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How To Handle A Wife? (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

How To Handle A Wife? (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

How to handle a wife
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In today’s ‘how are women treated as objects,’ we will talk about how to handle a wife because your wife totally needs to be handled. A good ol’ control session is exactly what women in 2022 need! Yes, women can be difficult, and sometimes things can become a little trickier than you foresaw. 

“Life is tough, darling. But so are you…”

But I had a problem with the word ‘handle,’ when I sat down to type this article out a little while ago. But do you know what changed? A married woman’s advice when I asked her about the same question I was asked. She smiled and said, ‘Let her be,’ leaving me smiling and wondering how well women age over time, a calm sense of wisdom radiating from their personalities. 

How To Handle A Wife? “Let Me Be”, She Said

Let Me Be

Search engines can be a strange place, even stranger than Wonderland because people search for just about anything. I was shocked to find the number of people who have searched for ‘how to control wife’ on Google. Are people actually so worried about their wives that how to handle a wife is something people want to read about? 

So, I decided to answer this million-dollar question! For me, the world is divided into two types of women – the ones you can’t tame and the ones who make ‘good’ wives. Is being submissive a personality trend now? I thought I was living in a world that believed in gender equality; then why can’t we restrict submissive to the bedroom and refine the meaning of a good wife? 

The Big Fat Wedding Story!

Wedding Story

Women today get married because they want to and because society expects them to. The day when ‘all’ women will be allowed to enjoy this freedom will be perhaps a day of big wins for the entire female gender. But for now, it’s a privilege that only a section of society enjoys. They say the bigger the wedding, the more expensive the divorce – and that’s sort of true. 

“Our breakup was due to religious differences. He thought he was God. I didn’t.”

So, is handling your wife such a difficult experience that you are ready to pay for divorce already? Well, don’t lose hope. No matter how cynical I might sound, I promise you a solution. You just need to keep reading. Oh, and keep scrolling down, too!

No Space, No Peace. 

No Space No Peace

There are two kinds of husbands out there. The ‘wife is always right’ husbands and ‘who’s the man of the house’ husbands. The problem with both categories is that they do not understand how to give space. For all husbands who believe that their wives are always right, understand that she might be mad at you, but that doesn’t mean she is no longer in love with you.

“If you love a person, give them infinite space.”

Similarly, you are not just the man of the house. You are also ‘the man’ for your wife, then why do you need to annoy or even hurt her? The fact that a 21st-century woman allows you to mansplain her all the time is nothing but a sign of true love. So forget about finding out how to handle a wife and just give it some time…and space!

Trust Issues Are Not Daddy Issues XD

Trust Issues

I believe there are wives who are capable of making their husbands’ lives hell, but seek within yourself first. Before making such irreparable claims about your one and only, think through your relationship issues. Most often, trust stands at the root of all such issues – has your wife been cheated on in the past? Has your wife been lied to in the past? 

“It’s not you, it’s me finally realizing you’re terrible for me.”

Understand why your wife behaves the way she does – instead of finding out how to handle your wife, find out why she is insecure about your relationship. Have you given her any reason to distrust you? And for the last time, trust issues are not your wives’ daddy issues. If you guys can’t trust each other, figure out how to solve those issues. Go for relationship therapy if needed. 

Women Nag, Men Tolerate: NO, That’s A Stereotype


You might have a nagging wife, or you might ‘assume’ that all women are capable of becoming nagging wives. The two situations are completely different. Some women can be very nagging (like me), and some are not (unlike me) – the world is a place for people who push and people who get pushed. And that applies to all, without gender becoming a point of identification. 

So, if your wife is a nagging woman, you need some help. Here’s what you can do!

  1. Sit down and have a calm conversation.
  2. Give each other space. 
  3. Reconcile when both of you are finally in a good place. 
  4. Read the first point again.

“All I know is one of us is right, and the other one is you.”

But what if your case is something completely different based on a stereotypical assumption? In that case, first, ask yourself, ‘how is my wife?’ You will know whether she is actually nagging or you just assumed. If it’s an assumption, the best thing you can do is actually have an honest conversation with your wife, clearing out any existing issues in your relationship. 

How To Handle A Wife? Quora’s Take!

Of course, we had to go on Quora just to find out how to handle a wife. I mean, I wanted to see what our people on Quora have to say about this highly controversial statement. I have started to understand that Quroa is perhaps the next Google, considering it’s exactly the kind of community I would have preferred in the world of blogging. 

Hoping for the best and going back to the topic at hand, here’s what people on Quora has to say about the infamous statement! 

Thread 1:

The best advice is to talk to her. Tell her and show her that you’re trying and you’re getting back negative feelings from her. As we say, “Call her on her own bullshit.” She might not be happy with you, and nothing you’re going to do is ever going to be right. If she shows no sign of warmth and kindness, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. 

But really, the best thing to do is communicate with her about how she’s making you feel when you are working so hard to be the way she has asked you to be. Ask her what does it take to please her. If it’s something you can do and still look yourself in the mirror, then do it.

Jim Doire

Thread 2:

She is your partner for life, just don’t take it as a stress. she loves you … maybe sometimes she reacts like she is very rude, but inside she is smooth.. whenever you do something wrong then only she’ll be angry with you. Accept her with her nature.

Nivya Robert

Thread 3:

The best thing to do is to not instigate or get mad yourself. If it’s a safe place, I would give her a hug. I would try to figure out what is going through her mind and see if you can help.

I would also work together to make sure you guys are giving each other appropriate time. I would go on regular date nights and read the book The 5 Love Languages.

Life Issues, Marriage, & Family

Thread 4:

My MIL never worked, had five kids she raised very badly (FIL drove long haul), and her two daughters were expected to just be pretty, get married, and have babies while the three sons were treated like gods and allowed to do whatever the hell they wanted with no consequences.

My husband went to her, ONCE, for advice after we had a pretty intense disagreement about the trajectory of our future. He came back with her “advise” that we should have a baby, and all I could do was laugh. 

“Really? You cannot stand your mother (for all the reasons stated above and more) but you asked HER for advise? I wouldn’t ask her for advise on how to dye easter eggs let alone our future. And no, our issues are not a baby’s job to fix!”

End of argument.


Thread 5: 

What is ‘handle money’ defined for you, and at what point would you consider your wife proficient enough at it to be able to do so in your eyes? A more specific answer can be given when these criteria are explained. For now, make it her money. 

She is handling it at a fixed amount. If she overspends, then she does not get more for the next two weeks. You will be surprised how effective this is once you have all of Yours untouchable By her.

Andre Swartz

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Handle A Wife For The Right Reasons?

There is technically no reason behind finding out how to handle a wife. In fact, we have all been asking and reassuring each other  – about how to handle a wife we are also searching for. Handling your wife is an impossible task, best left alone. 

2. What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?

The signs of a toxic marriage are as follows, 
Lack of respect, 
Lack of loyalty,
Lack of effort,
Lack of intimacy, and 
Lack of peace. 

3. How To Deal With A Difficult Wife? 

Instead of typing, ‘how to manage wife,’ follow the steps mentioned below, 
Have a calm and honest conversation,
Give each other space,
Retrace your steps to go to the root of the problem.

Love Is Hard, And Marriage Is Harder: Freedom To Consider

So are you still worried about how to handle a wife? If you are, I suggest consulting with some expert because sometimes relationships are more complex than you can understand on the surface. In that case, relationship therapy is something you guys can definitely consider. Moreover, instead of controlling your wife, find out how to keep your wife happy for a change. 

Most of the time, silly issues are the product of our own creative overthinking – talk it out, and you guys will be just fine. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

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