversaries and make the day special for you? And now everything has stopped. You have to remind him of all the important dates, whether it is your anniversary or your birthday. This is a classic sign that he is over the relationship.

There is a Lack of Trust

There is a Lack of Trust

In the beginning, you might have convinced yourself that it is all in your mind and everything is your imagination. However, if the feelings continue and you cannot get the suspicion out of your mind, and there is a nagging feeling, then that could be a sign that the relationship is over for him. 

He Has Somehow Slipped It

He Has Somehow Slipped It

Maybe in the heat of the moment, he has slipped it. It could be something like he is still with you because of some obligations or because of the kids. Do not take these words lightly; sometimes, people speak their minds when they are angry.

If this has happened to you, look for some other signs as well. Pay some extra attention. You will find the answer in his actions. You just have to look for it. 

Wrapping up!

A relationship is supposed to bring you happiness. It is supposed to get you out of those stressful moments. When nothing else can help you, it is just their presence that you crave. You both should feel fulfilled.

But, after spending time together, if you are feeling like you are drained, and it is getting even more stressful to meet the other person, then something is not working right. If he is not making you happy or is not happy himself when he is around you, then that is a sign that he is over the relationship.

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