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Why Women Enjoy Hair Pulling During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

Why Women Enjoy Hair Pulling During Sex (& How To Do It Properly)

sexual hair pulling

-Are you into vanilla sex?

-Or, do you like being tied to the bed and letting your partner pull the s**t out of you while having sex?

I understand if some of you preferred the former over the latter, but if you are one of those, we suggest you slowly slide the cursor to the cross button and stay away from this article.

I am going to discuss some of the common kinks that women enjoy as they make love to their partners.

One of the kinkiest activities that women enjoy is the act of sexual hair pulling. 

So, if you want to explore more about it, stay tuned with us, and we’ll get you there.

Why Women Enjoy Sexual Hair Pulling

Why Women Enjoy Sexual Hair Pulling

I am not saying that all women enjoy it, but some of them do, and those who do enjoy it have some reasons behind it. So, all you men must understand these reasons before you pull the act of sexual hair pulling on your lady.

1: It Adds A Little Drama In The Routine Sex

It Adds A Little Drama In The Routine Sex

Women seek different ways to get the utmost satisfaction in the bedroom, and sexual hair pulling is one of them. 

I mean, just think about it.

Suppose you are happily married to your husband for 20 years, and your sex life has become a routine. Won’t you want to turn things around?

Therefore, pulling hair sexually adds a spark to that monotonous sex life, making the woman feel that the man really owns her.

2: It Feels Soothing Like A Scalp Massage

It Feels Soothing Like A Scalp Massage

Our scalp is filled with many nerve endings, so when someone pulls our hair, those nerve endings get a stimulated response and provide an erotic sensation.

When you pull her hair, you activate the nerve endings at the back of her neck and head. Thus, it feels like a scalp massage, and it takes the person out of her exhausting zone.

However, the nerve endings of pain and pleasure are closely associated. So, you better learn the right tactic of sexual hair pulling if you want your lady to enjoy it.

3: It Gives Them A Break From Societal Dominance

It Gives Them A Break From Societal Dominance

Women have long been trying to break the chains of patriarchy and retain a dominating position in society.

This is why women who have a dominating personality outside tend to lean on their partner on the bed and want to be treated as submissive partners.

It means the hair pulling sex is nothing more than the woman’s inner expression of femininity that she wants to be dominated by her man.

How To Do Sexual Hair Pulling The Right Way?

How To Do Sexual Hair Pulling The Right Way

Sexual hair pulling is an art. You can’t just pull a tug of her hair while having sex and expect her to enjoy it. There are specific techniques that you must follow in the process, such as:

Step 1: Pull From The Back

Pull From The Back

How to pull hair?

You should always pull a girl’s hair from the back because that is where it gives her the best erotic sensations.

Don’t pull the hair from the center of the scalp. Instead, pull it from the exact opposite of her face to minimize the pain and maximize the pleasure.

Step 2: Use Four Fingers

Use Four Fingers

You don’t need to use your entire fist to pull off the sexual hair pulling. Instead, you can simply use four fingers except for the thumb, which will do the job.

Just run four fingers along the neckline of your lady and stop at the hairline. 

Now, point your fingers upward, tangle the hair in between the fingers, and work your way up to that direction.

Step 3: Grab It Tightly

Grab It Tightly

Once you figure out the spot where you are getting a chunk of hair, start pulling it.

However, while performing sex hair pulling, always remember not to pull it by yanking. Instead, scrunch your fist into a ball and gently pull it.

If you see your partner is consenting to the gentle pulls and is encouraging you to proceed, grab the hair tightly.

Step 4: Pull It Downwards

Pull It Downwards

Women are pretty possessive of their hair, so when you grab it in a scrunched position, don’t just leave it there.

Start pulling it downwards to untangle the hair.

As the hair pulls out of your fingers slowly, your partner will feel all the erotic sensations she can feel at the core.

Step 5: Repeat The Steps

Repeat The Steps

A sexy hair pull is all about repeating these steps and practicing it to that extent so that you become an expert on it.

Don’t just try to pull the hair from a single position. Instead, repeat these steps in different areas of the scalp to soothe her physically and psychologically.

Just keep repeating the process, and you can contribute to her sexual arousal more and more.

Step 6: Rough Things Up

Rough Things Up

Come on, how can we forget this step?

Sexual hair pulling is, after all, a kinky activity, and if your girl wears a ponytail and you pull it from behind the arches of her back, it can contribute to the utmost orgasm.

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Once you pull her hair from the back of the ponytail, her breasts will be thrust forward, and it will create a damn, nice entry point for you to penetrate her from behind. 

Do’s And Don’ts Of Sexual Hair Pulling

Now, you have found out the reasons why women enjoy sexual hair pulling. If you are fixated on the idea of a sexy hair pull, you must understand your partner’s wish and then proceed with the act.


  • You should always pull the hair from the crown of the scalp.
  • Always grab the hair in large chunks. Even if your lady has short hair, grab as much as you can in one go.
  • Always use a gentle approach at first, and rough things up only when your partner consents it.
  • Use sexual hair pulling from time to time while making love.


  • Never pull the hair from the sides of your head unless your partner pre-approves it.
  • Never pull one or two strands of hair from the scalp because it will tear up and cause her pain.
  • You should not suddenly pull tugs off her hair when she is not aware of it, as it may piss her off.
  • Don’t pull her hair every time you get freaky, as that will lose the charm of the sexy hair pull.

How To Talk To Your Partner About Sexual Hair Pulling?

How To Talk To Your Partner About Sexual Hair Pulling

You must have heard about pillow talk, right?

But have you heard about talking about a sexual hair pull while lying down beside your girl?

Well, you can do that. 

In fact, the best way to pull off a sexual hair pull is to be direct and talk to your partner about it beforehand.

You can simply initiate an intimate conversation with her while stroking her hair and helping her relax. Then, while she is comfortable, you can bring up the topic that you want to try hair pulling while having sex.

Thus, you ensure that you take care of your partner’s comfort and ask for her views on this subject matter.

Women do enjoy a little bit of pain while enjoying the pleasures of sex. Hence, if you can initiate the conversation in the right way, I’m sure she will agree to it.


1: Why Do Guys Like Pulling Hair When They Do Sexual Stuff With A Girl?

Ans: Guys like pulling girls’ hair when they do sexual stuff because it makes them feel in control. Men tend to have a dominating nature, and if they can show it to their women by pulling her hair, it satisfies them to another level.

2: What Are The Basic Ways To Have Rough Sex?

Ans: Spanking is one of the best ways to initiate rough sex. You can use your palm to spank her buttocks gently, or you can use a spatula to spank the fleshier parts of her bottom. You can also bite some body parts to bring out a more animalistic side of your nature, as it will ensure pretty rough sex.

3: When Should You Prevent Pulling Her Hair?

Ans: When your partner is pregnant, you should not pull off these kinky acts on her. Instead, you should take things slow and probably give her the feeling of vanilla sex. In fact, vanilla sex can also be enjoyable, and pregnancy may be the time to test that.

4: What Is The Best Posture For Sexual Hair Pulling?

Ans: The reverse cowgirl position is the best posture to try out pulling hair sex. The penetrating partner has to lie on their back while the receiving partner straddles the genitals. The woman on top will bounce on and ride the bottom partner’s genitals.

Last But Not The Least!!!

Women enjoy sexual hair pulling because it satisfies their kinky desires, and it is an expression of their innermost wild desires. 

Therefore, instead of judging your woman in the Madonna-Whore complex, give it a shot. You may find some intriguing details about your partner that you have not discovered in all these years of togetherness.

However, if you want to know more about it, don’t shy away from posting your questions in the comment box.

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