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Rainbow Kiss: An Intimate Act Or Gross Sexual Disposition?

Rainbow Kiss: An Intimate Act Or Gross Sexual Disposition?

Rainbow Kiss
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A rainbow kiss? To someone who has never heard the term, it might sound like something very innocent and bubbly.

Sorry to break your bubble! It is definitely not something guilty [since that is the opposite of innocent], but it is very intimate sexual slang.

To give a quick reader discretion,

You are about to embark upon something sexually explicit with rainbow kiss. So, if you do not like the subject of uninhibited sexual activity, which talks about exchanging bodily fluids, then click out!

I just realized that psychologically, a reader’s disclaimer only increases curiosity. So I understand that, literally, no one is going to click out. Thus, enjoy our analytical elaboration on the rainbow kiss.

What Does A Rainbow Kiss Mean?

A Rainbow kiss is an intimate act of transferring bodily fluids through sex. You will need one female partner who is menstruating, or else it will be a white kiss.

A pioneer addition of rainbow is the man going down on the woman while they are on their periods. It is also the act of codependent stimulation where both the party preferably should orgasm at the same time.

After the climax, the two partners share a kiss, exchanging fluids [menstrual blood and semen]. The name depicts the color of the fluid once mixed together, which slightly resembles a rainbow.

White Kiss Meaning

A white kiss is the act of a male ejaculating inside their partner’s mouth and then exchanging a kiss. I mean, the name kind of says it all!

How To Perform A Rainbow Kiss?

If you are already feeling squeamish on reading the description, then maybe just quench the rest of your curiosity. However, if it is something you are into and not getting any proper guidance from rainbow kiss images.

There is a proper technique for doing it. First, you have to ensure that both parts are comfortable, and at the same time, choose a pasture that provides the most convenience. This is a step-by-step procedure on how to make a rainbow kiss happen.

  • First, you need to lay the groundwork and make yourself and your partner aroused for the act. A rainbow kiss shouldn’t be rushed or tried when everything is dry. Stimulate the sexual organs first.
  • Second, you will have to think about convenience. Since this is an oral sexual act, the 69 position is the best fit.
  • However, when you ask about the rainbow kiss urban dictionary meaning, they press a lot on the climax factor. Since the ‘rainbow’ name comes from the mixture of fluids, you shouldn’t rush towards having an orgasm.
  • Now, taking it slow, both partners have to help the other reach a blissful climax. Now, the male will end up with menstrual blood in their mouth along with the climaxed fluid. The female will end up with the ejaculated semen, and when the two kiss and the fluids are exchanged, the rainbow kiss is created.
  • Sex experts say that this act is not restricted to heterosexual sexual partners. Even a homosexual lesbian couple can perform this.. Over here, either two partners have to be menstruating, or just one can orgasm with blood, and the other infuses the natural fluid immersing from the vagina.

This is all you will get in a rainbow kiss wiki, but if you want to know more about the sexual health details, then keep reading.

Why Do People Like The Rainbow Kiss?

If you constantly end up asking on reading this excerpt, What does rainbow kiss mean sexually?’ and why are people into it, then the rainbow kiss urban dictionary won’t be able to give you much.

You have be completely neutral in your judgment and think from a different point of view. While some can be disgusted with this idea, there are people who are fascinated with this sexual act.

This is popularly known as blood fetish, the scientific term being hematologic. This is where people have an obsession with mixing blood with their sexual activity. Although this can take a gore turn, subtly period blood can also be a part of the fetish.

Some people do it for the fetish; some do it for the intimacy. Yes, there are people who believe it to be greatly intimate to exchange bodily fluids. These are a few of the reasons why people might be into the rainbow kiss.

If you are wondering, ‘why am I horny?’ for a rainbow kiss. Then here is your answer!

Is Rainbow Kiss Unhealthy?

Now, coming to the big question: Whenever you are asking ‘what’s a rainbow kiss,’ you cannot help but wonder about the explicitness and the total rawness of the act. You might still have some health-related concerns about the subject.

Since it includes the addition of menstrual blood being tasted orally, it is not uncommon to think the act to be dirty. However, contrary to popular belief, period blood is not dirty. I know seeing the rainbow kiss urban dictionary definition might be a little intimidating.

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However, the fluids transferred are completely safe as long the female doesn’t have any blood-borne disease. Plus, it is not always necessary to swallow.

Can Rainbow Kiss Increase The Chance Of Sexually Transmitted Disease?

The sexually transmitted disease can be transmitted by many other factors. Whenever you are having sex and exchanging fluids, whether consuming it orally or not, you are sexually transmitting disease.

So, before you ask what rainbow kisses are, you need to prevent doing this activity with multiple sexual partners and get tested for STIs before performing it. A rainbow kiss is fun when both parties know they are being safe.

‘Taste the Kiss’ urban dictionary doesn’t talk about the consent part of such unrestricted sexual act. It is not just about the one party being comfortable in going down on a woman during her menstruation cycle. [If they are not, it is totally fine!]

It is also about the woman giving full consent to go down on her during her monthly cycle. I don’t think I have to spell it, but do not force him or her!

The rainbow kiss is a very intimate act, and people are not comfortable with it, so you shouldn’t be opting for it. Have a talk about it beforehand and show them this article rather than those rainbow kiss urban dictionary definitions.

To-Do Or Not To Do?

Hopefully, we were able to answer your ‘what is rainbow kiss’ query. If you are still up for the challenge, then sexually, you are extremely wild.

There is no judgment with a rainbow kiss as long as it is done between two consulting adults and with proper comfort.

Kiss rainbow!

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