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Is My Wife Crazy? How To Tell And How To Deal

Is My Wife Crazy? How To Tell And How To Deal

wife crazy
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There are men out there who can feel the ordeal you are going through. You are exhausted from dealing with the same wife crazy sh*t every day, and now you need a solution.

Being a victim of these crazy wife situations puts you in a dilemma.

What exactly should you do about these situations?

Is it just hormones?


Something worse, and you shouldn’t ignore it?

In this excerpt below, we will try to provide some answers to your concern. Hopefully, it serves as an eye-opener to the ones in a really bad situation or helps you understand your wife’s perspective and help them.

After all, a happy wife is a happy life, and a crazy wife calls for disaster!

Crazy Wife! Hyperbole Or Reality?

Sometimes we do use the term “crazy wife” in these crazy situations in an exaggerated manner. However, self-awareness is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship. So, ask yourself whether it is really your wife at fault.

Are you simply tired and do not wish to have any conversation with them? Sometimes, we just need our space. But before you ask whether my wife is crazy.

Is it something else about them that is bothering you, and lack of articulation plus buildup of anger is making you conceive judgment against their behavior?

Now, we are not suggesting you gaslight yourself and take all the blame in such wife crazy situations. However, there are times when your wife crosses the limit, and you cannot resist it anymore. Your search history is filled with “my wife is driving me crazy, what should I do” search results.

Let’s find out some of the situations and whether your domestic events match them.

Reasons Why You Are Calling Them Crazy

Here are some of the wife crazy events which many have voiced their opinion about. According to psychologists, if these situations persist, it will be almost impossible to deal with a normal and healthy domestic life. So, if you are pursuing happiness and want a normal life with your wife, do consider family counseling

1. They Are Always Arguing

Always Arguing

No matter the context or subtext of your reply, their repercussions are always negative. They are never satisfied with what you say or do, and anger oozes out whenever you two communicate.

Once in a while, it is manageable, after all, we are all human. But, if this continues for weeks, it is not a healthy environment to be in. Soon, you will either stop communicating with your wife or start tip-toeing.

2. They Are Hurting You With Words

Hurting You With Words

They are spewing poison out of their mouth for no reason. It is not that you are always the innocent party, but even if the small arguments are turning into chains of destructive criticism and insults then the situation is turning toxic.

The worst part would be if, in these crazy situations, your wife fails to acknowledge their bad behavior. This can make your emotions and opinions feel abandoned.

3. Trying To Control You

Control You

No matter how strong the love is, every individual needs time for themselves once in a while. In fact, psychologists believe this time apart can make a relationship stronger.

You must create some distance to miss the person and appreciate them more. However, in certain wife crazy events, you will find your partner taking away all the control. For example, making a big deal of you wanting to spend time alone or with your friends.

If you are someone having too many friends outing, then their anger is justifiable. However, when they want to know every detail of your outing, ask you to send them locations, and call them every hour, even after this being your second outing in six months, there is a problem. Maybe they are a crazy wife because they are burning in the fire of suspicion without the smoke.

4. Gaslighting You When You Are Sharing Your Feelings

Sharing Your Feelings

There are certain wife crazy situations where you are unable to take the affliction anymore and decide to speak up. There are two ways in which this can go.

1. They understand your side, give their apology, and communicate about their side as well.

2. Your wife can play the victim card and turn the entire thing against you. 

If you are ending the conversation feeling more confused and judging your own decision, you have been gaslit. This is one of the worst feelings after an argument, and if this is constantly happening, you should take drastic steps to end this suffering.

5. Threatened To Physically Harm You

Physically Harm You

If the crazy moments have reached this height, you shouldn’t take this casually. A threat to physically harm you is also a form of abuse. They do not have to raise their hand to make the situation look bad.

This wife crazy situation is clearly not an exaggeration, and your trepidation while communicating with them is genuine.

Why Is It Happening?

Now the real question is what is the course of action. Should you be talking to your wife, and understand where all the animosity is coming from, bring a mediator (a counselor) to solve the issue, or does this spell the end of your marriage?

1. Lack Of Communication

Being too busy with work and other stuff could be a venom to a good relationship. This could cause a barrier in communication. As a result, many things would remain unsaid. 

Eventually, you will be burying all the issues, and this could bring about frustration through constant arguments and bad-mouthing. You need steady conversation and bridge the communication gap between solving this issue.

2. She Is Pregnant

If you do not know this, then it is probably your first time dealing with a pregnant partner. Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s mental health, and they can temporarily turn into a crazy wife. The emotional balance falters like a broken pendulum, so they are often agitated by simple issues.

There is nothing personal against you; it is just their hormones, changing body, and the new life growing inside them. With a little support, love, and encouragement, you should be able to calm your wife’s unpredictable mood swings. Find out more on how to take care of your pregnant wife

3. That Time Of The Month

Speaking of hormones, and mood swings, monthly menstrual cycles could also take a toll on the woman’s mood. This could lead to a few wife crazy behaviors. However, they are harmless and not long-lasting.

Plus, by holding your silence, you might have an apology cooking your way in a few hours. Sometimes, women lose their resilience amidst all the pain and discomfort. A hot water bag and chocolate can do wonders.

4. She Is Having An Affair

All the reasons given above are harmless and solvable. However, it is not always that positive. Sometimes in order to cover our guilty conscience, we try to find flaws in others.

If you find your partner constantly gaslighting you about any issue or suspicion shared, they are probably trying to put the blame on you and cover their own actions. Of course, this is not foolproof evidence of cheating, but it is certainly a red flag you shouldn’t miss.

5. She Is Losing Interest

She Is Losing Interest

As difficult as it is to admit, this is not impossible. After years of togetherness, many can, unfortunately, lose interest in their partners. Not being able to communicate it freely, many might project it otherwise through anger and constant criticism.

If you connote this to be your situation, first address the situation calmly with your partner, and then consult a therapist if needed.

What Should You Do In Such Wife Crazy Situations

Always being a victim of these wife crazy situations and being in a ring of fire with your own loving wife is taxing. However, being a man of the family doesn’t always imply your mental health is unimportant.

If you find yourself avoiding your own happiness to keep your wife happy, it is time to get a bird’s eye view of your marriage. Giving up is certainly not the first solution, but to come up with some answers, you must address the issue first.

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