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14 Best Kissing Positions That Will Maximize Your Makeout Session

14 Best Kissing Positions That Will Maximize Your Makeout Session

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'You should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how.'

The dialogue that probably changed how I looked at Rhett Butler, the magnanimous man who was just the right amount of perfect – a little annoying but really good for the most part.

Things changed for the little romantic inside me with this dialogue from ‘Gone with the Wind’, leaving me dreaming about a man who will kiss me as I have never been kissed before. And then there was Fitzwilliam Darcy who left no stone unturned in sweeping me off my feet. I kept wondering where was my Rhett, where was my Darcy?

Goodbye Prince Charming: Do You Not Want To Hook Up?

"You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught."

The next five years of adult life soon proved to be daunting and all romance went outside the window. I no longer wanted to meet my Prince Charming.

I wanted to hook up, and what’s better than a hot kissing session that can lead to so much more? Lots of kissing leading up to a hot and heavy makeout session – doesn’t that sound like a better plan?

But, how do you find the best makeout positions?

❤️ Should you ram your partner against the wall and kiss those lips vigorously as if it’s your last day on the planet, and no one’s more horny than you.

❤️ Or, should you start with a soft hickey on the neck, and find your way up to the lips while you liberate your partner of those soft fabrics?

When you actually think about it, whichever position you choose, make sure it tunes you and your partner’s body in the same melodic chime. If you have trouble figuring out a few hot makeout positions that can make things hotter, don’t you worry!

Because we have listed the best makeout positions for you right here. Scroll down to find out more on the same!

Best Kissing Positions To Heat Up Your Makeout Session

Speaking from personal experience, the only way to find out good makeout positions is with the help of the two ‘E’s – Experience and Exploration. The more you explore and experiment, the more you will discover about your sexuality! Why don’t you try it out for yourself?

Making out in bed and kissing each other can indeed lead to some much-needed sexual arousal, but before you dive into that, you may want to make the most of the makeout session. Take it slow and steady – you don’t have to catch a train, right?

Once you have displayed your knowledge about the best makeout positions to your partner, make sure you are leaving your partner thirsty, wanting for more…

Scroll down and check out these great makeout positions and get all groovy with each other!

1. Always On Top

Always On Top
                  "Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.”

Your make-out position will feel more intimate if you’re straddling your partner while you are on top of him. For once, both of your hands will be free to roam and explore each other’s bodies, heating things up in the process.

And if things turn out to be lucky for you guys, this position can also help you to heat things up further – from a casual makeout session to a memorable hookup session, the reigns are in your hands. Make the most of the moment or save some for the next day.

Carpe Diem!

How To Always Be On Top?

Step 1: Go close to your man and let the sexual tension build-up. Start kissing him slowly and make him sit down on a chair.

Step 2: Very slowly sit on top of him. Don’t let the kiss end – make sure you are sitting on top of him while kissing him.

Step 3: Keep the momentum going and at the same time, slowly wrap your legs around him. Don’t forget to move your fingers through his hair!

2. Vanilla Is Here To Stay

Vanilla Is Here To Stay

We know what you are thinking.

Just because you do it all the time doesn’t necessarily make it boring. In fact, missionary kissing is one of the best makeout positions that have stood the test of time. You can kiss him while holding his face and embrace him tightly when the situation calls for it. 

Men prefer this makeout position as they get to watch your face while they’re busy pleasuring you, and there’s also some intimacy-related psychology that works out here. I mean it turns your man on – your face, expressions, moans!

So don’t be ashamed of the expressions you’re creating because it explains how horny you are. He can bite your ears, kiss your neck, pin your hands over your head, making things way too hot and heavy for you!

How To Go All Vanilla On Your Man?

Step 1: Start kissing your man and then move slowly towards the bed. Make sure you are in charge!

Step 2: Once you guys are in bed, let your man take charge and climb on top of you. It does feel good, doesn’t it?

Step 3: Wrap your hands around your man’s shoulders and kiss him as you have never kissed him before.

3. The Wall Is My Favorite Prop

The Wall Is My Favorite Prop

When it comes to choosing the hot makeout positions, nothing can beat hooking up with your partner against the wall.

Do you remember that steamy elevator makeout session from Fifty Shades of Grey when Christian pushed Anastasia against the elevator wall and started kissing her passionately?

Well, isn’t there something about these makeout positions that awakens those butterflies in the pit of your stomach?

I am 25 and I still get those goosebumps every time I am against the wall! When he pushes you against the wall, puts his hands behind your neck and head, and kisses you like it’s a movie, does it not turn you on?

While having sex against the wall is difficult and impractical, making out against the wall is an ideal position for a scorching night of passionate sex

How To Use The Wall As A Prop?

Step 1: Push your partner against the wall but do not do that too gently (You have to be a little aggressive here!)

Step 2: Relax your facial muscles.

