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15 Secret Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You Anymore

15 Secret Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You Anymore

Signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you
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Death is not the only universal truth; another universal truth is “Relationships are hard.” No matter how rich or poor you are, you will face one or more problems in your relationship. 

Let’s keep the emotional connection aside and discuss the physical or sexual relationship between you and your partner. What happens if one day you notice signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you? What will you do then? You can’t stay as two sexless blobs in a relationship. 

So, if you feel like your girlfriend is pulling away from you when you are making certain sexual advances, then they are clear signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. 

But how are you going to understand the signs? It’s not like she is going to say it to you. So that is where we come in. If you want to know the signs, keep going down (pun intended!) to learn all the signs. 

Clear Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You. 

Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted

If you are even thinking about something like this, the answer can be a bit hurtful, knowing that your girlfriend is not interested in you sexually speaking. So you don’t need to panic right now. Instead, let’s check out these signs before you conclude.

1. She Doesn’t Flirt With You.

She Doesn't Flirt With You

Girls flirt when they want attention from someone. So if your girlfriend is not flirting with you when you are on your A game in flirting, then there’s trouble in paradise. 

The flirting happens naturally between a couple, without even them realizing it, so if that changes, you need to rethink what went wrong. 

2. Find Reasons Not To Be Alone With You.

If a woman wants to be alone with you, she will get that alone time with their man, but it is different when your girl does the opposite. So reject your sexual advances, will only hang in a group, and won’t stay alone with you. 

These signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you may be because she is not ready. Or the problem is not related to you at all. 

3. Yes To Quality Time, No To “Fun” Time.

Quality Time

You will understand that your sex life is fizzing away when your girlfriend is much more interested in quality time with you than fun. Don’t take it the wrong way; spending quality time is important, but at some point, a healthy sexual life is also important in a relationship. 

Spending quality time doesn’t mean signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you; she is just taking her time to know you properly. 

4. She Makes No Effort In Bed.

She Makes No Effort In Bed

Does she just lay there while having sex? That’s not fun for either of you. If something like this happens to you, then you will know pretty easily. 

Once in a while, it’s possible she’s not feeling it, which is why she’s not making any effort. But if this happens more than a few times, then something is wrong. 

5. She Prefers Doing It Herself Than With You.

She Prefers Doing It Herself

Does she love her solo act more than your duet? Well, if you are in a loving, committed relationship, it is not a bad thing. However, when she chooses to masturbate on her own rather than having sex with you, that is where the problem occurs. 

Her masturbating solo means that her sexual desires are there, but she is not showing them to you. This can go for guys as well. If they are masturbating alone without having sex with their girl, then that are signs your boyfriend is not sexually attracted to you. 

6. She Pulls Away When You’re Being A Bit Physical.

She Pulls Away When You're Being A Bit Physical

Sexual intimacy is not the only thing that shows your girlfriend is not sexually interested in you. If she is pulling away from you when you are going near her, then it is a problem as well. 

When something like this happens, you should sit down and talk together and understand what is happening. 

7. You Are Always The One Initiating.

You Are Always The One Initiating

It’s not a problem to initiate sex, but if you feel that something has changed when you are going near her and maybe touching her sensitive areas. 

If you see that she is pulling away or dodging her usual sexual trigger points, then the sex drive of you two is not in sync. You can ignore these once or twice, but it is a bit concerning if this happens more than that. 

8. Conversations Are Much More Buddy-Like.

Conversations Are Much More Buddy-Like

Does it sometimes feel like the two of you are just friends and not in a relationship? Is she treating you more like a friend than a partner? 

She is always ready to talk about work, life, friends, and stuff like that, but she avoids discussing your relationship status. So, issues about the future of the relationship go unanswered and are avoided. 

9. She Doesn’t Cum.

She Doesn't Cum

If you don’t know that women can fake an orgasm by now, that’s on you. It is a well-known fact that women can fake an orgasm very well. The popular reason for this is to boost the sexual drive of their man. 

But it is also possible that she is not sexually interested in you anymore. If you are vigilant enough, then you might be able to figure out whether she is faking an orgasm or just having a real one. 

10. She Goes To Bed Before You.

She Goes To Bed Before You

Not everyone is into morning sex, although it’s the best time. Such intimate things like sex and naked cuddling are reserved for the night. But at night, she may constantly go to bed earlier than you, and the sex fizzles out. 

A few times, when she is tired from work, it’s possible, but when it happens every day, that is not a good sign. 

11. The Sex Changed, But Not For The Better.

Sex Changed But Not For The Better

It is not uncommon for couples to go through a dry spell in their sex life. However, it is not always possible to keep sexual desires alive, so dry spells are not quite common. 

But if you think the dry spell is not the problem and something between the two of you changed sexually, then it can be troubling if you are not the one who changed. 

12. She Becomes Defensive.

She Becomes Defensive

Has this ever happened to you that your girlfriend became irritated or defensive when you suggested taking things to the bedroom? This has two explanations: either she has something else on her mind, or she is just avoiding your sexual advances. 

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If this type of behavior keeps happening, you need to talk to her and know what is going on with her and why she is behaving like this. 

13. She Is Checking Out Other People. 

She Is Checking Out Other People

Checking out others, even in a healthy relationship, is normal behavior. Beautiful people are out there, so looking at them is not the end of the world. 

But if you see that your girlfriend is constantly checking others out and not giving you the attention you might expect from her sometimes. This might make you feel bad and give you the impression that she is not interested in you as much.  

14. You Feel Like You Are Friend-Zoned.

You Feel Like You Are Friend-Zoned

It is rather uncommon to feel that you are friend-zoned in a relationship. And if the reason why you are feeling like this is your girlfriend, then feeling bad and hurt is common. 

Maybe you are more like her friend rather than her partner. It’s not bad being her friend, but it’s not good for your relationship. Being both her lover and friend is the ideal situation. 

15. Time To Talk About Your Feelings.

Time To Talk About Your Feelings

If you have seen all these signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you, then it is time that you talk to her. If things go on like this, none of you will be happy in this relationship. 

So other than torturing yourself, it’s better to talk to her, no matter how hard the conversation is. So please sit down, approach the subject calmly, and see how she reacts to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you.

1. How Do I Know If My Gf Isn’t Sexually Attracted To Me?

The signs that your romantic partner is not attracted to you sexually can also include having less amount of sex, spending time apart, less romance and intimacy, and relatively more arguments. If your romantic partner displays these characteristics, learn the tips that will help to actually reignite the flames in your romance.

2. How Do I Know If She’s Not Into Me?

If she is flaked on some date more than once or twice, she is not very interested in the concept. So, just stop attempting to pin her down. If she gives you a cold shoulder when you go for a cute two-cheeked kiss or ends up giving you a half-hearted hug, then it is a big sign that she might not be attracted to you physically. 

3. Why Is My Girlfriend So Sensitive To Touch?

Initially recognized by psychologist Elaine Aron, high sensitivity happens to be a sort of genetic personality characteristic. You should ask scientists, and they will tell you it is just sensory processing sensitivity. It’s a fancy term that refers to how our nervous systems actually process external stimuli more deeply and strongly than most. It is pretty common as well.

Wrapping Up!

The signs we have discussed here are definitely something you can consider weird and problematic. But you must understand that these signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you are not scientifically proven.

There are chances that these are only there to make you think, but she is feeling nothing. So before you question your girlfriend, be sure that she is showing these signs or that they are just in your head.

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