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How To Have Sex For The First Time: Tips And Tricks In 2022

How To Have Sex For The First Time: Tips And Tricks In 2022

How To Have Sex
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Decades ago, people were waiting to get married to have sex. But now, things are getting different. Sex knowledge is not taboo. Everywhere you can find guidance and tips for sex. Hence having sex for the first time is the most exciting and never forgettable moment. But there are some particular issues which jump into your mind. Now 90% of people know how to have sex in the mechanical term. But apart from the intercourses, there are many more things you must know before having sex for the first time, like first-time sex precautions and sex triggering body parts.

9 Tips And Tricks In 2022

Most of you are well aware of the facts about how to have sex? But when you are having sex the first time, many more questions will bulge your mind, like precautions, pains, and other things. Read through the end, and you will get all of your answers.

Here are nine tips and tricks for first-time sex triers.

1. Will It Be A Painful Process

Will It Be A Painful Process

How to have first-time sex? These are the most common queries that come from every couple. The solution is here just to feel comfortable and relaxed. Then do the penetration. The most common reason for pains is frictional problems. 

When couples do not get enough lubrication, they will feel little pain. But your feelings of pleasure are always more significant than your little pain. So for first-time sex, one phrase is always applicable no pain, no gain.

2. Will You Have Organism

Will You Have Organism

The organism is always the best part of the game. You must orgasm when you want to get complete satisfaction and pleasure. During puberty time, 90% of the youths ask how to have sex dreams. Dreams of sex are great to help organisms.

Many women do not feel okay with the Squirting organism. They feel shy and uncomfortable. But my opinion is simple. This is pretty common. If you like to get maximum pleasure, then you should do it. Do not feel ashamed about it.

3. What Protection To Use

Protection used is not only for protecting childbirth. Apart from it, the protections like male and female condoms keep your genital area well protected. When you have your first-time sex, your genital areas are entirely virgin. So small presences of the outside particles and objects are going to imbalance your health.

This is the reason you should take care of your protection use. Contraceptive pills are working differently. And protections are working differently. Do not think about sexual pleasure. Many ultra-thin protections are available. You can try these. Using condoms is my first tip for any couple who like to know about how to have sex.

4. How To Pick The Right Partner

How To Pick The Right Partner

Are you thinking about how does it feel to have sex? The answer is simple: you and your partner’s bonding and supporting ratios. My preference is a mature man. In the animal kingdom, you will go to see my opinion’s reflections. Animals are always preferred to have a mature partner for their first-time sex.

Right partner picking is very tricky. Unless you both do not feel safe and secure with each other’s presence, you do not feel satisfied. Therefore, your steady romantic partner should be your first choice.

5. Can Foreplay Easier Your Ways

Can Foreplay Easier Your Ways

For first-time players, foreplay will be easier. Foreplay is great to help with natural lubrication. Many women complain about the painful intercourses. But your intercourse is only going to be a painful process when you do not get your proper lubrication.

Forplay invites lots of intimate kissing and touching. Especially the intimate areas. These intimate kissing and touchings will simply increase your sex urges. And your partner will go to feel more comfortable with their own skin. The comfort level arises. As a result, your intercourse will be entirely free of pain.

6. Whare To Have Sex

Whare To Have Sex

You are thinking about Sex places and sex positions. Of course, for first-time sex havers, missionary positions are always the most suitable. But place selections are very crucial. For example, you may be want to know how to have sex on a plane. Hence the plane sex may be a thrilling experience, but for the first time, sex in a plane is not a good option as you think.

Find any quiet and cozy place when you feel uncomfortable with the area. You do not concentrate on the nice things around you. This is why you should always pick an excellent place for having sex.

7. Pregnant Conceptions

Pregnant Conceptions

You are thinking about how long after IUD to have sex? IUD placements are the most common type of conception for birth control. When you are well aware of pregnancy and conceive protections, you no longer have to ask how to have sex with yourself. Instead, you can have sex while avoiding any type of risks.

You will get many pregnancy protection measures like IUD, conceptions pills, condoms, etc. But if you like to place the IUD in your uterus. You are refraining from having sex for 24 hours. Even doctors will instruct you not to put anything inside your vagina for at last 24 hours.

8. Can Rough Sex Give Your Partner A Better Pleasure

Can Rough Sex Give Your Partner A Better Pleasure

For the first time, rough sex is not a good option. But if you feel comfortable and your partner has a well-lubricated private part, then rough sex is an acceptable option.

How to have rough sex? Live in your wildest dream. What are you thinking? Only deep penetrations are only including in the list of rough sex.

Rough sex includes many things like slapping, biting, and pinning your partner down. Handcuff sex, even spitting, and hair-pulling are also included in the rough sex catalog. How to have sex and how to have rough sex are different questions.

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9. Sex During Period

Sex During Period

You want to have your first-time sex. But your girl is on her period. There is always the other way around. You are thinking day and night how to have sex on period? And then change your sex schedule. Never do it? Losing your virginity is the best feeling you are going to have. Then why wait.

Tryon the bathroom sex. Sex even bathtub is a lovely place to have first-time sex. But one thing make sure it does not penetrate under the water flow. Because the lubrication is getting washed, your girl will feel more pain. Then start with slow penetration.


1. Will You Bleed During First Time Sex?

You can be or not. But probably you do not find lots of blood. You likely bleed when your hymen is intact. Some people bleed, but others do not. Hymen can break during regular fitness activity and training. So there is nothing to fear about bleeding.

2. Will Using A Condom Make Intercourse Less Painful?

Sometimes using the extra lubricated condoms makes your penetrations less painful. But in most cases, regular condoms do not help in your intercourse. To ease your pain, you can use extra lubrication.

3. Do Penis Always Fit Into A Vagina?

You do not have any idea how much of a vagina can handle. Yes, almost every healthy vagina can take any size of the penis. If it hurt you. Then do the foreplay and reinsert it.

4. How long  Did Your First-Time Sex Last?

It really depends on your holding power. It can last less than a minute to half an hour. Many young people are experiencing premature ejection or early orgasm.

Wrapping Up:

If you have any confusion regarding how to have sex? All of these nine tips will be going to help you. First, second or third time, your sexual pleasures are always the most precious feeling. More you are going to stretch out the time. Your good feelings are going to stay much longer. 

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