Step 3: Hold her hands upwards and start kissing.

4. We Love Lotus

We Love Lotus

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

We know this is one of those makeout positions that looks a little PG-13, but you have to admit, it’s pretty perfect for heading straight into sex. When it comes to kissing your partner in the lotus position, it looks nothing but steamy, and it can push your lady parts to the edge…and you won’t be able to resist yourself any longer!

If you have a hot girl beside you, initiating a lotus kiss should not be a big deal. It’s intimate, with plenty of chance to stare into each other’s eyes and mumble erotic sweet nothings to get each other in the mood.

How To Show Your Love For Lotus

Step 1: Grab a sex wedge and sit while you lean your back against it.

Step 2: Make your partner sit cross-legged on top of you.

Step 3: Wrap your arms around each other tightly and meet at the chest.

5. Oops Was That A Moment?

Oops Was That A Moment

This is one of those makeout positions that are almost often unintentional. You know those oops, was it a moment, or are we making out? However, it can quickly evolve into a heated makeout session if you do it right. 

You can lean in for a side kiss while you and your lover are relaxing together and watching a movie. Remember how you used to have to sit next to each other and make out so you could quickly appear to be watching TV when your folks walked in? 

Well, go back to those teenage years and kiss your partner in this comfortable position.

How To Create A Memorable Moment?

Step 1: Sit closely next to each other, preferably on a comfy, cozy couch, and let the evening unfold.

Step 2: Lean in toward your partner and see how she responds.

Step 3: If she is still firm in her position and is not moving away, go for the kiss.

6. Don’t Let My Feet Touch The Ground

Don't Let My Feet Touch The Ground
"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul."

If you have watched ‘The Notebook,’ you must remember the sweet, romantic yet passionate kiss between Noah and Allie when he lifted her in the rain and kissed her!!! That was truly magical, and you must also remember what that kiss led to, right?

Yes, lifting your partner while kissing her is one of the best makeout positions that can lead to hours of passionate lovemaking. Soon you will find yourself looking up the best sex positions of all time.

How To Not Let Your Partner’s Feet Touch The Ground?

Step 1: Start kissing your girl as well as you can and set the mood for what’s about to follow.

Step 2: Now slowly and delicately wrap your arms against her waist.

Step 3: Slowly lift her while pressing your lips even tightly against hers. And don’t forget to hold her properly.

7. Who Rules The World? Girls!

Who Rules The World Girls!

There’s something about a confident woman who knows what she wants, and it can make men go crazy about her. So, all my ladies, it’s time to take charge and get hold of those Christian Grey whips as you make your man moan in pleasure.

When you think about it, it’s just the reverse of a missionary kiss because instead of the man, the woman stays on top. Because girls rule the world!

This kind of kissing position indeed induces sexual rubbing and sexual hair pulling, which makes the entire makeout session even hotter.

How To Do It???

Step 1: Make your man lie on the bed, or push him if you want.

Step 2: Climb on top of him.

Step 3: While you are sitting on top of him, lean forward and kiss him.

8. Cuddles And Cuteness

Cuddles And Cuteness

Yes, a makeout session can be hot and cute at the same time if you are with the right person.

This kiss is similar to a side kiss, but you two lay down on the bed together this time instead of sitting.

It may not be one of those popular makeout positions, but it indeed is romantic. As you cuddle up with your partner while lying on the bed, your hand are free to roam around.

You can even start undressing each other gradually or joke about each other’s cute body parts as you kiss. 

When you are kissing laying down, it speaks volumes about the intimacy of your relationship.

How To Do It???

Step 1: Lay down on the bed beside each other.

Step 2: Turn to your side and hug your partner.

Step 3: Now, start kissing her slowly on the neck, cheek, nose, and move to the lips.

9. Eat To Your Heart’s Content

Eat To Your Heart's Content

It is one of the Hottest makeout positions on our list because it shows how a couple can’t get enough of each other even when they cook. If the Korean Dramas have taught us anything in the past few years, it’s how to kiss your girl in the kitchen while making the most of it.

You have probably guessed what we are talking about. Yes, the super romantic scene in ‘Something in the Rain’ when Seo Joon puts Yun Jin on the kitchen counter and kisses her! Hot. Hot. Hot.

You don’t necessarily have to find a kitchen counter to try this kiss. You can also find a car bonnet and try this position out.

How To Eat Right?

Step 1: Stand opposite each other and start to kiss.

Step 2: Place your palm on her waist as the intensity increases.

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Step 3: Lift her and make her sit on the top of the kitchen counter (any platform), and keep on kissing.

10. Tables Are Sturdy

           "You pierce my soul. I am half agony. Half hope"

I have personally always liked tables. There’s something so hot and sturdy about tables that I can’t get over them. Just imagine your man lifting you up on the table and kissing you as you have never been kissed before.

