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Best Sex Positions to Please Your Girl

Best Sex Positions to Please Your Girl

Best Sex Positions
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Did you know that 40% of women struggle to achieve orgasm? There are many reasons behind this, but sexual dissatisfaction plays a large role for many. 

Don’t lose hope if your partner struggles to achieve orgasm!

There are a few solutions to help her climax. You can use sex toys, foreplay techniques, and some of the best sex positions to please your girl.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far for the best sex positions guide. We’ve listed some of the most satisfying positions below. Keep on reading to learn more:

1. Girl on Top

Girl on Top

If you’re looking for a position to achieve a female orgasm and give her full control, you can’t go wrong with having the girl on top. The good thing about this position is there are a lot of variations, simple and complex, to let her achieve optimal satisfaction.

The simplest version is for the male to lie down flat. Let the girl straddle his hips, her legs folded underneath her. A simple variation is to let the girl stretch her legs in front of her or for her to squat down instead.

Sitting up with the girl on top is a common variation. It’s easier to let the man sit up leaning on a wall. The girl can then sit on his lap, facing him.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl

Bored with the traditional position with the girl on top? You can add some flair simply by turning her the around way. Sit the girl on top but have her face the man’s feet instead of his face.

This simple twist on a traditional position can do wonders. Not only does it give the girl full control, but her position also makes it easy for both people to play with her clitoris. This can help her boost her sensations and achieve orgasm faster.

Reverse cowgirl also has a few additional variations. You can perform the reverse cowgirl from the edge of a bed, on a table, kitchen counter, or on a couch. This position is also easy to adjust if you have sex on a sex bench or sex couch.

3. Doggie Style

 Doggie Style

When it comes to the best sex positions, the doggy/doggie style remains the most popular. In a recent survey, over 35% of participants (both men and women) stated this was their preferred sex position.

Doggie style remains on top of the list because of three factors.

The first thing is the fact that it allows for deeper penetration. Doggie also allows for quick adjustments, ensuring both partners feel satisfied and comfortable. It also lets you take control of the pace, going as slowly or as quickly as desired.

Looking for a few variations?

Try keeping her hips up and her head down. Place her hands behind her back on sprawled ahead of her. You can also add a pillow underneath her to increase the depth and sensation she feels during this position.

Keep in mind that you can do the doggie style on almost any surface. It’s comfortable on a bed, sure, but you can do it on the floor too. You can do it on a couch, table, or countertop. 

4. Ankles Up

Ankles Up

If you’re looking for the best sex positions Kamasutra guides provide, the ankles up position will always be on the list. It’s a simple twist on the traditional missionary, but there’s no denying how quickly it can help both participants reach their climax. 

Start by lying the female down flat on her back. Allow the male to get on top, similar to a missionary position. He’ll then grab the woman’s ankles and lift her legs, allowing her to rest her feet on his shoulders.

The male can then adjust his position as needed. Some like to do this while lying down. Others prefer to get into a kneeling position, which allows them to raise the girl’s ankles even further.

Of course, not everyone can do this position. It does require a bit of flexibility. Don’t try to push her ankles beyond her comfort level.

5. Standing Doggie Against the Wall

Standing Doggie Against the Wall

The traditional doggie style is easy to perform. It simply requires the female to either lie flat or kneel and have the male straddle her from behind. However, a quick variation that also allows for a satisfaction orgasm is to do it while standing.

Many refer to this as the “quickie” position since you can perform it without having to remove all your clothes. Simply unzip, lower her underclothes, and get into position.

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Pushing her against a wall helps maintain balance and stabilization. After all, you don’t want either participant to topple over or to trip during sex.

6. Spooning Position

Spooning Position

One of the best sex positions for orgasm is also one of the simplest. Spooning is also one of the most romantic positions. All you have to do is to lie the girl on her side and then let the male take position from behind, similar to how spoons fold into each other.

Like the reverse cowgirl, a major benefit is that both participants can reach down to play her clitoris. Since you’re both on your sides, you also don’t have to worry about one person weighing down on the other.

Of course, you won’t feel comfortable if the male struggles to reach his partner. Fortunately, you don’t need to resort to awkward methods to check if you can do this position. You can use simple steps with this how to guide.

Try Out the Best Sex Positions to Please Your Girl

Try Out the Best Sex Positions to Please Your Girl

Now you know some of the best sex positions to please your girl!

Don’t hesitate to give these a try, from doggie style variations to simply raising her ankles above your shoulders. Help her achieve satisfaction, and you can both have fun! Add a few other techniques, such as using sex toys or foreplay techniques, to spice things up even further.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop with this sex guide. If you’re looking for more lifestyle, relationship, and adult tips, we’ve got your back. Feel free to continue digging through our library of guides for more!

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