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When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage – Know These 6 Signs

When To Walk Away From A Sexless Marriage – Know These 6 Signs

when to walk away from a sexless marriage
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Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Sexual relationship is an essential integral part of the marriage relationship. But when these sexual relations are becoming dry and no longer serve their purposes, then what to do? Are you going to pursue sexless marriage? Or you will book an appointment with a marriage counselor to know when to walk away from a sexless marriage.

Before jumping to the conclusion, first, make sure if your material relationship is sexless or not?

So let’s first know

What Is Considered A Sexless Marriage?

Some couples are facing some dry spells after a specific time. The life struggle and pressure is becoming the one who you can blame for your sexless marriage. According to the study, 70% of sexless marriages are reported as the very few sexual encounters with your partner.

In reality, the couples are just becoming roomies living under the same roof without any sexual confrontations. This definition of a sexless marriage is making your life easy, and if you are already finding these problems, then immediately you have to know the signs of sexless marriages. And you are making your mind to get the next decisions over your material relationship status by confronting the facts of when to walk away from a sexless marriage.

1. You Are Living Like Roommates

When walking away from a marriage, many couples keep asking questions, and they do not even realize their marriage is really becoming boring and dry. In long-term relationships, sexual encounters are playing a vital role, and after each sexual relationship, your relationship bonds are growing stronger.

At the beginning of their relationship, they take extra care to look good and attractive, but as time passes, they no longer take care of themselves. Then they start living like roommates.

If you feel that you slowly lack your partner’s interest, and your spouse is no longer taking care of themselves. Then do ask any marriage counselor for further opinions because, from your heart, you already know when to walk away from a sexless marriage. If you face these types of incidents, then this is the right time to walk away from your marriage.

2. Engaging Too Much With Your Kids

Childs is always a blessing for any couple. But do you know when you are allocating too much time for your children automatically detached from your partner? Because after the long hours of work, when you are engaging with your kids, you cut out the intimate time with your spouse.

Many couples are struggling to go on a date after they get their first child. From your first childbirth, parents are becoming very busy working for their children.

When to walk away from sexless marriage is a callous question for any parents, but if you see your spouse is allotted too much time for your kids and night by night he /she is sleeping in the children’s bed, then alarm your mind about the future sexless marriage.

3. Stop Flirting And Complimenting

Complimenting and flirting is the formula to keep your relationship healthy even when you are at a distance. Before asking when to walk away from sexless marriage, just ask yourself if he /she stops complimenting you? Or he/she is just continuing the essential talks.

If they are just doing the important talk and kids-related issues, then first alarm your mind and ask yourselves when to walk away from marriage. If you see all the romantic communications and flirting are just getting evaporated, then always remind your spouse about the sweet moments which are just becoming the past.

4. You Rarely Touch Each Other

Touching and feelings are two inseparable parts that are making your relationship strong. Even when you do not have the spare time to spend together, regular healthy relationship couples do not abandon touching.

Because touching is like a way to convey feelings and the love vibes. When you both stop touching each other, that means you no longer enjoy the company of your spouse. In a word, sexless marriage means it’s a loveless marriage.

If you suffer some issues and value your alone time, indeed, touching is a necessary part of your marriage life. When you spot some weird thing is happening, and your partner no longer enjoys the loving touch, then alarm your mind about the next phase of your marriage life.

5. Uncomfortable While Talking About Sex

Couples not only enjoy the sex in the bed other than the bedtime excitement. Even if you live in that state of mind when to walk away from sexless marriage? This question is also becoming uncomfortable.

Sex drive is a biological need, but couples are enjoying more time watching adult movies and video clippings. These are the natural habits of married couples. Even when they are living separately, they also spent time in sex chat and sharing some erotic massages

If you spot your partner is lacking his/her taste over the sex talk and deliberately avoid the communication, then this is the right time to thinking about your marriage decision is required.

6. Stops Sharing Erotic Conversations

Erotic conversation and sex talk are also be in marriage relationships. Lack of sex in the marriage relationship means that both of you are slowly getting reluctant about your warm relationship. Erotic conversations and naughty talks are the part. 

When you are getting relaxed about your relationships, some external disturbances are entering your relationship. In many cases, we have seen the couple could not find the proper time to go for a date, but the bed’s warmth does not lose its essence. 

When you are starting to follow your regular monotonous lifestyle, and after coming back to your home. What do you expect from your spouse? If your partner is starting to spend more time cleaning the kitchen and getting busy with the house chores.

If your spouse has a drinking habit after returning from work, he/she starts to spend more time drinking. Then this is the right time to knock on the door of the marriage counselor.