And there’s no possibility that things are gonna stop there. Things are gonna escalate and you know what? That’s fine. You can even try out the doggy style if things do get out of hand and there’s no way you are not getting laid!

How To Use The Table As A Prop?

Step 1: Build the sexual tension slowly and then start making out.

Step 2: Let your man take charge but keep moving really slowly near the table.

Step 3: Once you are near the table, delicately lean against it and pull your man while doing so. Don’t even try to stop kissing while all of this is happening.

Step 4: Your man will be horny enough to put you on the table and do you!

11. The Tongue-Only Moment

The Tongue-Only Moment

We all know there are only two specific ways to kiss – either with or without your tongue. And using your tongue when you are partner is clearly not into that can make things awkward – also it’s such a turn-off!

The best way to build up this moment is to check whether you guys are going for just a kiss or you going for more. If you are both gonna make out and hook up, using your tongue can prove to be beneficial to you!

How To Use Your Tongue Right?

Step 1: Start kissing without your tongue and let the moment build up. Don’t just randomly poke people with your tongue…that’s not cool.

Step 2: Once the moment has built up and you know this is more than just a kiss, you can start using your tongue.

Step 3: Slowly use your tongue and don’t forget to be really sensual when you go ahead with it.

12. Anywhere But My Mouth

Anywhere But My Mouth

Sometimes, it’s not about the end game. Sometimes, it’s about the journey…Sex is good but have you ever played that game where you let the sexual tension build-up, turning both of you on in the process? The key to this game is no matter where your fingers travel, your mouth can’t meet your partner’s mouth…

Yes, life can be harsh but this game is fun. If you don’t trust me, you just need to play it once and experiment a little! I promise you, it will surely be an eventful night – a night to remember!

How To Build Sexual Tension?

Step 1: Let your hands run amok on your partner’s body. But be slow, like really really slow.

Step 2: Don’t kiss your partner and don’t let him kiss you. Instead go really close to his mouth and then at the last moment simply go for his neck.

Step 3: Keep playing this game till he is really hard and you guys can’t wait anymore!

13. The One That Stayed

The One That Stayed

Have you seen those kisses in rom-coms where the kiss always always always lingers? Yes, the lingering kiss is pretty popular and is great for creating intimacy. If you have feelings for your partner, you can always show them with the help of a lingering kiss.

This is also one of the best makeout positions out there – hot, heavy, and intimately sexy! Give it a try, if you haven’t tried it out yet!

How To Be The One That Stayed?

Step 1: When the kiss starts, it should go slow and steady for the first few seconds.

Step 2: Keep your tongue inside your mouth but once the kiss builds up, start using your tongue. And don’t forget to take a gentle approach.

Step 3: Be a little intimate at that moment and then the kiss is over, you will know that lingering feeling – you will know when you know!

14: Spider-Man Kiss (only if Toby Mcguire Steps In)

Spider-Man Kiss

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Yes, this kiss involves the hanging upside down of one partner while the other one kisses. You must remember how the OG Spiderman, Peter Parker kiss his MJ in the movie.

If not, watch it once again, and brush up your superhero skills to impress your lady love on the following date night because this skilled kiss will turn your makeout positions into something more intimate, and we can guarantee that!

It’s one of the best kissing positions on Instagram too! So get #gramready with your version of the spidey kiss.

How To Kiss Like A Superhero?

Step 1: Impress your date and make sure that you don’t mistakenly reveal your identity. Just before wishing her Goodnight, hang down from the building opposite.

Step 2: Now slowly lift your mask enough to reveal your lips, pull your MJ near you and go for the kiss.

Step 3: Now, kiss each other slowly, before falling in love!


1: How Do You Properly Makeout?

Ans: If you want to make out properly, you must choose a comfortable setting like a bed or a spacious couch. Stare at your partner’s eyes, and initiate a French kiss. As the kiss deepens, start exploring each others’ body parts with your hands, and your hot makeout session is off to a good start.

2: What Are Some Good Makeout Positions For Tight Spaces?

Ans: If you are looking for makeout positions in cars, lotus kissing is the best one to get started with. You put your partner on your lap as she sits cross her legs beside your waist, if not around it. Now, kiss each other and start undressing each others’ top halves to make out effectively in a tight space.

3: What To Do With Your Tongue When You Kiss?

Ans: People generally keep their tongues to themselves when they kiss for the first time. However, you can start touching your partner’s lips with your tongue slowly to see how they respond to it. Don’t ever push it into their mouth like a darting snake tongue. 

Happy Kissing!!!

The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all around him”

I have covered many make-out positions here so that you can get a good idea as to which one might work the best for you. Once you choose the best make-out positions, your partner will go weak on the knees in no time, and you will get the best sex of your life.

So, if you want to know more about these, ping us in the comment box. We will surely get back to you with an answer ASAP! In the meantime, don’t forget to explore and experiment!

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