7. Your Partner Is Just Avoiding The Sexual Encounters

Many of my clients ask how to survive a loveless, sexless marriage. But the fact is elementary. First, know the symptoms, then start to digest the problems with the actual cause. That is a clear sign of when to walk away from a sexless marriage.

You are starting to initiate the sexual encounter. But your partner keeps saying, ” Honey, I am tired or just simply avoiding sexual activity. That indicates that your partner is avoiding any sexual intimacy with you. And the fewer sexual encounter is an indication that you require consultations with the divorce lawyers.

8. Unrealistic Expectations

Some of the couples are going through very tough situations when they are heading toward sexless marriages. For example, one person is interested in sexual activity, but another is simply avoiding the encounters. And these types of scenarios generate many miscommunications and arguments. 

To avoid these types of conflicting situations, one of you is setting an unrealistic expectation bar. This is a serious problem. Another part is thinking they are not qualified for sex. But actually, their partners are creating a wall against them to avoid any sort of sexual encounters. If you are already confronting this and your partner is setting an unrealistic example in front of you. Then this is the right time to walk away from a sexless marriage.

9. All Time Busy And Leaving a Very Little Time For Spending Together

My female client often keeps asking how to deal with a sexless marriage as a woman. Whatever gender you are having. The sexless concept is constantly hampering the individual’s marriage relationships. But when you are finding your partner is no longer like your company. And not only that, they are spending their time outside of the house. This is a clear indication that they do not like your company.

If you are finding these types of things, Then try to stitch before the time. Yes, how to do it.Sit and discuss the matter with your partner. And freely communicate with them. Sometimes the free discussions with your partners are sorting out the issues.

10. You or Your Partner Is Cheating

Cheating is a clear sign of a sexless and loveless marriage. Outside of marriage, relationships are not accepted in any culture and country. But when you are having an affair outside of your material relationships, that is the closest indication that you require freedom and no longer love your partner.

How to survive a sexless marriage without cheating? Surviving a sexless marriage is tough when you no longer love each other. And cheating does not prove the love and affection for your partner. 

Cheating is an outcome of a sexless and affectionless marriage. This can never be the cause of sexless marriages. But my opinion is when you find your partner is cheating on you or you are cheating on them. Then it is better to free the person from marriage commitments. Outside marriage, relationships are pretty harmful to every individual.

Can Your Sexless Marriage Survive?

When to walk away from sexless marriage? Before getting to a conclusion, you have to be sure if a sexless marriage can survive or not. In our perspective sex and touching is a significant factor in making your relationship very strong.

If this potent formula is getting weak, you have first to ask yourself which types of things are holding you back. Some couples are maintaining their sexless marriage in the sack of their children and other social issues. But the understanding between you and your partner is becoming fuzzy. Therefore, there is no alternative way better than walking away from the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Less Marriages

Q1: Are You Addressing Sexless Marriage As A Healthy Marriage?

Yes, sexless marriages and relationships can be absolutely healthy. Some couples have such good relationships, which are like friendships. And they are pretty okay without having the sex. If you and your partners are having this kind of bonding, then it’s okay. You can have healthy marriage relationships.

Q2: Are Most Marriages Sexless?

These are not at all correct statements. Most marriages have healthy relationships. But many couples, after certain days of marriage, prefer to go on with the sexless marriage. The various health issues can also be the culprit. If your marriage is now sexless, then escalate the problem first. 

Q3: Can Marriage Survive Without Sex?

Yes, without sex, any marriage can survive. But surviving the marriage is entirely dependent on your understanding. If both the people are happy without having any sort of physical intimacy, then your marriage can survive. Even your material relationships can be improved over time.

Q4: How Long A Sexless Marriage Can Last?

The health-related issues are entirely different. But if you do not have any health-related issues. Then it is tough to survive in a sexless marriage. Especially when your partner is not accepting your decision, Conflicting makes the bonds of your relationship less secure. So if you are in the middle of a conflicting relationship, it is better to walk away from your relationship.

Sum Up:

If you spot these types of signs, then always alarm your mind. Marriage is like a mental contract between you two, so breaking the rules means you are breaking the settle issues. But when you ask when to walk away from a sexless marriage, that means you already spot the signs. That means your relationship is in the problem.

So better discuss your problem with your partner and then seek the counselor’s help. If you think our article is helping you spot the issues about sexless marriage, then forget to comment back to us.

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  • People often say that nothing quite matches the betrayal felt after learning that a partner is cheating. It has to be one of the hardest things a person can experience. You will be shocked and shaken on a fundamental level. Surprisingly, even those who had cheated often said similar things.

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